Denny Family
Stoddard Co., MO & Benton Co., WA
original research by Chird Bobbitt on his immediate family only
1997-2xxx All Rights Reserved by Chird Bobbitt. This information may be used by direct descendants, libraries,
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 Genealogy    The First Bobbitt's in Missouri


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Stoddard Co., MO Reunions     Google Search    Aslin Missouri GenForum    Thomas Aslin Gibson Co., TN 1835

William Denny b: Ireland   Willian Denny b: 1679, Ireland    David Denny, Sr b: Ireland    David Denny b: 1720 Ireland
George Denny b: 1800 KY?    Samuel Jackson Denny, 1900 Census St. Louis, MO
Steven Denny b: 11 Aug 1870  Dripping Springs, Crawford Co., AR
Political Graveyard
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1-_______ Denny
sp: _________
    2-James William Denny
      b: 	Ireland ? Scotland ?
	immigrated to Kentucky at a very early date, and was there during the War of 1812
    sp: _________
	b: 	Ireland ? Scotland ?
	3-John Milton Denny		Scottish descent
	  b: abt 1797 KY
	immigrated from Pike Co., Mo., in 1838, to Stoddard Co.
	settled on government land 1 mile north of Bloomfield in 1841
	  d: 21 Sep 1851 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
	sp: Rosa Walker 	Scottish descent
	  b: VA
	  d: 7 Aug 1861 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO
	    4-______ Denny
	    4-______ Denny
	    4-James William Denny	- Biography on James	one of the pioneer settlers of Stoddard County, Mo.
	      b: 24 Feb-Apr 1824 Pike Co., MO			
	      d: 19 Feb 1901 MO	N Antioch Cem	Findagrave 
	    sp: Mary A. Reed		P.P. Reed Biography?	Prior P. Reed Family 
	      m: 1845
	      b: TN
	      d: 1 Sep 1887 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co.	Findagrave 
		5-Sarah Denny
		  b: abt 1846
		5-John Milton Denny	- Biography on John
		  b: 6 Feb 1847 Stoddard Co., MO
		  d: 26 Nov 1904 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co.  	bur North Antioch Cem.	Findagrave 
		sp: Sarah C. Ferrell	d/o Levi & Sarah Ferrell
		  m: 1869 Cape Girardeau, MO
		  d: 19 Apr 1876 Stoddard Co.	Findagrave 
		    6-______ Denny
		      b: abt 1870
		    6-______ Denny
		    6-Lelier I. Denny 			Aldhizer Famalies 
		      b: 1872 MO
		      d: 7 Aug 1935 	bur N. antioch Cem.		Findagrave 
		    sp: Schuyler Colfax Scism 		Descendants of William Scism Hawkins Co., TN 
		      m: 15 Nov 1890 Stoddard Co., MO 
		      b: 1 Jun 1868 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO 	s/o John Scism & Lucretia McPheeters 
		      d: 16 Jan 1946 Popular Bluff, Butler Co., MO 	bur N. Antioch Cem.		Findagrave 
			7-Luther b: 1892
			7-Ferrell b: 1900
			7-Vera b: 1901
			7-Verdie b: 1903
			7-Gladys b: 1906
		sp: Nancy "Nan" Matilda Reed		2nd spouse of John M. Denny
		  m:	 1877 
		  d: 7-9 Sep 1887	 bur N Antioch  Cem 	Findagrave 
		    6-______ Denny 
		    6-Robert Jackson Denny 
		      b: 1880
		      d: 1964	bur North Antioch Cem. 2mi north of Bloomfield	Findagrave 
		    sp: Ida Caroline Bobbitt	d/o George Washington Bobbitt 
 		      m:25 Feb 1906     Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO Bk 9, Pg 138
  		      b: 3 Jul 1880    Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO		1920 Census Liberty Twp, Stoddard Co., MO
  		      d: 1935     Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO  
			bur North Antioch Cem
			Robert A. Denney & Clementine C. Bobbitt 1837 Rutherford Co., TN
    			7-Wayne Denny
      			  b: abt 1906 Essex, Stoddard Co., MO
      			  d: abt 1910 Bloomfield, MO bur N Antioch Cem	Findagrave 
    			7-James "Jim" Donald Denny 	Picture	Family Album kept by James
				now in Kennewick, Benton Co., WA provided some of this data
      			  b: 27 Mar 1911 Idalia, Stoddard Co., MO
			  d: 29 May 1998 Kennewick, Benton Co., WA	OBIT bur Sunset Mem Gardens, Richland	Findagrave  
    			sp:Bernice Evelyn Wallin
      			  m: 17 Sep 1943 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
			  b: 17 Mar 1919 Minneapolis Hennepin Co., MN
			  d: 7 Apr 2011 Kennewick, Benton Co., WA	bur Sunset Mem Gardens, Richland	Findagrave
			    8-Denise Ann Denny 		Picture
			      b: 6 Apr 1950 Pasco, Franklin Co. WA 
			      d: 15 Mar 2012 King Co., WA 	bur Sunset Mem Gardens, Richland 	Findagrave 
			    sp: John L. Matchay 
			      m: 27 April 1974	DIV
			    sp: Dean L. Schults 
			      m: 7 Aug 1993 
			    8-Robert E. "Bob" Denny 	Picture
			      b: 4 Jun 1953 Kennewick, Benton Co., WA
			      d: 19 Jul 2013  Kennewick, Benton Co., WA
					Plot: spot is reserverd for him -- his partner has not released ashes for placement
			7-George Levi Denny 
			  b: 15 Oct 1914 MO
			  d: 6 Apr 2008 Richland Benton Co., WA bur Sunset Mem Gardens, Richland 	Findagrave 
			sp: _________ 
			    8-Linda Carol Denny 
			      b: 8 Nov 1948 Richland Benton Co., WA 
			      d: 13 Apr 2012 Glenwood, Klickitat Co., WA bur Mt Adams Cem.	Findagrave 
			    sp: _______ Guinn 
    			7-John Edison Denny 
      			  b: 11 Feb 1917 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co., MO 
      			  d: 10 Apr 1990 Kendallville, IN
    			sp:Maxine ______
      			  m: 14 Apr 1946 Washington,, IN
			7-Patrick Denny		
    			7-Michael Denny
		    sp: Cora Imboden a widow
		      m: after 1935 
		    6-Alfred Milton Denny
		      b: 10 Mar 1890 
		      d: 18 Jun 1966   bur Bloomfield Cem 	Findagrave 
		    sp: Vera W. Whiteledge 
		      b: 6 Nov 1894 
		      d: 7 Jul 1962	bur Bloomfiels Cem		Findagrave 
			7-Emma Lea Denny 
			  b: 23 Oct 1915
			  d: 5 Nov 1918		Findagrave 
			7-Dan Denny	
			  b: 26 Dec 1917 MO
			  d: 18 Jul 2003 MO		Findagrave 
			7-Irene Denny 
			  b: 30 Oct 1920 Idalia
			  d: 10 May 2010 MO		Findagrave 
		5-William Denny
		5-Elizabeth Denny
		5-Samuel A. Denny
		sp: Margaret Ellen ______ ???? 
		  b: abt 1859
		    6-female Denny
		      b: 22 Jun 1885
		5-Nancy R. Denny
		sp: W. D. Scism
		    5-_____ Scism

	    4-Rhonda Denny
	    sp: M. Walker
		5-______ Walker


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