Bobbitt Family Research Reports
by Eileen Sears & Marsha Berry
Beccles, Suffolk, England


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Report of Research from St. Michaels, Beccles 
Parish Register Extracts
Baptisms 1586-1865
Burials 1586-1833
Marriages 1586-1900
CD - Suffolk Family History Society, Charity No. 1087748
12 Sept, 2010

All names found on the CD were put into family groups for ease because of the volume of names found. 
Those persons who were not able to be definitively associated with families, are listed below:

All Baptism records were searched:
1586-1639 NoBobbetts found
1640-1699 No Bobbetts found
1700-1749 The first Bobbett baptisms were recorded in 1719 [children of William & Susannah Bobbett]
Peter Bobbett, base son of Mary Bobbit; born and baptized on 10 January 1799

All Burial records were searched:
1586-1639 No Bobbetts found
1640-1700 No Bobbetts found
1700-1749 First one recorded in 1727 [Jno: son of Peter & Ann Bobbet]
12 November 1728 Mary Bobbett, widow

25 Oct 1772 Martha Bobbet
11 July 1774 Edward Bobbett, infant
24 July 1778 Peter Bobbit

19 Sept 1803     William Alcock Bobbit, son of William and Sarah Bobbit (late Alcock) base born age 21
                        Died 16 Sept 1803    Born 6 April 1782 (he was born a month before Sarah and William Bobbett were married - 
                        he likely is William Bobbett's son)

                        30 May 1821 Martha Bobbett, age 9
                        9 Aug 1821 Robert Bobbett, age 30 of Maryle bone, London

**1 believe that we have found the ancestor we have been looking for: 
John Bobbett born 1784, son of William and Sarah Alcock Bobbett.

The parish register extracts for Bungay were searched. All information has been entered into family groups via the Roots Magic program. Those who were not able to be definitively associated with families are listed below:

Baptism:  0 1 July 1801 William, natural son of Mary Bobbitt [p. 1]
Burial:     13 Sept 1809 William, base born of Mary Bobbitt, 7 years [p. 8]

Baptism: 22 Sept 1812 Martha, natural daughter of Mary Bobbitt [p. 20]




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