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Woomera 1976-1978  http://www.polymorf.net/clipart2.htm
    Shain Bobbit
t bobbittsh@yahoo.com

My family was stationed in Woomera for 2 years.  What an incredible time and place.  Isn't life great? Even in the smallest of places!  I was in 4th grade and about 8-11 years old.  Walk through the town/time with me . . .

The arboretum was a place of peace and solitude at my age.  We could release the kangaroos and sheep and pet them!  Warm weather and sunshine were the norm and God I loved it.  I recall countless laps walking around each oval while my father, brother, and mother played softball or soccer.  I too played soccer for the.....darn, I can not recall the team but Coach Davies was my soccer mentor and I think we had green or red uniforms.  His son was Trevor.

Kevin (my brother) and I rode our bikes to school every day.  Rode by the Catholic school and on down to the public school.  I remember Anzac Day and the parade!  I was in it once with Darrin Willis.  We converted his bicycle to a "sidecar" bike.  I sat in the car around an oval and watched the 4th of July fireworks with my family.  Felt soooo patriotic!

We visited the Opal mines at Andamooka, picnicked in Adelaide, and stayed in a motel on the coast where my father burned the curtains in the room!  Up and down the dirt roads!!!  Followed the water pipeline into town.  Kangaroos and emus would frequent our back yard like rabbits do in America.  My father and I rode motorcycles and were on a long donga trip one day.....it was very hot and we stopped along the water pipeline and opened a valve to dowse ourselves to cool down.   Did you ever take a bath in the "orange" water?  Sand in the bottom of the tub!  Drink any....it was not Kool-aid...what was it called?  Have your milk delivered?  Saw many movies and remember the crowd cheering wildly when John Wayne came on the screen.  Easter egg hunts behind the Arboretum!   Too many memories to recount.  But what fun!!  :-)

I remember the lava rock just outside Woomera, the donga, riding motorcycles at the track with my father and then out into the desert.  OH, I lived across the street from the club that closed down before our arrival.  We had a corner "tin house" that bordered a big parking lot at one edge of the village.  I remember the Eldo, club houses, swimming pool, DOWNTOWN!!!  My mother, Dyann Bobbitt, worked for the moving company and may have moved some of you out or into Woomera!!

Names I can recall  ---  Scott Stokes, Graham Thoms, Sharon Snavely, Sherry & John Kennedy, Sean ?, Martin ?, Trevor Davies, Darrin Willis, Deidre Williams, Brett Curtis, Doug ? (Watts?) and a pair of beautiful blonde haired twins that I can not remember their names....they were lovely!  Teachers . . .  Mr Joy, and I am ashamed to say I can not remember my favorite female teacher's name.  I wish I could remember some names of my brother's friends.  Maybe he will be compelled to leave a message too.

I would LOVE to hear from anyone that was there during that time or that could name a few more folks to "jog" my memory.  Woomera was the greatest gift my father gave our family other than his love!!  What an incredible experience!   Thank you Dad . . .





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