Forrest Family
Orange Co., NC

Orange County, North Carolina was formed in 1752 from the counties of Bladen, Johnston, and Granville

The Forrest (Forrist) possibly comes from the French word "Foret" meaning forest. (Foraster, Forester, Forest, Foriest)

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Carroll Co., TN    Pleasant Hill Cem., TN    Forrest Family TN      James Forrest 1836Census  Benton Co., TN
Forrest's HQ  The Forrest Preserve      Nathan Bedford Forrest Tree     Nathan Bedford Forrest b: Bedford Co., TN
The North & South Forrest cemeteries are located near Brownsville, TN
The North Cem.  was on the farm that Gene Forrest grew up on

Forrester Family
John Forrest
         b: bef 1676 Ireland
Benjamin Forrest
     b: 1800 Ireland
Bartholomew Forrest
  b: 1831 Ireland
David J. Forrest     b: 28 Feb 1864 Northboro, MA d: 1937
Stephen, James  Forrest 1790 Census Orange Co., Orange Dist., NC

Larry Forrest
Thomas H. Forrest       b: 10 Jul 1909 Marlboro, MA d: 5 May 1996
Samuel Lee Forrest
Willim Forrest 1530
Christ Church, Oxford
William Forrest                         b: 1839 MO & Mary Jane Dial

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1-James Forrester	Will	James Forrest & Edward Gresham 
	Orange Co. was formed in 1752 from the counties of Bladen, Johnston, and Granville
  b: abt 1700 		one of the early settlers of Orange Co., NC  1755 tax list Orange Co., NC
  d: 5 Sep 1755 Orange Co., NC
sp: Ann Ashley 
  m: abt 1724
  b: abt 1702	
  d: abt 1755
    2-William Forrest, Sr	Will	1755 tax list Orange Co., NC
		A William Forrest is listed as head of family in FIRST CENSUS 
		OF THE UNITED STATES (1790) In Gloucester District of Orange Co., NC 
      b: abt 1726 Orange NC
      d: abt Aug 1778 Orange Co., NC 
    sp: Louvina (Lavina, Louvenia?)"Louisa" Gresha(u)m	d/o James & Elizabeth Gresham 
      m: abt 1748 VA
      b: abt 1731 VA	
      d: abt 1778
	3-Mary Margaret Forrest
	  b: abt 1750
          d: 1799	bur Concord Methodist, Lewisville, Forsythe, NC 
	sp: Jonathan Nicholas Tull
		5-_______ Klassan
	3-Virginia Forrest
	3-_______ Forrest
	3-Shadrack (Shardick?) Forrest, Sr.
		William Forrester's Will   Miscellaneous   History
	  b: abt 1740-51 in Western VA or Orange Co., NC
  	  d: aft Jan 1820 Bedford Co., TN bur Sumner, TN
		about 1730-1740. moved to what would later be Orange Co., N.C. 
		1790-1800 Census Orange Co., Hillsboro Dist., NC
	In 1806/1811 went to Sumner Co., TN. (near now Gallatin, TN.)
	with son Nathan & his family, 	then to Bedford Co., TN. in the Duck River Valley
	  sp: Jane? Ledbetter (or Lewis?)	
	    m: Orange Co., NC
	    b: abt 1742 VA
	    4- Son ???? John F. Forrest of Orange Co., NC
		Bedford Co., TN Deed Book "N" pp. 400-403, 1821
	    4-Elizabeth Forrest 
	      b: 1778 MS
	    sp: James Caldwell
	      b: 8 JUL 1755, VA	
	      d: bet 1804 AND 1813, SC  
		5-Samuel Caldwell
		  b: abt 1787
		5-Elizabeth Caldwell
		5-Frances Caldwell
		5-David Robert Caldwell
		5-Rebecca Walkup Caldwell
		5-Mary Ann Caldwell
		5-William Caldwell
		5-George Forrest Caldwell
	    sp: Henry Hugh Lovins	Henry Hugh Lovins
	      b: Abt 1770
	      m: 1798 in Orange Co., NC
		5-James W. Lovins
	    4-Silas Forrest	Miscellaneous 
	      b: abt 1771
	    sp: Betsy "Polly" Lovins	
	      m: 8 Oct 1799 Orange Co., NC
	    4-Shadrack Forrest, Jr.	1820 Census Bedford Co., TN pg 3 
  	      b: abt 1772 Orange Co., NC.	Miscellaneous
	 	before the Revolutionary War
		5-Elisha Green Forrest		Miscellaneous
			1790, 1800, 1810 Census, Orange Co., NC
		  b: 13 Jul 1784 in Orange Co., NC. 
		  d: 11 May 1855 in Hallsville, Harrison Co., TX
			bur Dollahite Cem., Harrison Co., TX
		sp: Edna Ledbetter	
		  m: 14 Feb 1839, Marshall Co., TN
		5-Stephen Forrest ?????		Miscellaneous
		5-Henry Forrest ?????		Miscellaneous

	    4-Nathan Forrest	Nathen 1820 Census Bedford Co., TN pg 9 
	      b: 28 Oct 1776 Orange NC		Miscellaneous
	      d: 15 Jan 1827 Tippah, MS
    	    sp: Nancy Shepherd Baugh of Irish descent
      	      m: 14 Jan 1799 Orange Co., NC
	      b: abt 1781
		5-John Nicholas Forrest
		5-Alexander Forrest
		5-Jerimiah G. Forrest
		5-Nelson Forrest
		  b: abt 1818
		5-Eliza G. Forrest
		5-William Forrest a Blacksmith oldest child
			1790 Census Caswell Co., NC	Served in the CSA Cavalry
			1806 moved to near Gatlin, TN. 
			1808 settled in Duck River, then Bedford Co., TN
			1834 to Marshall Co., TN
	  	  b: 6 Jul 1801 NC
        	  d: 1837 Salem, Tippah, Marshall Co., TN
    		sp: Miriam Beck 
			dau of John Beck (ca. 1769-?) was Scottish
	  	  m: 1820, Gallatin, Bedford, TN
		  b: 1801 SC		6' 180 lbs
		  d: 1867 in Navasota, TX
			Miriam later married Joseph Luxton,  children, 3 boys and 1 girl. 
		    6-Francis "Fanny" Forrest (twin to Nathan)
		      b: 13 Jul 1821 Chapel Hill, Bedford Co.
		      d: 1826
		    6-Nathan Bedford Forrest, Lt. Gen (twin to Francis)
	              b: 13 Jul 1821 near Chapel Hill, Bedford Co., TN
	              d: 29 Oct 1877 Memphis, Shelby Co., TN
			1841 Joined a company of volunteers in TX
			1842 moved to Hernando, MS	1851 moved to Memphis
			1862 became a Brigadier General
		Dyer (formerly Bobbittsville) was captured by Union soldiers during the Civil War who even built 
		a fort there but was liberated by General Nathan Bedford Forrest on December 21, 1862. 
			1863 became a Major General
			1865 became a Lieutenant General
		originally buried in the Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, TN.
		but was later re-interred at the base of a statue erected
		in his memory at the Nathan Bedford Park, Memphis, TN.
		Forrest City AR was named after Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest
	            sp: Mary Ann Montgomery 
			dau of a Presbyterian Minister in Hernando, MS
	              m: 25 Sep 1845 Hernando, DeSoto Co., MS
		      b: 1826	
		      d: 1892.
			7-William "Willie" Montgomery Forrest, Capt. CSA
		served in CSA with his father, wounded 3 times
		  	  b: 26 Sep 1846 Hernando. MS
		  	  d: 8 Feb 1908 Memphis, TN
			sp: Jane Cook 	
			  m: 1868
				8-Mary Forrest
				  b: abt 1869	
				  d: abt 1969
				sp: _____ Bradley
				    9-Kathleen Forrest Bradley
				    9-Nell Small Bradley
				    9-Cecil Taylor Bradley
				8-Nathan Bedford Forrest II (Jr.)
			moved to Atlanta about 1919 then to Alaska
				  b: 1872 Oxford, MS
				  d: 13 Mar 1931  White Springs, FL
		    		sp: Mattie Patterson (Patton) of Memphis
				8-William Montgomery Forrest, II
				  b: abt 1871
				8-James Cook Forrest
				  b: abt 1872
				    9-Nathan Bedford Forrest, III
					Graduated West Point June 9, 1928
			  	      b: 5 Apr 1905 at Waldran,
					near Poplar in Memphis, TN
			  	      d: 13 Jun 1942 Kiel, Germany KIA
					bur Wiek, Germany
					moved to Arlington National Cem.
				    sp: Fraces Brassler
			  	      m: 22 Nov 1930
				    9-Nary "Nandy" Helen Forrest
				    9-Martha Forrest
			 7-Frances A. Forrest
			   b: 1848 Hernando, MS 
			   d: 27 Jun 1854
		    6-John Forrest
			Shot & paralyzed while Serving in the Mexican War
		      b: 1823 Chapel Hill, TN
				resided in Memphis, TN
		    6-William "Bill" Hezekiah Forrest, Capt. CSA
			Wounded at (Streight's Column) Battle of Sand Mountain 4/30/1863 while in CSA
			b: 1825 Chapel Hill
			d: Hickman Co., TN
		    sp: Mary ______
		    6-Aaron Forrest  Lt. Col. CSA
			Mississppi Reg of Cav, Paducah, KY
			d: 1828 Chapel Hill
	      		d: 1864 Dresden, TN of Pneumonia
		    6-Mary Forrest
			b:  	died young
		    6-Jesse Anderson Forrest Col. CSA	wounded in AL 
			b: 8 Apr 1829 Chapel Hill
			d: 14 Dec 1890
		    sp: Sarah R. Mayberry
		      m: 14 Dec 1890
		      b: 4 May
			7-Sallie Forrest
			  b: 14 Mar 1876 Shelby, TN
			sp: Robert K. Berry 
			  b: 14 Mar
			    8-Ann Bailey Berry
			    8-Mary Louise Berry
			    8-Sarah Forrest Berry 
			      b: 22 Mar 1893  Shelby, TN
			    8-Ann Bailey Berry
		    6-Milly Forrest
			b: 1831 Chapel Hill 	died young
		    6-Bedford Forrest
			b: 1834 Chapel Hill
		    6-Issac Forrest
			b: 1834 Chapel Hill
		    6-_____ Forrest
			b: 1836 Chapel Hill
		    6-Jeffery E. Forrest     Col  KIA
		      b: 1837 Salem, Tippah Co., MS
		      d: 1863 Okolona     Battle of Okalona
		    sp: Sally Dyche
		5-Jonathan Forrest 
		  b: 12 Mar 1803 Chappel Hill, TN	
		  d: 10 Mar Hernando, DeSoto Co., MS
		sp: Susan Read Patterson 
		  m: 26 Oct 1823
		  b: 27 Apr 1808 Chappel Hill, TN
On 16 Jan 1856, Joseph Grant married Sarah Forister in Macon County. 
They were married by M. J. Morgan, Justice of the Peace. Sarah A. Forrester 
was born ca 1837/38 (per 1850 census) or March 1841 (per 1900 census) 
in Macon County, daughter of Jonathan Forrester and Lucinda F. Millsaps. 
		    6-Joseph "Joe" Franklin Forrest
		      b: 10 Sep 1824
		      d: 6 Dec 1876	bur Forreston, Ellis Co., TX
		    6-Hardeman Car Forrest, Capt
		      b: 9 Sep 1826 in Chappel Hill, Marshall or Monroe Co., TN
		      d: 5 May 1909 in Forreston, Ellis, TX
		    sp: Virginia Sims	
		      m: 2 Dec 1857 in ?Ellis, TX
		      b: 1837
			7-Calidonia "Callie" Forrest 
			  b: 15 Oct 1858 in Forreston, Ellis, TX
			7-Alice Forrest 
			  b: 16 Jun 1860
			7-Lee Virginia Forrest 
			  b: 19 Jun 1862 in Forreston, Ellis, TX
			7-Thomas Car Forrest 
			  b: 17 Jul 1864
			sp: Etta Earnie Ground
			  m: 23 Jun 1895
			    8-Thomas Carr Forrest 
			      b: 19 Jan 1896
			    sp: _____ Pickett
			    8-Beryl Virginia Forrest
			    8-Edward Ernest Forrest 
			      b: 15 Aug 1899
			    sp: Mary Forrest
			      m: 14 Mar 1922
			    8-       Forrest
			    sp:       Mc Knight 
			7-Sims Forrest 
			  b: 11 Feb 1868
		    6-Matilda T. Forrest
		      b: 8 Jan 1829
		    sp: Appleton E. Lane
		    sp: F. Vanlear
		    6-Nathan Thomas Forrest
		      b: 23 Aug 1832
		    6-Eliza Jane Calidonia Forrest
		      b: 3 Nov 1834
		    6-Elvira America Forrest
		      b: 7 Jul 1837
		    sp: W.N. Brown
		    6-Mary Jonathon Forrest
		      b: 25 Aug 1839
		5-Jane Forrest
		  b: 4 Mar 1805 NC
		5-James Nelson Forrest
		  b: 6 Nov 1807 TN
		sp: ______ 
		    6-Barber Forrest
		    6-John Henderson Forrest
		      b: 6 May 1851
		      d: 11 Dec 1903
		    sp: Francis Louise "Fanny" Erwin
		      m: 25 Jan 1877
		      b: 5 Aug 1853
			7-Samuel Nelson Forrest 
			  b: 28 Jan 1879
			7-William Scott Forrest 
			  b: 22 Jul 1880
			7-Lyman Erwin Forrest 
			  b: 8 Jan 1882
			7-John Rex Forrest 
			  b: 1 Dec 1883
			7-Nolan Blake Forrest 
			  b: 1 Mar 1885
			7-Harry D. Forrest 
			  b: 27 May 1888
			7-Walter Gray Forrest 
			  b: 8 Feb 1890
			7-Mary Francis Forrest 
			  b: 21 Mar 1892
			7-       Forrest 
			  b: 31 Mar 1894
			7-Robert Porter "Bob" Forrest 
			  b: 10 Sep 1895
		5-Malinda S. Forrest
		  b: 14 Feb 1810 TN
		5-Henderson B. Forrest
		  b: 2 Apr 1812 TN
		5-Shadrack F.  Forrest
		5-Brittain Forrest
		  b: abt 1815
		5-Nancy M. Forrest
		  b: 17 Sep 1816 TN
		5-Elisha (Eliza) G. Forrest
		  b: 15 Nov 1818 TN
		5-Nathan Alexander Forrest
		  b: 3 May 1821 TN

	    4-Elisha Green Forrest 
  	      b: 13 Jul 1784 Orange, NC
	      d: 11 May 1855 Hallsville, Harrison, TX	bur Dollahite Cem. Harrison, TX
	    sp: Sarah "Sally" Vincent	
	      m: 9 Jan 1821 Rutherford Co., TN FlagTNsm.gif (8220 bytes)
	      b: b. 15 Dec 1792 in NC		bur Dollahite Cem. Harrison, TX
	      d: After 1860 Hallsville, Harrison, TX	
		5-Calvin James Forrest
		  b: 16 Feb 1821 Bedford, TN	
		  d: 17 Mar 1866 Harrison Co., TX?
		sp: Nancy Helon Jenkins	
		  b: 1828 NC
		    6-Sarah Caroline Forrest 
		      b: 11 Aug 1850 Harrison, TX
		    6-Nancy Marcenia "Nannie" Forrest 
		      b: 18 Jun 1852 Harrison, TX
		    6-Samantha Josephine "Jo" Forrest 
		    sp: Henry J. Jeter	
		      b: 20 Feb 1856 Harrison, TX
		    6-Martha Frances "Fannie" Forrest 
		      b: 18 May 1857 Harrison, TX
		5-Richard "Dick" Oziah Forrest
		  b: 29 Jun 1825 Bedford, TN
		  d: 8 Sep 1917 Purmela, Coryell, TX	bur Smith Cem., Purmela, Coryell Co., TX
		sp: Caroline "Widow Leach" Jenkins 
		  m: Abt 1865 Harrison, TX
		    6-Elisha James "Jim" Forrest 
		      b: 6 Jan 1868 Hallsville, Harrison, TX
		      d: 17 Apr 1934 Purmela, Coryell Co., TX	bur Smith Cem., Purmela, TX
		    sp: Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Chandler
		      m: 21 Jan 1891 Gatesville, Coryell, TX
		      b: 25 May 1875 China Spring
			7-Beulah Lenora "Lady Forrest 
			  b: 26 Sep 1893 Purmela, Coryell, TX
			7-Bessie Odell Forrest 
			  b: 19 Feb 1895 Purmela, Coryell, TX
			7-Robert Bedford "R.B." Forrest 
			  b: 19 Apr 1904 Purmela, Coryell, TX
			7-Richard Dense "Dick" Forrest 
			  b: 10 Jan 1908 Purmela, Coryell, TX
		    6-Ida Bell Forrest	
		      b: 1872-3
		    sp: John Grantham
		    6-Bedford O. Forrest 
		      b: 22 Jan 1875  TX
		    sp: Pearl ______
		5-Elisha King Forrest 
		  b: 13 May 1831 Bedford, TN
		  d: 25 Aug 1909 Abilene, Taylor, TX	bur IOOF Cem., Abilene, Taylor Co., TX
		sp: Frances Ann "Fannie" Smith
		  b: 1843
		    6-John Oziah Forrest 
		      b: b. 11 Aug 1867 Hallsville, Harrison, TX
		      d: 10 Oct 1948 Gatesville, Coryell, TX
		    sp: Beulah Leola Pollard	d/o Thomas Braxton Pollard, Jr.
		      b: 14 May 1873 Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX
			7-Infant Forrest
			  b: 1892
			7-Thomas Fisher Forrest
			  b: 19 Oct 1893 Gatesville, Coryell, TX
			  d: 17 Feb 1969 Dallas, Dallas Co. ,TX
			sp: Kathryn Isabel Desmond 

			7-Mary Agnes Forrest
			  b: 1896
			7-Earnest "Pat" Louis Forrest
			  b: 1898
			7-Infant Forrest
			  b: 1901

			7-Jewel May Forrest
			  b: 1903
			7-Frankie Juanita Forrest
			  b: 1906
			7-J.O. Forrest
			  b: 1910
			7-Bunk Forrest
			  b: 1913
		    sp: Mary Lee Farris
		      b: 1881
		    6-Sarah Ann "Annie" Forrest
 		      b: 1869
		    sp: William H. "Bill" Tinnin
		      b: 1858
		    6-Lisanders Perry Forrest 
		      b: 25 Mar 1876 Purmela, Coryell, TX
		      d: 25 Sep 1928 Taylor, TX
		    sp: Lorena Belle King
		      m: 20 Apr 1905 Buffa,Taylor, TX
		      b: 29 Oct 1888 Valley Springs, Llano/San Saba? Co., TX
			7-Louis Forrest 
			  b: 17 Apr 1906 Moro, Taylor Co., TX
			7-Elbert Forrest 
			  b: 4 Sep 1907 Shep, Taylor, TX
			7-Ila Mae Forrest 
			  b: 3 Oct 1909 Abilene, Taylor, TX
			7-Ira Forrest 
			 b: 21 Dec 1911 Hodges, Jones, TX
			7-Otherene Forrest 
			b: 12 Aug 1914 Hodges, Jones, TX
			7-Hazel Forrest 
			 b: 14 Sep 1916 Jones, TX
			7-       Forrest
			sp: Carl Muston
			  b: 19 Nov 1902 Llano, TX

		    6-Elijah Jackson "Jack" Forrest
		      b: 1 Jan 1878 Purmela, Coryell, TX
		      d: 11 Apr 1961 Dublin, Erath, TX
		    sp: Emma Jennings
		      m: abt 1912
		      b: 7 Mar 1890
		    6-Helen Cora Forrest
		      b: 1882
		    sp: Addison Lee Brasher
		      b: 1875
		5-Oren Perry Forrest, Capt.
		  b: 13 Jun 1827 Bedford Co.
		  d: 31 Oct 1903 Hallsville, Harrison Co., TX
			bur Hallsville Cem., TX
		sp: Cordelia "Delia" Ann Murphey
		  b: 6 Dec 1858 Harmony Hill, TX
		  m: 28 Jul 1881 Hallsville, Harrison Co., TX
		    6-Ila May Forrest
		      b: 15 May 1882 Harrison, TX
		    sp: Benjamin William "B" Baker
		      b: 1883
		    6-Annie Laurie Forrest
		      b: 26 Nov 1883 Harrison, TX
		    sp: Walter Rogers Bradley
		      b: 1886.
		    6-Gertrude "Gertie" Forrest
		      b: 11 Feb 1885 Harrison, TX
		    sp: Walter Benjamin Hilliard
		      b: 1885
		    6-Nathan Bedford Forrest
		      b: 24 Dec 1889 Harrison, TX
		      d: 14 Apr 1961 Melbourne, Brevard Co., FL
			bur Melbourne, Brevard, FL 
		    sp: Nell ______
		      m: New Orleans, LA
		      b: England
		    sp: Doris Louise Renigar
		      m: 29 Apr 1952, High Point, NC 
		    6-Lawson Perry Forrest
		      b: 12 Jul 1893  Harrison, TX
		    sp: Gertrude _______
		    sp: Mary _______
		    sp: Naomi Torgerson
			7-Amber Caroline Forrest 
			sp: ______ Keogh
			    8-______ Keogh
			    8- ______ Keogh
			7-daughter Forrest
		    sp: Mildred ______
			7-daughter Forrest

	    4-Stephen Forrest ?? 	
	      b: Orange Co.
	    4-Henry Forrest ?? 		
	      b: orange Co.
	    4-Shadrack Forrest, Jr
	       b: aft 1776 Orange Co., NC
	    4-Elisha Forrest 
	      b: abt 1784 Orange Co.
	      d: 11 May 1855 Hallsville, Harrison Co., TX	bur Dollahite Cem. Harrison Co.
	    sp: Sarah 'Sally" Vincent
	      m: 9 Jan 1821 Rutherford Co., TN
		5-Calvin James Forrest
		5-Richard Oziah "Dick" Forrest
		5-Elisha King Forrest
		5-Orren Perry Forrest
	3-Gresham Forrest, Sr
		William Forrester's Will
	  b: abt 1752, Orange, NC 
	  d: 8 May 1826, Callaway, MO
	sp: Sarah Wood 
	  b: abt 1760
	    4-Young Gresham Forrest
	      b: abt 1811
	    sp: Mary Braken
	      m: 18 Feb 1821 Harrison, KY
	    4-Absalom Forrest
	      b: 1781, Orange, NC 
	    4-Dennis Forrest
	      b: 25 Oct 1784 Orange, NC
	      d: 29 Jul 1855, Chatham TWP, Sangamon,IL 
	    sp: Elizabeth McClintock 
	      m: 13 Jun 1811, Nicholas, KY 
		5-Jane Forrest
		5-Sarah Forrest
		5-Eliza Forrest
		5-James Forrest
		sp: _______
		5-Artamesia Forrest
		5-America Forrest
		5-Margaret Forrest
		5-Hugh Forrest
	    4-Elizabeth Forrest
	      b: abt 1805 KY
	    sp: James J. McHuddleson
	    4-Lovicy Forrest
	      b: 24 Feb 1789 KY
	      d: 21 Aug 1851, Moultrie, IL 
	    sp: George Monson
	      m: 1 May 1807 Bourbon, KY
	    4-Malinda Forrest
	    4-Memorial Forrest, Capt
	      b: ABT 1783	
	      d: 15 Mar 1815 Ft. Gratoit, St. Claire, MI 
	    sp: Nancy Endicott
	      m: 13 Jan 1804, Bourbon, KY
		5-Matilda Forrest 
		  b: 1804
 		5-John Milton Forrest
		  b: 1806
		5-Sarah Forrest
		  b: 1808
		5-Lavinia Forrest
		  b: 1810
		5-Milton Forrest
		  b: 1811
		5-Lovicy G. Forrest
		  b: 1815
		5-Thomas Forrest
		  b: 1817

	    4-Nancy Forrest
	    4-Polly R. Forrest
	    4-William Forrest
	      b: abt 1782
	      d: bef 1836
	    sp: Martha Burns 
	      m: 8 Sep 1822 Harrison, KY
	    4-Rachael Forrest
	    4-Gresham Forrest, Jr
	      b: abt 1811
	    sp: Mary Braken
	3-William Forrest 
		William Forrester's Will
	  b: Abt 1754 NC
	3-Joel Forrester 
		William Forrester's Will
	  b: 1753 (1753/1772) Orange, NC
	  d: 12 Feb 1843 Green, GA
	sp: Sarah Tatum 
	  m: 24 Oct 1799  Greene, GA
	    4-Joel Tatum Forester 
	      b: 15 Mar 1810 Greene, GA
	      d: 6 Sep 1877 Lee, GA	bur Riverview Cem., Albany, GA
	    sp: Elizabeth Newsome 
	      m: 26 Sep 1833 Greene, GA
	    4-Nancy Forester
	    4-Mary Forester
	    4-Sarah Forester
	    4-Elizabeth Forester
	    4-Jesse M. Forester
	      b: 14 Mar 1817 Greene, GA
	      d: 23 Oct 1872 Henderson, TX	bur	Forester Family Cem., Henderson, TX
	    sp: Sarah Ann Mitchell
	      b: Mar 1823
		5-Joel Forester 
		  b: About 1842 GA
		5-Thomas Forester 
		  b: About 1844 GA
		5-Reuben Forester 
		  b: About 1847 GA
		5-Sarah C. Forester
	    sp: Elizabeth Reynolds 
	      b: 30 Apr 1832 GA
		5-Sarah C. Forester 
		  b: 11 Oct 1850 GA
		5-James W. Forester 
		  b: 3 Mar 1853 GA
		5-Jesse Wood Forester 
		  b: 1855 GA
		5-Abner Darden Forester 
		  b: 2 Feb 1862 Henderson, TX
		5-Emma Julia Forester 
		  b: 1864 Henderson, TX
		5-John Robert Forester 
		  b: 1866 Henderson, TX
		5-George M. Forester 
		  b: 13 Feb 1869 Henderson, TX
	    4-Thomas Forester
	    4-William Forester
	    4-Joseph Forester
	3-Jesse Forrest
		William Forrester's Will
	3-James Forrest		Rev. War, Collier's NC Regt 
	  b: 24 Jan 1749, Chester Co., PA
	  d: 11 Apr 1836, McMinnville, Warren Co., TN FlagTNsm.gif (8220 bytes)
	sp: Catherine Tyler
	  m: abt 1765 Orange Co., NC
	    4-Elizabeth Tyler Forrest 
	      b: 5 Jan 1766, Orange Co., NC 
	      d: 10 Mar 1830, OH 
	    sp: Robert McCorkle
	      m: 12 May 1785, Augusta Co., VA 

	    4-Lydia Tyler Forrest 
	      b: 17 May 1771 Orange Co., NC
	      d: 1855 Buchanan, MO
	    sp: John McCorkle
	      m: 13 May 1790 Augusta Co., VA

	    4-John Forrest
	      b: abt 1773
	    4-Benjamin Forrest
	      b: abt 1776
	    4-Richard Albert Forrest, Reverand,tn::forrest::713.html 
		?????????????? ???????????
	      b: 4 Oct 1783, Orange Co., NC
	      d: 8 Aug 1869 McMinnville, Warren Co., TN	  bur Shellsford Cem. Warren Co.
	    sp: Sarah Matlock
	      m: 4 Jul 1803 Grainger
	      b: 1823
	      d: 16 Sep 1827, Warren Co., TN
		5-Charlie Forrest
		  b: 5 may 1809
		5-James Forrest
		  b: 4 may 1809
		sp: Mary _______
		5-Elizabeth Forrest 
		  b: abt 1811	
		  d: 22 Sep 1863
		sp: Alexander Martin
		  m: 1832 TN
		  b: 1806, ,Wayne,KY 
		  d: 20 Nov 1871, McMinnville, Warren Co.,TN
		    6-Nancy Martin
		    6-James L Martin
		    6-Mahala Martin
		    6-Charles Matlock Martin
			7-Lou Cinda Martin
			sp: David Franklin McAlister
			  m: Erath Co., TX
				    10-Robert Jones  
		    6-Richard Albert Martin
		    6-George Martin
		    6-Anna (Sally) Martin
		    6-Mary Martin
		    6-Adolphus Martin
		    6-Patrick Martin
		    6-Henry Edgar Martin
	              b: 30 Jun 1857
		      d: 21 May 1903
		    sp: Neaty (Neatie?) Jennings
		      m: 23 Nov 1873 Warren, TN
		      b: abt 1860
		      d: 21 May 1903
			7-Willie Louella Martin
			7-Martha Beal "Bealer" Martin
			  d: 27 Feb 1871
			sp: Johnny Romine Meade Jones
			    8-Eva Mae Jones
			    sp: Albert Perry Patterson
				9-Jones Burl Patterson
				sp:Janice Fain Woody
			7-Flossie Martin
			7-Floyd Martin
			7-Oscar Martin
			7-Henry Edgar Martin
			7-Annis Martin
			7-Amanda Martin
		    6-John Barber Martin
		    6-Samuel Martin
		5-Lucinda Forrest
		  b: 13 May 1815 TN
		5-Charles Matlock Forrest 
		  b: 27 Jan 1817 McMinnville, Warren Co., TN

		sp: Annie Kell
		  m: abt 1835 McMinnville 
		  b: 21 Aug 1817 McMinnville 
		  d: 1907 in Pendleton, Bell Co. TX 	bur Pendleton Cem.
		    6-__________ Forrest
		    6-Lydia C. Forrest 
		      b: 18 Oct 1836 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
		    sp: John L. Epperson
		      m: 13 Dec 1856 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
		      b: 1832 TN
		      d: 1913 in Pendleton, Bell Co. TX 	bur Pendleton Cem.
		    6-Sarah Ann Forrest 
		      b: 24 Jun 1838 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
		      d: 1897 in Pendleton, Bell Co. TX 	bur Pendleton Cem.
		    sp: Jesse A. Safely
		      m: 24 SEP 1860 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
		      b: 24 Jan 1836 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
		    6-Henry T. Forrest 
		      b: 19 Aug 1840 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
		      d: 14 Nov 1910 in Pendleton, Bell Co TX 	bur Pendleton Cem.
		    sp: Dicy Victoria Drake
		      m: 23 JUL 1864 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
			7-___________ Forrest
			7-___________ Forrest
			7-Ida B. Forrest 
			  b: 1865 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
			7-Henry Servilla Forrest 
			  b: Aug 1866 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
			7-Benjamin Franklin Forrest 
			  b: 4 Apr 1869 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
			7-Susan Josephine Forrest 
			  b: 10 Apr 1871 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
			7-Ettie Laura Forrest 
			  b: 1874 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
			7-Mattie M. Forrest 
			  b: 25 Dec 1876 in Pendleton, Bell Co. TX
			7-Frances Clyde Forrest 
			  b: 1877 in Pendleton, Bell Co. TX
			sp: Maud d. Meadows
			  b: 1879 TX
			    8-___________ Forrest
			    8-___________ Forrest
			    8-___________ Forrest
			7-Thomas Leslie Forrest 
			  b: 16 Oct 1882 in Pendleton, Bell Co. TX
			7-Oscar Clee Forrest 
			  b. 30 Aug 1888 in Pendleton, Bell Co. TX
			sp: Mamie Dean Vaughn
			  m: abt 1910 Bell Co, TX
			    8-___________ Forrest
			    8-___________ Forrest
			    8-___________ Forrest
			    8-Mildred Janette Forrest 
			      b: 30 Dec 1911 in Pendleton, Bell Co TX
		    6-John Forrest  
		      b: 1842 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
		    6-William Frank H. Forrest  
		      b: Dec 1844 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
		    6-Mary E. Forrest 
		      b: 12 Sep 1848 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
		    6-Charles Matlock Forrest ???
		      b: 3 Sep 1852 
		      d: 24 Jan 1892
		    6-Charles Pierce Forrest  
		      b: 1853 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
		    6-Nancy Jane Forrest  
		      b: 30 Jul 1855 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
		    6-George E. Forrest 
		      b: 1858 in McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
		5-Martha Forrest
		5-Rachel Caroline Forrest
		  b: 21 Apr 1826 Warren Co., TN
		5-Sarah Forrest
		  b: Apr 1806 Warren Co., TN
		5-Henry Tyler Forrest
		  b: abt 1841 TN
		sp: I. Victoria Drake
		  m: 28 Jul 1864 in , Warren, TN
		5-John Forrest
		5-William Forrest
	    sp: Lucy Wilcher 		2nd spouse of Richard Albert Forrest
	      b: abt 1784 Amherst, VA
	    sp: Polly Bishop 		3rd spouse of Richard Albert Forrest
	3-Issac Forrest		William Forrester's Will 
		1790 Census Orange Co., Orange Dist., NC
	  b: aft 1756 Orange Co., NC
	  d: bef Feb 1798 Orange co., NC
	sp: ___________
	  m: 1783 Orange Co., NC 
	    4-William "Willis" Forrest (Forrester)
	      b: 1785
	    4-Mary Forrest
	    4-Milly Forrest
	    4-Sarah Forrest
	    4-Silas Forrest
	    4-Brittain H. Forrest
		5-James A. Forrest
		    6-William Jasper Forrest
			7-Sallie Mae Forrest
			sp: ______ Bankston
			    8-Mary Gertrude Bankston
			    sp: _____ Kress
				9-Leo Monroe Kress
				    10-Joell Lee Kress 

    2-James Forrest, Jr		Will	1755 tax list Orange Co., NC 
      b: bef 1734 NC
    sp: Elizabeth Gicie	Gricie?
     m: 26 JUL 1762, Orange Co., NC
      b: NC
      d: abt 1797, Greenville Co., SC 
	3-John Forrester 
	  b: 1766, Va
	  d: 1859, Habersham Co, GA 
	sp: Mary "Polly" Grant
	  m: SC
	    4-Willian Forrester
	      b: 1793 SC
	    sp: Violet Robertson
		5-_____ Forrester
	    4-Hiram F. Forrester
	      b: 1799
	      d: 1863
	    sp: Emily Forrester
		5-Thomas P. Forrester
		  b: 1836, Habersham Co, GA 
		  d: aft 1860
		5-Mary T. Forrester
		  b: 1840
		5-Sarah E. Forrester
		  b: 1844
		5-William E. Forrester
		  b: 1848
		5-John B. Forrester
		  b: 1850
	    4-Malinda Forrester
	      b: 1787
	      d: 1881
	    sp: John Grant
		5-_____ Grant
	    4-James Forrester
	      b: 1800
	      d: 1881
	    sp: Celia Grant
		5-______ Forrester
	    4-John Forrester
	      b: abt 1824 GA
	    sp: Lucinda Tankersley
		5-_______ Forrester
	3-Richard Forrester
	  b: 1760  ?NC ?
	  b: 1847 Hickman Co., TN FlagTNsm.gif (8220 bytes)
	sp: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cottham
	  b: 1776, ? SC or GA ?
	  d: 1860, Hickman Co, TN
	    4-Hezekiah Forrester
	      b: 1797 NC
	      d: 1847 Hickman Co, TN 
	    sp: Winney Reeves	Reeves Family of AR
	      m: 1821, Hickman Co, TN 
		5-James S Forrester
		5-Stephen Forrester
		5-Alfred Forrester
		5-Elizabeth "Betty" Ann Forrester
		5-William M Forrester
		5-Mary Ann Forrester
		5-Richard Forrester
		5-Ervin Forrester
		5-Lucinda Forrester
		5-Francis Marion Forrester 
		  b: 19 Noc 1842, Hickman Co, TN 
		  d: 11 Jul 1927, Obion Co, TN 
		sp: Amanda Dunaway
		  m: 1863, Hickman Co, TN 
		    6-Catherine Forrest
		    6-Mark Houston Forrest
		    6-Louise Forrest
		    6-William Lee Forrest
		    6-Minnie Moriah Forrest
		    6-George Martin Forrest
		    6-Giles Benjamin Forrest
		    6-Willaim Oscar Forrest
		    6-_____ Forrest
		    6-Docia Pauline Forrest
		    6-Alfred Arthur Forrest
	    4-Josiah Forrester
	      b: 1799, SC
	      d: 1870, Madison Co, AR 
	    sp: Elizabeth Forrester
	      m: Hickman Co., TN
		5-Mahala Jane Forrester
		5-William B. Forrester 
		5-Cintha Caroline Forrester 
		5-Lucinda B. Forrester
		5-James Bradford Forrester 
	    4-Laura Forrester
	      b: 1880 SC
	    4-Dinah Forrester
	      b: 1881 SC
	    4-Silas Forrester
	      b: 06 MAY 1805, SC
	      d: 08 AUG 1880, Hickman Co, TN Forrester Cem FlagTNsm.gif (8220 bytes)
	    sp: Anna Dunaway
		5-James Madison Forrester
		5-Malinda Forrester
		5-Richard Carroll Forrester
		5-Silas Malford "Bright" Forrester
		5-Lucinda Forrester
		5-Elizabeth Forrester
		5-Josiah S. Forrester
		5-Martha J. Forrester
	    	    4-Jeremiah Forrester
	      b: 1808 SC
	      d: abt 1827
	    sp: Pricilla Forrester
		5-Hezekiah Forrester
		5-Richard Carroll Forrester
	    4-Lucinda Forrester
	      b: 14 AUG 1812 SC
	      d: 17 MAY 1900, Hickman Co, TN Claiborn-Forrester Cem, 
	    sp: William Turner
		5-Obadiah B Turner 
		5-William Riley Turner 
		5-Malinda Turner
		5-Silas Turner 
		5-Susannah "Susan" Turner 
		5-Willis "Wid" Baxter Turner 
		5-Elias Turner
		5-Benjamin Turner 
		5-Elizabeth Turner
		5-William L Turner 
	    4-Richard T. Forrester
	      b: 1816 Hickman Co., TN 
	    sp: Nancy Young
	      m: 1836
		5-Jane Forrester
		5-Elizabeth Forrester 
		5-Silas Forrester
		5-Nancy A. Forrester 
		5-Louisa Forrester 
		5-William R Forrester 
		5-Tennessee A. Forrester 
		5-John R.Forrester
	    4-Arthur Forrester
	    4-Sarah Virginia Forrester
	3-Hardy Forrester
	  d: aft 1813
	3-Nancy Ann Forrester
    2-Benjamin Forrester 
      b: abt 1736 NC	
      d: 1800 Orange Co., NC
    sp: Sarah Wood	
      m: 1 Dec 1785, ,Orange, NC 
	3- Milley Forrester
    sp: Sarah Leathers	
	  m: Dec 1785, Orange, NC 
	3-Ila Forrester
	sp: Christy Chizzenhall
	3-Edmund (Edmond) Forrester
		1790 Census Orange Co., Orange Dist., NC
	3-Josiah Forrester
	3-Benjamin Forrester
	3-Jeremiah Forrester
	3-Mary Drucilla Forrester
	3-Nancy Forrester
	3-Elizabrth "Betsy" Forrester
	3-Milly Forrester
    2-Jane A. Forrest
      b: abt 1736 NC
    sp: John Manning
    sp: Thomas Oden
    2-Thomas Forrester		1755 tax list Orange Co., NC
      b: 1737/1748 Surrey Co., NC	
      d: 4 Oct 1777
    sp: Mitret Mildred "Meally" Glen
      b: Surry, NC
	3-James Forrester
	  b: 1762 Orange, NC
	sp: __________
	3-Jerimah John "Jerry" Forrester 
	  b: 1774/1776, Surry/Wilkes, NC 
	  d: 28 Feb 1852, Harlan, KY 	bur Skidmore Cem., Harlan, Harlan, KY 
	sp: Ann\Anna Fisher 
	  m: 1 Dec 1794, Surry, NC 
	  b: 1776 in Surry, NC
	    4-Thomas Forrester
	      b: abt 1800 Surry, NC
	      d: 1885/1886 KY
	    sp: Sarah "Sally" Harris 
	      b: abt 1805 Harlan,KY
		5-Wesley Henderson Forrester b. 14 Jan 1824 in Harlan, KY
		5-Cammaliza Forrester b. 19 Apr 1827 in Harlan, KY
		5-Jefferson Craig Forrester b: 23 Apr 1829 in Harlan, KY
		5-Helen Forrester b. 1832 in Harlan, KY
		5-Nepolion B. Forrester b. 1833 in Harlan, KY
		5-Mose E. Forrester b. 1836 in Harlan, KY
		5-Wallace D. Forrester b. 1838 in Harlan, KY
		5-Albert G. Forrester b. 1841 in Harlan, KY	1850 Harlan County, Kentucky HH 291
		5-Emily I.\J. Forrester b. 1843 in Harlan, KY
		5-Silas Crittendon "Uncle Forrester b. 8 Jan 1845 in Mount Pleasant, Harlan, KY
		5-Thomas Basscom "Bascum" Forrester b. 17 Sep 1852/1857 in Laurel, KY

	    4-Jeremiah John "Jerry" Forrester
	      b: 1808/1809, Harlan, KY 
	      d: 30 Aug 1888, Harlan, KY 
	    sp: Mary "Polly" Osborn
	      m: 5 Aug 1836, Harlan, KY 
		5-John Wesley Forrester
		5-Louise Forrester
		5-Levina "Lavina" Forrester
		5-Salomon S. Forrester
		5-Mary Forrester
		5-Henry Forrester
		5-Nancy Forrester
		5-Thomas Bates Forrester
		5-Enoch Forrester
		  b: May 1850, Harlan, KY 
		  d: Skidmore Cem., Harlan, Harlan, KY 
		sp: Lena "Malina" Scott
		5-Margaret Forrester
		5-Mary Carter Forrester
		5-Joanna Forrester
		5-William D. Forrester
		5-Belle "Isabell" Forrester
		5-John Washington Forrester
		5-Jane Forrester
		5-Lee Forrester
		5-Helen Forrester
  	    4-Mary "Polly" Forrester 
	      b: 1810 Harlan, KY
	    4-Hannah Forrester
	      b: 1813 Harlan, KY
	    4-Nancy Forrester
	      b: 1817 VA or Harlan, KY
	3-Hezikiah Forrester		1790 Census Orange Co., Orange Dist., NC
	  b: abt 1775 Surry/Wilkes Co., NC
	3-Thomas Forrester
	3-Nancy Forrester
	3-Elizabeth Forrester
	3-William Forrester
	  b: NC
    2-John Forrest	NC
      b:  1789 Orange Co.,
    sp: Mary Clark
    2-Ann Forrest
    sp: James Manning
    sp: Richard Harper

Silas Forest and Polly Lovins on 8 Oct 1799 in Orange Co., NC
This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by: 
Wendy Forester 
Contributor's Note: This is the will of my husband's ancestor James Foraster, 
(b. abt 1700; d. 5 Sep 1755, Orange County, NC). 
"The Forrest Family is believed to have emigrated from England to America. They may have moved to 
North Carolina from Virginia.
James Forrester is listed on the tax list of Orange County, NC
along with his sons Thomas, William, and James in 1755. James Forrester died in 1755 and his will 
was probated in the December 1755 Court." 
"Orange County, North Carolina was formed in 1752 from the counties of Bladen, Johnston, and Granville. 
There are records of deed transactions in Johnston County from James McIlwain to James Forrest 
in 1750 and from James Forrest to Abram Taylor in 1752. 
James Forrest is mentioned in the Minutes of Court in the Orange County record in 1752 and the 
Tax List of Orange County lists James Forrester and his sons Thomas, William, and James in 1755."