James Donald Denny
son of
Robert Jackson & Ida Caroline Bobbitt Family Photo Album

 Bobbitt's of Stoddard Co., MO
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Family Photo Album of  James Donald Denny courtesy of Arthur Turner


March 13, 2015


I found your email on Find a Grave for the memorials of George W. Bobbitt & Nancy (Lewis) Bobbit. I have in my possession an old photo album that had belonged to their daughter Ida Caroline (Bobbitt) Denny (1880-1935). I will be listing it for sale on Ebay but wanted to do some research on the family first. Please contact me if interested.

I got it from an antique dealer in Washington state which is where James Donald Denny, owner of this album, lived. His daughter Denise died in 2012, married but no children and his son Robert died in 2013, with no children. Robert Denny remarried after Ida Bobbitt died. The woman he married was a widow her self, Cora Imboden. So likely after Robert died all of the family items were sold. As far as I can tell James Donald Denny’s brother John Edison Denny had no children either. The album was pretty picked over when I got it so it may have been bought and sold several times already. There are 120 photos in all. Fortunately most of the pictures are named. There are also some of James Edward Bobbitt and family; Mary Bobbitt Vaughn and family and Luna Hazel Bobbitt Cope and family.

Aaron Turner
255 Hampton Road
Lexington OH 44904


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