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The Bobbitt Ancestors from Suffolk, UK

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Shane Easom
Nottingham, England
while in Searcy AR with Frankie Martin
Frankie Martin traveled across the U.S.A. with Shane Easom in Shane's1955 Chevy PU
that he purchased upon arrival in Oregon.
   "True Legend" dies suddenly 24 March 2014 Ian Campbell a.k.a. Frankie Martin

Chird & Dyann Bobbitt of Searcy, Arkansas met and talked to Frankie about his tour
when they spotted Shane's Vintage 1955 Chevy pickup in front of the local Popeye's.

Email from Frankie 24 Jan 2013: Shane and I arrived home from New York a couple days before hurricane Sandy hit.
Sadly the truck was still on the quayside in NJ awaiting shipment.
It had been submerged in the storm and is still there...however the paperwork is now back in order we 
are told after a long protracted and expensive process. We will not know the extent of any water damage until she arrives in the UK.


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UK tour raked in more than 142,000 
Kimberley swing singer Frankie Martin 


Help for Heroes Award
366 British pub tour





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