Chird Bobbitt, Searcy, AR purchased from Mike Godwin, Hot Springs, AR 5 June 2005


Chirds-54Chevy3100PU-SouthernCastingsLLC.jpg (116496 bytes) Chirds-54Chevy3100PU-PartsBeadBlasting.jpg (126696 bytes)
Bead Blaster
by Southern Casting LLC

Chirds-54Chevy3100PU-S10TransMember.jpg (16960 bytes)
Transmission crossmember
from Devious Customs

Aerostar Shifter & Floor hump

Chirds-54Chevy3100PU-AerostarFloorShifter.jpg (105505 bytes) Chirds-54Chevy3100PU-AerostarShifterFloorHump.jpg (247872 bytes)
Searcy Auto salvage

Repairs by City Auto Service

Searcy Towing
All-Right Towing

1983 Chevy C10 
85 Camaro 350/TH700R4

1985 S10 Frame
1976 GMC Winnabago

TH-700R4 Basic Information

Front brake pads
Front Wheel bearings
Brake hoses
King Pins .010 oversize
Steering sector/shift box

Left cab Corner
LMC Truck

from Camaro Motorsports
Chirds-83Camaro442rearAxle-RustX.jpg (185863 bytes)
Barnett's Rod' Custom & Vintage

Chirds-54Chevy3600PU-TiltSteeringWheelGM.jpg (196399 bytes) Chirds-54Chevy3100PU-TrailerHitch.jpg (783533 bytes)
Tilt, Keyless column from 80 Winnabago - Trailer Hitch
Searcy Towing

Chirds-87Blazer4x4GasTankOrig.jpg (237264 bytes) Chirds-87Blazer4x4GasTankPainted.jpg (171543 bytes) Chirds-54Chevy3100PU-GasTank-Straps.jpg (125598 bytes)Chirds-85S10-Frame87Blazer4x4GasTank.jpg (158336 bytes)
All-Right Towing

Creeper donated by to me Wendell Pettus

WIPER motor repair service:
Trico vacuum wiper motors, send us your core and we will rebuild it with new seals, 3-year warranty, prewar, $67.50; postwar, $57.50; plus $8.50 shipping and insurance, insert check in box w/motor, no rechromed motors. Rowland's Antique Auto Parts, PO Box 387, 521 Schooley Rd, Zillah, WA 98953, 509-829-5026.

Starter rebuilt by J.W. Skinner,
A-1 Alternator & Starter Service, Searcy

55 Chevy Panel Steering Gear Box from Jasper Jones

12v gas gauge from Chevy School B
from Jasper Jones

Right Inner Fender
from Chad Ehrlich

John Morris Auto Salvage    501.729.3090
R-Front Spindle & assorted small parts


Truck Man Parts, Inc

Chirds-54ChevyPU-DrivehaftGM.jpg (98565 bytes)
GM Drive Shaft
Yoke removed

Shortened to 55"
Chirds-54Chevy3100PU-TransSupDrShaft.jpg (108606 bytes)
All Right Towing Service

GM U-Joints PRE 534G
ACDELCO Rotor & Cap
8' Fuel line/PCV/Evaporator

Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts

Chirds-54ChevyPU-CabMountsAD-Engineering.jpg (224789 bytes) Chirds-54ChevyPU-CabMountsPrimedAD-Engineering.jpg (240344 bytes) 
Chirds-54Chevy3100PU-SteeringLinkageKit.jpg (142533 bytes)
Cab, Radiator, Steering Kit & Bed mounts

Chirdsp-54ChevyPU-Radiator4RowV8-TruckShop.jpg (386501 bytes)
Truck Shop 4 Row V6 Radiator
Chirds-54Chevy3100PU-CabCowlsNEW.jpg (258352 bytes)
Classic Parts of America

Omni Single Stage Yellow Paint

54-55 Speedometer
from Lauri Michele

Edelbrock 1405 600CFM w/Electric Choke
from Kevin Meshefski   Tuning it

15x8 Pacer 320C Chrome Mod Wheels & Tires
 from Young's Tire

Screw Jack from Hugh Lucas

Choke/Throttle cables from K. Pringle

R-Fender, Brace, Grill & Original Wheel & Cap

from Vintage Auto Salvage
Chirds-54ChevyPU-R-FenderFrontBrace.jpg (223453 bytes)

Bumper from Larry James in Batesville, AR

King bolts & front wheel roller bearings from
Heavy Chevy

Charles Bagley - ebay

555 Auto Paint, Searcy

Bottom Dollar Auto Sales

Chirds-85Camaro350EngineStainless.jpg (322087 bytes)
Florida Auto Fastner
- Stainless Steel Bolts

Chirds-85S10MonroeShocks.jpg (180661 bytes)
Advance Auto Parts

Spacer-ServiceToolInc.jpg (330307 bytes)POWERAID® TBS
Service Tool, Inc 


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