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Henry Cook, b: 1753 VA & AR   Henry Cook b: 1753 VA   Henry Cook b: 1871, VA & NC, GA, Mo & OK
Any new facts on Henry b: 1752, please forward to me. Thanks, Brenda Hillers -
George W. Cook, VA & AR    William Green Cook b: 1854 Bedford Co., TN    Absolom Cook b: 1817 NC
Hanover Cook b: 1832 AR or TN    Hiram Cook b: 1833 AR   Hiram Cook  
J.T, J. C., James Edward Sr, M.J. Cook 1920 Greene Co., AR
Bill Cook Cook's Hangout    Cook Outlaw Gang

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I need a will that I SUSPECT exists from John Cook, wife is Catherine, who probably died in Greene Co, 1840-1850.
I believe he left a bequest to my grgrgrandmother Nancy Cook McGuffin.
These people migrated about 1840's from Pulaski Co, VA to Greene Co, TN; joining several neighbors who did the same.

Jim McMurry -- 6318 Democracy Blvd., Bethesda, MD 20817-1631
Submitted on Fri Mar 20 19:46:26 EST 1998 George Cook Henry Cook

George W. Cook, a prominent and well-to-do farmer of Big Creek Township, is the son of James and Elizabeth Cook, natives of Tennessee. The father was for many years a farmer of that State, which occupation he followed until his death, in 1857. The mother was a member of the Methodist [p.326] Church, and both she and her husband were worthy of the respect shown them. Eight children were born to this union, only three of whom are now living. George W. is accounted by all one of the prominent farmers of Craighead County, having a large, well-cultivated farm, splendidly stocked with horses, cattle and fine hogs. His marriage to Miss Sarah J. Kitchens was consummated in 1865, and to their union have been born twelve children, seven of whom are living. One daughter is married to James Coward, and the youngest is two years old. Mr. Cook is a man of sterling worth in the community. He belongs to both the Masonic order and the Eastern Star, is a member of the Missionary Baptist Church, and gives freely of his means for the promotion of progressive movements.

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Another dominant family of Craighead County were the Cooks who located in the Big Creek Settlement.
The family came from Carroll County, Tennessee with the Bobbitts, Cardwells, and Burrows.
Christopher and George Cook families settled in eastern Big Creek.- 

Christopher and George Cook's brothers, Isaac and John T. Cook settled close to the Cache River 
near the Egypt area.
Isaac married Caroline, daughter of Thomas and Ada/Edith Patton of Alabama who settled at Strawfloor in 1832. 
Thomas Patton died before 1840 near Strawfloor. John T. married Mary ? Patton.  ?
Both Isaac and John T. Cook lived near the Pattons before Isaac and John T.'s families moved to Mississippi. 
Isaac's family returned to Arkansas in the 1840's & moved to Big Creek. 
John T.'s family returned about 1854 and moved close to the Cache River near Egypt.

Accompanying the Cooks to Arkansas were the Bobbitt clan led by a widow, Lodicia "Disa" Bobbitt of Alabama.
Her children were as follows: 
Moses L. "Len" Bobbitt married Rachel, 
Samuel P. Bobbitt married Nancy Cardwell, 
Lively Bobbitt married a Moore, 
Lodicia Bobbitt married William F. Sims, 
Emmaline Bobbitt married Devaney Burrow, 
Martha Ann Bobbitt married William "Bill" Thomas Cook
Edward Bobbitt

What a coincidence. My Great Grandfather Christopher Columbus Cook b: 2 March 1852 in Greene Co. AR. m: Margaret Lamb. Juanita Cook Stacy

1-William Cook 
  b: abt 1780 VA?
sp: Mary Earthman
	-Josiah Cook
	  b: 1812 TN
	sp: Nancy ______
	  b: 1825 TN
	    -Issac Cook
	      b: 1844 TN
	-Christopher Cook
        sp: _______
	-John T. Cook
	  b: 1820 TN	Moved to AR, MS, and back to AR abt 1854
	  d: 1888 TN
		John Thomas Tue Apr 22- 15:18:03 1997   Carroll County Queries
		My great great grandfather, John T. Cook. 
		He left Carroll co., TN sometime in the 1830's with his brother Isacc Cook for Craighead Co., AR. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
	sp: Mary "Molly" Patton	d/o Thomas & Ada/Edith Patton of AL
	  b: 1822 AL
	    -Mary Cook		
	      b: 1846 AR
    	    sp:  Joseph G. Simmons, son of Thomas and Barbary Simmons
	      b: 1849 AR
		-Frances J. Simmons 	
		  b: 1867 Craighead Co., AR
	   	-Mary Barbara Simmons	
		  b: 1869 Craighead Co., AR
		sp: John Adam Matthews
		  b: 1877) Craighead Co., AR
		    Cona Lee Matthews 
		    sp John Thomas Boyd	
		      b:  Cash, Craighead Co., AR
			Fred William Boyd 
			sp Zelpha Lee Hudson	
			  b:  Cash, Craighead Co., AR
			    Fredia Gail Boyd 
			    sp Carl Evan Baxter 
	    -Eda Jane Cook
    	    sp: John W. Wortham, son of Wadey (Simmons) Voss Wortham Howell; 
    	    -Louisa F. Cook
	      b: 1855 MS
    	    sp: Hite Hamilton
	      b:  1852 TN
		-Mary J. Hamilton		
		  b: 1873 Craighead Co. AR
		-Francis E. Hamilton		
		  b: 1875 Craighead Co. AR
		-Florence E. Hamilton	
		  b: 1877) Craighead Co. AR
		-Alice Hamilton			
		  b: 1879 Craighead Co. AR
    	    -William T. Cook
	    sp: Martha Ann Bobbitt married William "Bill" Cook?
    	    -Benjamin Cook
	      b: 1842 AR
	    sp: Sarah E. ________
	      b: 1840 AR
		-William T. Cook
		  b: 1868 AR
   	    -Samuel Jackson Cook	
	      b: 1858 AR
    	    sp: Martha A. Parker	
	      b: 1865 AR
    	    sp: Laura Armour, daughter of Mary (?) Armour Crisler
    	    sp: Ann C. "Nancy" Rollins	
	      d: 1900 
		-May I. Cook	
		  b: 1888  Craighead Co. AR
		-Mary A. Cook	
		  b: 1891 Craighead Co. AR
		-Nancy J. Cook
		  b: 1894 Craighead Co. AR
		-James S. Cook
		  b: 1896 Craighead Co. AR
   	    sp: Eveline Rollins
	      b: 1872 IL
    	    George W. Cook	1870 Census Greene Co., Salem TWP, AR
	      b:  1864 AR
	    sp-Jensey Lucipia E. Parker	
	      b: 1866	
	      d: 1914 AR
		-George W. Cook 
		  b: 1887 AR
		-Marion Vella Cook
		  b: 1891 AR
		sp:  J. M. Crow 
		  b: 1886
		-John Frank Cook 
		  b: 1896 
		  d: 1948 AR
		 sp: Ivy Flora Tyler
		  b: 1896
		  d: 1967 AR
		    -Daisy Cook 
		      b: 1916
		  d: 1998
		-Robert Cook
		  b: 1899 AR 
		-Viola May Cook
		  b: 1900
		  d:  1971 AR
		sp: Earnest Ulyess Fort
		  b: 1904
		  d: 1978 AR
		-Jake Elzie Cook
		  b: 1903
		  d: 1975
		-Thomas J. Cook
		  b: 1890
		  d: 1945
	-Isaac Cook 
	  b: TN			Moved to AR, MS, and back to AR in the 1840's
	sp: Rhoda Caroline Patton
	  b:  1826 AL			1860 Census Big Creek, Greene Co 
	    -Andrew J. Cook
	      b: 1841 AR		1880 Census Big Creek, Greene Co
	      d: 	drowned 
	  sp: Nancy W. Coward
	      b: 1846 Craighead Co., AR
		4-- Elisha L. Cook 
		  b: 1870 Craighead Co., AR
		sp-Deborah Saphrona Buster
		  b: 1877 AR
		    5-_______ Cook 
		      b: 1900) 
		4-- Dora S. Cook 
		  b: 1872 Craighead Co., AR
		4-- Flora E. Cook 
		  b: 1874 Craighead Co., AR
		4-- Effa J. or L. Cook 
		  b: 1877 Craighead Co., AR
		4-- Inf Cook 1880 Craighead Co., AR
		4-- Claud Cook 
		  b: 1882 Craighead Co., AR
		4-- Delphy Cook 
		  b: 1887 Craighead Co., AR
		4-- Olie Cook 
		  b: 1889 Craighead Co., AR
		4-- Fred Cook
		  b: 1892 Craighead Co., AR
	    - Levi Cook 
	      b: abt 1844 AR
    	    sp: Brunetta Hendrix or Benetta F. Hendrix
  	      b: 1850- ) TN
		4-- Elizabeth Annie Cook -47 (1868- ) Craighead Co., AR
		sp-Aaron Bethel Gambill
  		  b: 1862-1906) AR
		    5-- Robert Gambill (1895- ) Craighead Co., AR
		    5-- Carry Gambill (1900-1922) 
		    sp George Igar "Todd" Carney (1897-1921)Brother To Cora Belle Carney
		    5-- Severa Lee Gambill
		    sp Charles Hill 
		    5-- Nellie Gambill (1902-1994) 
		    sp John Looney 
		4-- John D. E. Cook -52 (1870- ) Craighead Co., AR
		4-- Isorah Cook ( 1872- ) Craighead Co., AR
	    sp-Fronia A. ______	2nd spouse of Levi Cook
	      b: -43 (1845- ) TN
		4-- Servoner Cook-44 (1879- ) Craighead Co., AR

    	    -Isaac Cook		living in the household of James L. Cureton in 1870, 
	      b: 1846 AR
    	    sp: Sarah A. Waters
	      b: 1851 TN
     	    -James Cook
	      b: 1848 AR
    	    -Elizabeth Cook
	      b: 1851 AR
    	    -William Thomas Cook
	      b: 1855 AR 
	    sp: Susan F. _____	
    	    -Mary J. Cook
	      b: 1859 AR
	    sp: Homer Bradley
	    sp: Issac Bradley

	-George Cook		1870 Census Greene Co., Salem TWP, AR
        sp: ________
	-Nellie Cook
	-Elizabeth Cook



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