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1821--Carroll County was created 7 November 1821 from Chickasaw Indian Lands.
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Pond Branch 
History of Carroll County, Tennessee, Vol. 1 by Turner, pages 52 and 53.

    The Areas around Antioch, Pond Branch, and Blount Creek  (District #6 in 1830?) were heavily populated very early in 1830's because the land was free to occupants, in contrast to land in and around Buena Vista, which had been granted about 30 years earlier to military officers and had to be purchased. John Wesley "Coocher" Brown owned property on Pond Branch in 1830. A Surveyor named Bobbitt received a grant from the U.S. Government and constructed a large pond between Pond Branch and the Sandy River called the Bobbitt Pond, near the farm of Coocher Brown. Bobbitt's property was south of the present Pond Branch bridge. Blounts Creek was named after Issac Blount who had the first grist mill in Carroll County. Note: Was my grand-father John Wesley Bobbitt named after John Wesley Brown. Was John Wesley Brown (on the 1820 census of Shelby County, Alabama, the father of Lodicia Bobbitt,  John Bobbitt's spouse,?


Rosser is a small community that grew up where the railroad crossed the main highway east of Huntingdon. The official name was Post, but it has always been called Rosser, they say because a man named Rosser ran the first store.
    After Rosser's Store, a Mr. Green ran one store and Stewart Huffman another; these were frame buildings which later burned. Edgar Traywick and his partner Hover Williams ran a store; they were bought out by Cloud Mebane who in turn sold to Quay Foust. Mr. Foust died and his widow sold to Lester Campbell, who sold to William L. Smith. Mr. Smith sold to Luther Dickerson who was still in operation in 1972.
    In the old days mail was delivered to the store from the train by means of a lever where the mail sack hung on the side of the train. As the train ran by, the sack was caught on another lever on a platform in the back of the store.

    About a quartet of a mile down the railroad is the old Foust home which was built by Quay and Maggy Foust. Tom Bateman built a log house near the old school. Later he and his family moved into a frame house across from the present store (1772). John Bobbitt lived, I believe where Mrs. Clyde Churchwell now lives (1972).This house was later occupied by Steve and Alice Pettigree .

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