Vintage Other Pickups around Searcy, AR 

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Members of Kustoms and Klassics Unlimited, Searcy
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197_ Dodge Rampage??

Miguel Ramariz, Searcy  501 268-8763
1955 International PU  FOR SALE


Albert Evans, Searcy

______, Augusta
1953 Overland Jeep

1954? International S-100 
#1    #2

Mountain View, AR
194x International Harvester

_______, Augusta
194x International PU 

_________, Mt Vernon 
194x International L-190 

Ace Sign Company,
Heber Springs
1953 Dodge PU

Mack Reynolds, Searcy
1969 Dodge PU 
Ellis Baker, Judsonia
Baker's Acres
Martin Ester, Beebe
1978 Pontiac Phoenix
Alton Brimer, Bald Knob
1947 Dodge PU
Elvin Hicks, Bald Knob
1978 Dodge Van-
Martin Huggins, Judsonia
1941 Dodge PU
Beebe Fire Dept, Beebe, AR
Fire Truck Ride
Francis & Charles Byrd, Step Rock
1965 Dodge 500 truck 
Bailey-Story Dodge, Inc
Bill Anderson, Searcy
19xx Dodge PU
M.F., Kensett
1956 Dodge PU
Bill Bell, West Point 
1953 International 
Gary Collins, Central
1952 Jeep PU
Michael Dunavin, Bald Knob
1954 1/2 International PU
Bill Swain, Searcy
1951 Dodge MARS Truck
George ______, Searcy
1979 International Custom 8 100
Mikel Wilson, Beebe
1961 Willys
Bill Thomason, NC
1947 Dodge PU w/1954 Chrysler HEMI
Howard Ghent, Searcy
1949 Dodge 1/2 Ton Dump Truck
1951 Dodge Truck
Pappy Mellon, Mtn View, AR
1926 Dodge Truck 
1941 Pugley 
Brian Landers, Searcy
1946 Jeep CJ2A
J.R. Crabtree, Searcy
1947 International KB-1 PU
Paul Waddell, Kensett
1976 Dodge Caravan
Brian Zardo, Beebe 
1973 Land Cruiser
James Coburn, McRae
1973 Dodge PU
Bruce Berkheimer, Searcy 
1982 Jeep Scrambler 
Jame Corbit, Bald Knob
1977 Dodge PU
Bud Clardy, Cabot 501 843-9264
1940 International 3/4T Heavy Duty PU
1941 Chevy PU 
1942 Chevy PU  
James Fortune, Searcy 
1978 International Scout 
R.A. Sandford, Possum Grape
1963 International R185 2-1/2T
Butch McCain, Searcy 
1938 International 
  Ranger Ron, San Antonio, TX
1948 & 49 Willys Truck 
1954 Willys CJ3B Jeep 
Cecil Sweigart, Judsonia
1948 Willys Overland PU
Charles Anderson, Searcy
1983 American CJ7 Jeep
Jarrell Schmidt, Judsonia
1967 Dodge 100
Raymond Taylor, Cabot AR
1932 Dodge PU
Charles Harris, El Paso 
1954 Dodge Panel Truck 
Jerry Bernhoft, Beebe
1974 Jeep CJ-5
Clifford Pearson, Beebe 
501 882-5852 or 501 288-0697
1968 Dodge D-100 
  Raymond Emde, Bald Knob
1947 Willis Jeep
Curtis Baker, Searcy
1953 Dodge PU
Jerry Wright, Judsonia
1957 International PU
Raymond Fisher, Sr, Searcy
1955 Studebaker Truck 
Danny Defries, Mt Vernon
1979 International Scout
1979 Jeep CJ 
Jerry Riley, Higginson
1954 Dodge Fire Truck
Richard Lipe, Judsonia
1959 Dodge 1 1/2T
Danny Rigsby, Searcy
1951 Dodge PU
Rita Fox, Romance
1983 Chevy S-10
David Britton, Salt Lake City
19xx Jeep 
Jessie Lay, Beebe
1961 Willys PU
Rommie Cheshier, Searcy
1967 International Scout All Wheel
David Conley, Judsonia 
1968 Dodge D-100 
Jim Turley, Pangburn 
1950 Dodge PU 
RonQuesinberry, Searcy
1948 DiamondT
David Huff, Searcy
19__ International  Scout
Dee Berry, Shirley
1896 Duryea Motor Wagon     #2
   Duryea Motor Wagon 1st American gas automobile
John Hitt, Searcy
1971 Dodge D100 PU
Sam Robinson, Central 
1949? International PU 
Dennis Yecke, Searcy 
1952 Willys 4-Wheel Drive
Karl Shafer, Searcy
196x International PU
Susan Sweigart, Judsonia
1948 Willys OU
Derol Treat, Searcy
1957 Jeep Military
Tony Chisum, El Paso
1953 Chevy Panel "Paddy Wagon"
1977 Jeep CJ5
Dick Cooper, Augusta 
1977 Dodge Warlock 
Kevin Cleveland, Judsonia
1964 International PU 
E.A. Williams, Bald Knob
1948 Dodge 1Ton
1974 Jeep J10 PU
1986 Jeep Renegade
  Vincient _______, Searcy
1955 International 100
E.L. Gordon, Searcy
1947 Willys Jeep
L.C. Thomas, Judsonia
1950 Dodge Fire Truck
Wayne Webster, Judsonia
1948 Dodge PU
1962 Jeep Willis
1976 Jeep Cherokee
Fire Department, El Paso
International  SOLD
  Wes Thompson, Tumbling Shoals 
1979 Dodge Lil Red Express PU    #2
Eddie Covington, Searcy
International Metro 19xx
Laurence Covington, Beebe
196x International PU 
William Leggett, Judsonia
1976 Jeep CJ 7
Eddie Ross, Judsonia
IH Trucks
Lynna Stanford, LRAFB 
1979 Dodge D100 PU 
Yarnell's Ice Cream, Searcy
1963 DIVCO   Wikipedia