NEW OWNER: Don Olivo, Searcy

1965 Chevy C10 Stepside
350 with 700R4 transmission
Floor shifter, Power steering, manual brakes, parking brake works, New radiator, Electric fan, New shocks

Gas gauge is not hooked up, Heater works, does not heat well, has seat belts
Brakes, tie rods & kingpins new, wipers & all lights work, New windshield rubber
Window rollers need some work, roll up & down with help
Speedometer has quit working since I put truck up for sale
Horn does not work
Have a rear bumper for it

Licensed & daily driver, would drive anywhere

As Purchased        SEE  My new truck

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Chirds-65C10ChevyPU-FORSALEDent-AR.jpg (42925 bytes) Chirds-65C10ChevyPU-FORSALERust-AR.jpg (67447 bytes)  Chirds-65C10ChevyPU-FORSALEHeater-AR.jpg (120004 bytes) Chirds-65C10ChevyPU-FORSALEBumperRear-AR.jpg (236492 bytes)



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