OSI Product Pamplet
OSI C1P Workbook 101

OSI Basic in ROM
Ohio Scientific Superboard II

The Trailing Edge  

Obsolete Computer Museum
Computer Closet

The OSI used the 6502 processor like the Apple

Two of my 300 Baud Tapes: SCX-102 C1P Sampler & C1P TREK 8K

Bally the first computer I considered in 1978 while stationed with rhe U.S. Air Force in Woomera, AU
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Shain Bobbitt left, Kevin Bobbitt right & his friend Renee' center

I purchased my first PC from Elkhart Computer Co. 5 Apr 1979 while stationed at
 Whiteman AFB, MO OSI C1P, 8K Ram, Sears tape recorder/player & 13' Monitor $533 - Chird Bobbitt, Searcy, AR


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