Fentress Co., Tennessee

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John Slaven landed in NY in 1740 at age 17

Compiled from the Internet by 
Chird Bobbitt     E-mail
Additiinal research info from Danny L. Slaven, Kelly J. Smith, Valeria Pahl & others, Thanks
F. L. Slaven's book, Descendants of John Slaven, Tyrone, Ireland   SLAVEN Findagrave U.S.
	Charley Craven 1861-1934 buried No Business Creek Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area. Scott Co., TN

Vadogwood Aug 27, 1997 18:23
William Slavin was born June 3, 1753 in Rockingham Co.,Va which is now Highland Co., Va. 
He married
Nancy Ingram on December 26, 1787 at Linville Creek, Greenbrier Co., Va.
In 1795 the two left Highland Co., Va for Smith Co., Tn. The Slaven family never heard from them again. 
        We are seeking and decendants of the two or anyone with Slaven/Slavin.

William Slavin had a brother, Daniel Slaven who let Highland Co., Va. in 1795 for Claiborne Co., Tn. 
        We would like to obtain any information on descendants of either Slaven.

Help me link the Jefferson Slaven Family of Scott Co.
Avo Slaven Descendants of Fentress Co.
James Martin Slaven by Kelly J. Smith    James Harve Slaven by Kelly J. Smith
James Harmon "Dee" Slaven by Kelly J. Smith    Sandra Kay Slaven by Kelly J. Smith
James Andrew Slaven 30 TN B. 1839-1840; 3rd Civil Dist; #52 16-18 Jun 1870 census Scott Co, TN 

1-Richard Harve (Slavey?) Slaven  The Richard Slavey Chronicles
  b: 23 Hun 1776 VA	Lived in TN & KY 
	No Business existed as a community from 1796, when Richard Slaven became the first permanent settler in the area
  d: 1830-9 Campbell CO., TN p. 239	1840 Tackett Creek, Scott, TN 
sp:Susannah "Anna" Mable Mounts 
  m: 17 Sep 1798  Garrard Co., KY
  b: 1779 KY
    2-James R. Slaven 	Scott Co., TN Cemetery's 	Findagrave Scott Co., TN 
      b: 1805 KY 	1830 Campbell CO., TN p. 239
      d: 1880 Big South Fork, Scott CO.	1870 Scott Co. age 30 TN 42 TN 63 TN 71 TN Dec 1836
    sp:Otha Dolly Brown - Native American? 
      m: 5 Feb 1828 Wayne Co., KY 
      b: 1801 Campbell, TN 
      d: 1839 TN 
            3-"Moccasin" John "Jonathan?" Slaven  	1900 Census Dist 12 scott Co., TN   Ancestry 	Genealogy Exchange 
              b: Dec 1832 Scott Co., TN      1835 Wayne, KY
              d: 1878 Scott Co., TN	bur Chimney Rocks	 FindAgrave 
            sp:Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith
              m: 19 Apr 1860 Scott Co., TN 
	      b: abt 1834 Station Camp, TN 
                4-Peter Slaven			Family Tree Maker 
                   b: 23 Dec 1849
                   d: 2 May 1926 		bur Cross Cem. Scott Co., TN
                sp:Margarett Boyatt		Jordan Boyatt Stone 
                   m: 15 Feb 1871 Scott Co.	
		    5-William Owen Slaven 
		      b: 05 Nov 1873 
		      d: 10 Feb 1953, Mccreary, KY		Boyatt Cem. 
		    sp: Sarah Elizabeth King 	d/o Jasper King & Kizzie Ross 
		    5-Jonathon S. Slaven 
	`	      b: 1882	
		      d: 1 Aug 1942 ??				Boyatt Cem. ??
		    5-James Henry Slaven 			Family Tree Maker	1920 Census KY 
		      b: 14 May 1894 Scott Co., TN 
		      d: 11 Jan 1946  				Findagrave 	Boyatt Cem. Oneida, TN
		    sp: Hettie Lewis 	
		      b: 26 Jun 1891 
		      d: 17 April 1970				Findagrave 	Boyatt Cem. Oneida, TN
			6-Charles Slaven 		      1940 Census Floyd Co., KY 
			  b: 16 Apr 1905, Oneida, Scott, TN              Eastern Kentucky coal fields 
			  d: 29 Dec 1972, Fairborn, Montgomery Co., OH 
			sp: Margaret Lewis 
			  m: 04 19 1929 Garrett, Pike Co., KY		Marriage License  Floyd Co., KY   from Lynnette K. Slaven
			  b: abt 1909 Floyd Co., KY			KYKINFOLK  Floyd Co., KY Coal Camps 
			    7-Homer E. Slaven 
			      b: 26 Jan 1930 Salyersville, Magoffin Co., KY 		Ancestry 
			      d: 9 Apr 2007 Beavercreek, OH 	bur Byron Cem 	OBIT
			    sp: Loretta Lynette _______ 
			      m: abt 1959 
				8: Jeff E. Slaven 
				  b:	Floyd Co., KY 
				8: Douglas L. Slaven 
				8: Phillip Willian Slaven 
				  b: 1964	still born
				8: Lynnette K. Slaven 
			    7-Clifford Slaven 
			      b: abt 1939 Floyd Co., KY
			    7-Donald Slaven 
			      b: abt 1934 Floyd Co., KY
			    7-Carrie Slaven 
			      b: abt 1938 Floyd Co., KY
			    7-Twanna Slaven 
		    5-Sarah E. Slaven 
		      b: 1879	d: 
                4-John Alvis Slaven		1900 census for dist 12, Scott Co., TN
			Thank you Sharon Meadows for your input meadowsancestry AT
		  b: 27 Jun 1869, Scott Co., TN  (dob on gravestone is incorrect)
 		  d: 02 Apr 1937, McCreary  Co., KY, USA (buried at Barren Fork Cemetery, McCreary, KY)
		sp: Matilda Mae "Tilda" Smith	
			d/o Ewell & Levaney (Marcum) Smith g/d of Rachel Marcum b: Feb 1809 
  		  b: Aug 1872, Scott, TN
  		  m: 1887, Scott, TN
  		  d: 24 Aug 1913, Scott, TN (buried in Cotton Cem)		
		    5-Ewell Slaven 
		      b: born: 16 Apr 1888, Scott, TN
		      d: 18 Oct 1976, Whitley City, McCreary, KY
		    5-Ora Slaven 
		      b: born: 20 Jan 1891, Scott, TN               
		      d: 22 Dec 1967, McCreary, KY 
		    5-Arthur Slaven  
		      b: born: Mar 1897, Scott, TN              
                      d: 1901, McCreary, KY - died at age 4 when a fence post fell on him
		    5-Florence Slaven 
		      b: 10 Mar 1898, Scott, TN           
		      d: 6 Sep 1970, Parkers Lake, McCreary, KY
		    sp: Calvin "Paley" Davenport
		      m: 1916/1917 
			6-Ora Edna Davenport
			  b: 13 Jan 1921, McCreary, KY
			  d: 14 Sep 1997, Hamilton, OH
			sp: Living Meadows 
			  m: 8 Nov 1940 Harlan, KY 
			    7-Living Meadows 
			      b: 1942 
			    sp: Living Hayden		Sharon Meadows    meadowsancestry AT	Genforum 
		    5-Mitchell Slaven                 
                      b: 12 Jan 1900 Scott, TN
		      d: 7 Jan 1974, Harlan, Harlan, KY
		    5-Letha Slaven
		      b: 1902, Scott, TN             
		      d: 2 Sep 1954, Marshes Siding, McCreary, KY
		    5-John Quincie Slaven
                      b: 3 Jul 1903, Scott, TN               
                      d: 22 Nov 1992, West Terre Haute, Vigo, IN
		    5-Charles William "Bill" Slaven
		      b: 16 Apr 1905, Oneida, Scott, TN              Eastern Kentucky coal fields 
		      d: 29 Dec 1972, Terre Haute, Vigo, IN
		    sp: _____________ 
		    5-Mindie Francis 
		      b: 18 Apr 1908, Scott, TN              
		      d: 26 Oct 1931, Harlan, KY-
		    sp: ______ Perry 
		   5-Herbert Luther Slaven
		      b: 18 Apr 1909, Scott, TN             
		      d: 30 Oct 1978, Florence, KY
		sp: Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Clark
		  b: 18 Oct 1892, Wayne, KY
		  m: 12 Aug 1914, McCreary, KY
		  d: 12 Jan 1970, Pulaski, KY
		    5-Cassie M Slaven
		      b: 5 Oct 1917, McCreary, KY
		    5-Flora Slaven	
		      b: 7 Jun 1920, McCreary, Ken
		      d: 7 Aug 1997, Whitley City, McCreary, KY
		    sp: ______ Freeman
			6-Janie Freeman 			Genforum
			sp: _______ Franz 
		    5-Maggie Slaven
		      b: Abt 1924, McCreary, Kent
		    5-Leonard Wesley "Wess" Slaven
		      b: 17 May 1925, Whitley City, McCreary, KY                
		      d: 21 Sep 1986, McCreary, Ken
		    5-Noble Slaven
		      b: 16 Oct 1926, Whitley City, McCreary, KY                
		      d: 7 Aug 2003, Harrison, Hamilton, OH
		    5-Nova Slaven
 		      b: 14 Mar 1932, Whitley City, McCreary, KY             
		      d: 12 Aug 2004, Whitley City, McCreary, KY	Findagrave 
		    5-Viola Slaven
		      b: Jan 1935, TN
                4-Eligah "Elijah"? Slaven
                   b: 1867
                   d: 1943    		bur WILLIAM SLAVEN Cemetery off Stooping Oak Road 
                sp:Sally Pennington     - Cherokee blood?   
			dau George Pennington? & Lakey Chambers
                   m: 28 Nov 1901 Scott Co.
                4-James Harve Slaven				Genforum 
                   b: 29 Nov 1870 Parch Corn, Scott Co., TN
                   d: 5 Jul 1940 Alticrest, Fentress Co.
                sp:Sarah Pennington     - Cherokee blood?   
			dau George Pennington? & Lakey Chambers
                   m: 29 Nov 1889 
                   b: 30 Jun 1872 Parch Corn, Scott Co., TN
                   d: 13 Feb 1940     Bur West Cem. Williams Creek, Scott Co., TN
                    5- Mary Slaven
                       b: 1 Jan 1890 Oneida, Scott Co., TN
                       d: 27 May 1921 Oneida, Scott Co.    bur West cem
                    sp: Polee West
                    5-Lakey Angeline Slaven
                       b: 18 Sep 1890 Oneida, Scott Co., TN
                       d: 11 Apr 1941 bur West Cem, Williams Creek
                    sp: Tolbert C. West
                    5-Ollie Slaven
                       b: 1893 Oneida, Scott Co.,TN
                       d: 1941     bur Thomas Cem Scott Co., TN
                    sp: James Bailey King
                    5-Robinson Crusoe Slaven			Genforum
                       b: 2 Aug 1894 Oneida, Scott Co.,TN
                       d: 19 Feb 1973 Oneida, TN   bur West Cem, Williams Creek
                    sp: Ora Ellen Wheaton
                       m: 18 Apr 1918 Scott Co., TN
                        6-Wheaton Slaven
                        6-John Randolph Slaven (Twin)
                        6-James Rudolph Slaven (Twin)
                    5-Issac "Ike" Slaven 	Genforum 
                       b:    2  Jul 1897 Oneida, Scott Co.,  TN
                       d:    17 Feb 1978 Jamestown, TN  bur West Cem., Scott Co.
	??????	    sp: Mabel Potter 	?????
			6-Donald Slaven 
			  b: bef 1921
			sp: _______ 
			    7-Stacy Slaven 
			    sp: ____ Keeton 
                    sp: Lou Ella "Eller" Slaven
                       m:    5 May 1921 Scott Co., TN    - Scott Co., TN Marriages
                       b: 15 Jun 1905 Oneida, TN       bur West Cem., Scott Co
                       d:    1 May 1982 Jamestown, TN - bur Oneida, TN
                        6-Noah Slaven, Jr
                           b:    24 Apr 1922 Jamestown
                           d:    3 Sep 1983 Jamestown
                        sp: Geraldine Harris
                           m:    15 Jun 1967 Jamestown
			    7-Tresa Dean Slaven
			      b: 1 Jun 1968 
			    7-Noah Allen Slaven, Jr 
			      b: 29 Aog 1970 
			      d: 6 Nov 2006 
			    7-Anna Belle Slaven 
			      b: 30 Oct 1971 
			    sp: ________ Fulton 
                        6-Lacy Slaven
                           b:    7 Jan 1925 Jamestown
                           d:    1 Apr 1970 Jamestown
                        sp:Ruth Unknown
                        6-Sarah Ellen Slaven
                           b:    29 Dec 1928 Jamestown
                        sp:Bud Parker
                           m:    29 Apr 1953 Jamestown
                           d:     29 Apr 1997 Xenia, OH
                        6-Henry Slaven
                        6-Christine Myrtle Slaven
                           b: 22 Feb 1932 Jamestown, Fentress Co., TN
			   d: 16 Nov 2001 South Bend, IN 	Findagrave 
                        sp-Earl Willard Bobbitt     SSAN 364-22-9036
			        son of Flemon Benjamin Bobbitt     Orphans on the River
				Picture of Earl $ his mother Mary when a few months old
				Picture of Earl & Mary about age 3 years
                           m: Jamestown, TN
                           b: 26 Jan 1921 Bald Knob, White Co., AR ?
                           d: 20 May 1993 South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN	Memorial   Findagrave 
                            7-Jo Ann Bobbitt
 			      b: 26 Jun 1956 South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
			      d: 29 Jun 2012 South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN	bur Chapel Hill Cemetery in Osceola Findagrave 
                            sp:Richard Overton 
			      m: 26 Jun 1976	two sons by previous marriage Geoffery & Bryan
				8-Angela Marie Overton
			  	  b: 4 Jul 1983 South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
				sp: Carl Eric Sanders
				  m: 04 Jun 2004
				    9-Audrey Sanders
				      b: 17 Oct 2005
				    9-Cason Sanders 
				      b: 2008 South Bend, IN 
				    9-Chelsea Sanders 
				      b: 2009 South Bend, IN
                            7-Betty Sue Bobbitt
                               b: 13 Jun 1955 South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
                            sp:Robert "Bob" Francis Comeau 
				son of  John M. Comeau & Alice Stockwell
                               m: abt 1980 - divorced
                               b:17 Oct 1954 Plattsburg, Franklin Co., NY
                                8- Sara Michell Comeau
                                  b:27 Jun 1979 St. Joseph Co., IN
                                8-Sotty Michael Comeau
                                   b: 17 Aug 1981 St. Joseph Co., IN
                            7-Linda Fay Bobbitt
                               b: 14 Jul 1959 South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
                            sp:Randy Smith son of Robert Smith & Evelyn Lackey
                               b: 19 Dec 1955 Mishawaka, St Joseph Co., IN
                                8-Josh Smith
                                   b: 11 May 1986 St. Joseph Co., IN
                                8- Justin Smith
                                   b: 28 Mar 1989 St. Joseph Co., IN
                            7-Roger Bobbitt
                               b: 22 Mar 1962 South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
                               m:    IN
                        6-Larry Gene Slaven
                           b:    7 Jun 1935 Jamestown
			   d: 11 Apr 2005 TN		Findagrave 
                        sp:Roberta Evans ?
                           m:    15 Jul 1963
			   b: 27 Sep 1939 
			   d: 24 Hun 2005 TN		Findagrave 
			6-Wilma Slaven			
                           b:    26 Apr 1939 Jamestown
                        sp:Jess Delk
                           m:    10 Sep 1962
			    7-Ann Delk 				Genforum 
			    sp: _____ Hanaran 
                        6-Helen Marie Slaven
                           b: 26 Apr 1941 Jamestown, TN
                        sp-Robert Stanley Bobbitt     son of Flemon Benjamin Bobbitt
                           m:    3 May 1966
                           b: 16 Sep 1942 Providence, White Co., AR 
			   d: 30 Jul 2008 Jamestowm, Fentress Co., TN	FindAGrave
                            7-Robert Stanley Bobbitt, Jr.
                              b: 20 Jul 1970 Germany 
			      d: 11 Apr 2014 Winfield, TN	Findagrave 
                            sp:Rhonda Gail Ball    divorced May 1999
                                    8-Jacob Aaron Bobbitt
                                         b: 30 Dec 1992 Jamestown, Fentress Co., TN
                                    8-Kristen Nicole Bobbitt
                                        b: 15 Aug 1995
                             sp:Suzanne Renee Ezell
         dau of Johnny Lamar Ezell, Chicora, MS. & Georgia Aleena Cupp, Goins (Claiborne, Co.), TN
                                 m: 4 Sep 1999
                                 b: 7 Nov 1972 Knoxville, TN
                                      8-Robyn Natasha Bobbitt
                                         b: 28 Sep 2000 Sweetwater, Fentress Co., TN
                            7-Tanya Marie Bobbitt
                               b: 25 Feb 1974 Jamestown, Fentress Co., TN
                            sp:Craig Houston Carter
                                8-Seth Houston Carter
                                   b:Aug 2000 Jamestown, TN
                        6-Harlen Francis Slaven
                           b:    3 May 1944 Jamestown
                            sp:Carolyn Faye Conaster
                               m:    5 Oct 1967
                        6-Hermon Kenneth "Kenny" Slaven
                           b:    29 Aug 1950 Jamestown
                           m:    15 Mar 1973
                    5-John Cullom "Curl" Slaven
                       b: 7 Jan 1899 Oneida, TN
                       d: 2 Feb 1977 Oneida, TN    bur West Cem
                    sp: Melzuria West
                       m: 7 Jul 1920 Scott Co., TN
                    sp: Nora Slaven?
                       m: 9 Apr 1927 Scott Co., TN
                    5-James Martin Slaven
                       b: 23 May 1900 Oneida, TN
                       d: 6 Apr 1950 Oneida, TN    bur West Cem
                    sp: Mary Mae Burk        dau Harmons Burk & Nancy Smith
                       m: 13 Mar 1919 Scott Co., TN
                        6-Erie Easter Slaven
                           b: 6 Apr 1921
                        sp: Junior Terry
                        sp: Charlie Duncan
                           m: 27 Jun 1941 Scott Co., TN
                        6-Francis Edward Slaven
                           b: 14 Feb 1923 Jamestown, TN
                           d: 31 Jan 1981 Muncie, IN
                        sp: Neva Simpson
                           m: 4 Oct 1941 Oneida, TN
                        6-James Harmons "Dee" Slaven
                           b: 24 Jan 1930 Jamestown, TN
                           d: 1 Oct 1981 Muncie, Delaware Co., IN
                       sp: Frances Faye Connors        dau Jerry Connors & Cora Duncan
                           m: 30 Mar 1946 Oneida, TN
                            7-Sandra K. Slaven
                               b: 9 Feb 1947 Oneida, TN
                            sp: Larry Joe Smith    son of Clinton Smith & Ruby Martin
                               m: 19 Apr 1965 Muncie, IN
                                8-Kelly Joe Smith 
                                   b: 22 Feb 1966 Muncie, IN
                                sp: Amy L. Bilbrey
                                   m: 22 Sep 1989 Muncie, IN
                            sp: John Melbert Williams    son of Melbert Williams & Norma Moore
                               m: 1967 Muncie, IN
                                8-John Allen Williams
                                b: 5 Jan 1968 Muncie, IN
                                sp: Kelly Deann Crawford
                                   m: 3 Dec 1988 Dell City, OK
                            sp: Terry Wayne Greene    son of Paul Greene & Janet Mullinax
                               m: 23 Aug 1975 Muncie, IN
                                8-Winter Elizabeth Greene
                                   b: 6 Oct 1983
                            sp: Hollis Dale McDaniel 2 Jul 1995 Gentry,  AR     son  of William McDaniel & Lois Gentry
                            7-Vernon Ray Slaven
                               b: 23 Aug 1949 Oneida, TN
                            sp: Cynthia Keighn
                               m: 12 Apr 1967 Nuncie, IN
                            7- Robert Edward Slaven
                               b: 8 )ct 1955 Muncie, IN
                            sp: Pamela Lynn Lambert
                               m: 1971, Muncie, IN
                        6-Vivian Charlene Slaven
                           b: 3 Jul 1932 Mt Pesquah, Wayne Co., KY
                           d: 16 May 1992 Muncie, IN
                        sp: Herbert Carldon Smith
                           m: 5 Jun 1952 Oneida, TN
                        6-Robinson Crusoe Slaven
                           b: 5 Aug 1934 Mt Pesquah, KY
                        sp: Juanita Adkins
                           m: 6 Aug 1955 Jonesville, Lee Co., VA
                        6-Gorman Lynn Slaven
                           b: 21 Jul 1937 Oneida, TN
                           d: 11 Dec 1999 Muncie, IN
                        sp: Geneva "Pug" Spurlock
                           m: 1955
                        sp: Frances Holt
                           m: 1970
                    5-Elijah "Lidge" Slaven
                      b: 9 Jun 1902 Oneida, TN
                      d: Apr 1966 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH    bur Jeffers Cem
                   sp: Julie Ann Marcum
                      m 14 Jul 1923 Scott Co., TN
                        6-Clarance William Slaven  
                           d:      bur near Roseburg, OR
			sp: Alta Lorraine Honeycutt 
                            7-Lloyd William Slaven
                               b: 18 Feb 1957 
                            sp:Barbara Ann Massengale 		Genforum 
				8-Sierra Faith Slaven
				8-Knikki Francesca Slaven 
				sp: _______ Roberts 
			    7-Florence Alta Slaven 
			    sp: ______ Moore 
                    5-Elvie "Edd" Slaven
                       b: 15 May 1905 Oneida, TN
                       d: 4 Jun 1991    Fentress Co., TN    bur Alticrest Cem
                    sp: Lena L. Hicks 
                       m: 21 Feb 1928 Scott Co., TN
			6-Betty Slaven
			sp: _______ Kirk
                    5-George Edgar Slaven
                       b: 18 Jul 1907 Oneida, TN
                       d: 29 Sep 1964    Fentress Co., TN    bur Alticrest Cem
                    sp: Margaret Rich
                    5-Elizabeth Ann "Bertha" Slaven
                       b: 1908    Oneida, TN
                       d: 1981    Muncie, Delaware Co., IN
                    sp: Commodore Phillips
                    sp: _____ Allen
                    sp: Carl Strunk
                    sp: Alfred  Keaton
                    5-Vivian "Vid" Alice Slaven
                       b: 2 Dec 1912 Oneida, TN
                       d: 4 Apr 1998 Muncie, IN
                    sp: Everett Hicks	bro of Lena L. Hicks
                4-David Slaven
                   d: burned to death
                4-Polly L. Slaven
                4-William Slaven
    2-Jonathan Slaven 
      b: 1808
    sp: Loretta Sintha Roach 
    sp: Sarah Smith 
      b: 1934, TN
    2-Absolom Slaven	FamilyTreeMaker 
      b: 10 Apr 1810
      d: 18 Dec 1877 Chimney Rocks, Scott CO., TN
    sp:Elizabeth "Betty" Woods 
      m: 1833 Scott Co., TN 
	    3-Jefferson Slaven ?		FamilyTreeMaker 
	      b: Jul 1848 Parch Corn, Scott Co., TN
	      d: 16 Jul 1908 Scott Co., TN	bur Chimney Rocks 
	    sp: Barzilla Phillips 
	      b: 4 Sep 1848 TN 
	      d: 4 Dec 1922 Odon, Daviess CO., IN
		4-Absolom Slaven 
	          b: Jul 1868 Parch Corn, Scott Co., TN
	    3-John Wesley Slaven 
            3-Elias Meshack "Shack" Slaven 
	      b: 3 Mar 1845 Scott Co., TN 
	      d: 7 Sep                                                                                                                      -----------------------------------------------------------rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrxz1922 Kingston, Madison Co., AR		Findagrave 
            sp: Cealy "Ceely" Russell Milligan
                4-William "Dink" Raleigh Slaven 
		  b: 13 Nov 1866 Scott Co., TN 
		  d: 12 Sep 1937 Kingston, Madison Co., AR	Findagrave 
                sp:Nannie Davidson 
		    5-William Riley Slaven ?
		    5-John Slaven 
		    5-Elzina Agnes Slaven 
		    5-Mary Elizabeth Slaven 
		    5-Thomas Slaven 
		    5-Emmarine "Emma" Slaven 
		    5-Canzada Slaven 
		    5-Rosanne Slaven 
		    5-Zillah Bell Slaven 
		    5-James Slaven 
		    5-Victoria Iness Slaven 
	    3-Ale Thomas Slaven
	      b: 1858 Parch Corn, Scott Co., TN 
	      d: 1929 Scott Co., TN 
	    sp: Mildred Roberts 
	      m: 20 Sep 1883 Parch Corn, Scott Co., TN 
		4-George Slaven 
		  b: Aug 1893 Scott Co., TN 
    2-Elisha Slaven	?
      b: 26 Dec 1817 KY
    sp: Mary Ann Sweet 
      m: 1846 
      b: 25 Dec 1827 KY 
	3-Betty Ann Slaven
	3-George Slaven
	3-John Slaven
	3-Rebecca Elizabeth Slaven
	3-James Slaven
	3-William Slaven	Family Picture 
	3-Andrew Slaven
	3-Charles Slaven	? 
	3-Nancey C. Slaven
	3-Nimrod Slaven 
          b: 6 Aug 1863, Scott Co., TN
	  d: 30 Jan 1927 Scott Co., TN	 buried Terry  Cemetery   
	sp: Mildred Elizabeth Roysden 
	  b: 27 Nov 1868, Scott Co., TN 
	  d: 19 Dec 1944 Scott Co., TN	 buried Terry  Cemetery 

	3-Richard "Dick" Emrine Slaven
	3-Granville Slaven
	3-Elizabeth Slaven
    2-Pleasant Salvey		Biography 
      b: 1823-24
      d: 8 Mar 1862 Nashville, TN 
    sp: Susannah (Susan) Hill 
      m: 6 Mar 1846  Fentress Co., TN
      b: abt 1823 TN
      d: 15 Oct 1897
	3-George W. Slavy
	3-William C. Slavey
	3-David Franklin J. E. Slavey
	3-Absolem P. Slavey
	3-James Miller Slavey
	3-Stuart M. Slavey
	3-Cannon Jeptha Slavey
	3-Samuel P. Slavey

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