Chanco Family
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Chinese-derived names with only two syllables.
According to Weedy Tan (from Manila), some Northern Chinese had two-syllable family names.
It is possible that a few of the names may not be uniquely Filipino but were also used in China.
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Ros M. Chanco, Manila, Philippines     The Chanco Family of Puerto Rico?
The Felipe Chanco & Paulina Benito Family 
Pedro Chanco
, registrar of the UP College of Medicine and father of Mario P. Chanco, who rose to journalistic eminence for his newspaper columns.

Chanco/Jampayas/Jimenez Family Reunion 2010 on Facebook
Ishmael Jampayas Alma's uncle Mike FIL-AM Who's Who

Arsenio Parenas Chanco and Felicitas Gutierrez     Picture 1984  
Felicitas Gutierrez has always lived in Manila (born & raised...devout catholic...25% spanish). She was an only child but her dad died when she was 4 or 5 yrs old (I think during the war). Her mom re-married and my mom was adopted by her great-aunt who didn't have a child. They had a small canteen and a boarding house. Arsenio Parenas Chanco came to Manila to go to college (hoping to be an electrical engineer. Stayed in Mom's boarding house. Arsenio brought his younger brother to Manila. He couldn't afford college so he switched to evening vocational school (master electrician) and worked during the day to support both of them. Arsenio Parenas Chanco and Felicitas Gutierrez were married in 1959.

1-_______ Chanco
sp: ____________
    2-Mario Chanco Sr.
    sp: Leonor _________
        3-Mawie Chanco Jr. VW restorer
    2-Gervacio Chanco Sr.		Picture 
      b: abt 1900 Sibalon, Antique, Philippines 
      d: 1974 Davao Del Norte, Philippines
    sp: Felisa Parenas
      m: 1933
      b: 1900 Iloilo, Philippines
	(Iloilo ia a Philipine Island - pronounced EloElo)
      d: 1990 Davao Del Norte, Philippines
	3-Roberto P. Chanco
	sp: Monching? Poras
	3-Gervacio P. Chanco, Jr
	sp: Rose _______	
	3-Rodolfo P. "Nonoy?" Chanco
          b: abt 193?
	sp: Marina Marceda
	  m: abt 194_
            4-Mario Chanco
              b:  abt 1950
	    sp: _________
        3-Arsenio Parenas Chanco
          b: 9 Mar 1933 Davao Del Norte, Philippines
   	  d: 22 July 2003 Manila, Philippines
        sp: Felicitas Gutierrez
		All Spanish origin names that end with -ez are the equivalent to the English -son, 
		meaning "son of". Therefore, Gutierrez means "son of Gutierro",
          m: 30 Dec 1959 Manila, Philippines
          b: 21 Feb 1940 Manila, Philippines
            4-Aura G. Chanco
              b: 4 Oct 1960 Manila, Philippines
            sp: Rogelio Rubin
              m: 24 Jun 1993 Manila, Philippines
              b: 8 Sep 1959 Manila, Philippines
		5-Royce Chanco Rubin
		  b: 8 Jul 1994 ?????
		5-Raven Chanco Rubin
		  b: 20 Feb 1997
            4-Fidel "Dhel" G. Chanco 
              b: 20 Jan 1962 Manila, Philippines
            sp: Cherly Tiso
              m: 8 May 1988 Zamboanga, Philippines
             b: 26 Mar 1964 Zamboanga, Philippines
                5-Fidel G. Chanco, Jr
                   b: 13 Sep 1992 Philippines
            sp: Marge 
             b: 2 Mar 19xx, Philippines
                5-Arcee Rafael Chanco
            4-Alma Gutierrez Chanco
              b: 25 Dec 1964 Manila,  Philippines	House 
             sp: Kevin Bobbitt
              m: 4 Jul 2002 Book 90, page 18
              b: 20 Nov 1968

            4-Ferdinand G. Chanco
              b: 29 Aug 1967 Manila, Philippines
	3-Manuel Parenas Chanco
	sp: Catalina _______
	3-Ernesto P. Chanco
	sp: Elza ______
	3-Jorge P. Chanco
	sp: Felicitas Enriquez
	    4-Jorge Jr. Chanco  living in Australia
	    sp: _________ 
		5: Jack Chanco 
		  b: abt 2002 
	3-Anita P. Chanco
	sp: Rodolfo Sy_______
	3-Eva P.Chanco
	sp: Jan Sevilla