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Nicholas Ewstas 
Robert Descended from Nicholas Ewstas 
Robert Estes 
  b: 1555 Ringwould, Kent Co,, England 
  d: 1616 in Ringwould, Kent Co., England
sp: Anne Woodward 
1-Matthew Estes 
  b: 11 Jun 1592 Sholden, Kent Co., England
sp: Margaret Johnson 
1-Sylvester Estes 		Nicholas Ewstas
  b: 26 Sep 1596 Ringwould, Kent, England 
  d: bef 1667 England 
sp: Ellen Martin  
  m: bef 1625 1600 in Great Hadres, Kent, England
  b: 26 Mar 1597 
  d: abt 1649 in Ringwold, Kent, England
    2-Alice Estes 
      b: bef 1626  
    2-Robert Estes 		Rootsweb 
      b: 10 Sep 1626 
    2-Silvester Estes 		Rootsweb 
    2-Susan Estes 
    2-Thomas Estes 
    2-Richard Estes 
    2-Mary Estes -
    2-Anne Estes 
    2-Nicholas Estes 
    2-Elizabeth Estes 
    2-Ellen Estes 
    2-John Estes 
    2-Abraham Estes 		Rootsweb 
	[the immigrant who came on the ship Martha arriving in Jan 1674 in City Point, Charles City, 
	VA with Keith Bobbitt's and Marsha Berry's immigrant ancestor William Bobbet] 
      b: 1647 Noningham, Kent, England 	
		1704 Abraham Estes owned 200 acres of land in King and Queen County, VA
      d: 21 Nov 1720 King and Queen Co., VA 
    sp: Ann Burton Ann THOROGOOD b: 1651 in Worth, Kent Co, Eng
      m: 27 Dec 1672 
      d: 1674 
   sp: Barbara Brock 
      m: 1582 St. Stevens Parish King and Queen Co., VA
      b: abt 1670 in Saint Stephen, King and Queen Co., VA
      d: 25 Nov 1720 King and Queen Co., VA
	3-Sylvester Estes  				Nicholas Ewstas 
	  b: 1686 Saint Stephen, King and Queen County, VA
	  d: 8 Feb 1759 
	3-Thomas Estes, Sr 	 			Rootsweb 
	  b: 1688 Saint Stephen, King and Queen County, VA
	  d: 1744 		Findagrave 
	sp: Ann Rogers 
	  m: abt 1720 VA
	  b: 1690 VA		
	  d: 1745 in -Caroline Co., VA 
	    4-Barbara Estes  
              b: 1721 Caroline Co.
	    sp: Abraham Rogers 
	    4-John Estes, Sr  
              b: 27 Dec 1725 Culpepper, Caroline Co., VA 
              d: 18 Apr 1778 Caroline Co., VA 		Findagrave 
	    sp: Catherine Hensley 
	    m: 				2nd spouse Thomas Estes 
	    b: 1725 Spotsylvania, VA 
		5-James Estes 
            sp: Elizabeth Coleman Pollard 
	      m: abt 1776 
 	      b: 1735 
	      d: 22 Apr 1778 DAB
		5-Coleman Estes 
		  b: 22 Apr 1778  Culpeper Co. VA
		  d: 21 Feb 1844 bur Oak Grove Cem Lincoln Co. MO		Findagrave 
		sp: Mary Pendleton Gaines 
		  m:  25 Jan 1803 Albermarle County, VA
		  b: 15 May 1779  Albemarle Co, VA
            sp: Mary Marshall 
	      m: 11 Sep 1746 Caroline VA 
              b: 30 Mar 1736 Culpeper Co.,, VA 
              d: 12 Jun 1772 Caroline Co., VA
		5-John Estes  		
        	  b: 22 July 1753 Caroline Co., VA 
		  d:  KY 
		5-William Marshall Estes  		Ancestors of Christina Marie Wise Brown
        	  b: 6 Aug 1755 Culpepper, Caroline Co., VA 
		  d: 28 Aug 1810 Barren Co., KY 		Findagrave 
        	sp: Martha L. Yates 	
		  m: 1780 VA
		  b: 1759 Caroline Co., VA	
	 	  d: 1820 KY
		    6-Fanny Estes
		      b: 1804	VA
		    6-Jonathan "John" Coleman Estes 		Ancestry Ancestry 
		      b: 1790 Culpeper, Caroline C0., VA	 
		      d: 1853 Jackson, Madison Co., TN	1850 Census also lived in Brownsville, Haywood Co., TN
		 	bur no. 18, Joseph Fenner McCallum Farm, Jackson, Madison, TN 
		    sp: Susanah Butler 
		      m: 07 Apr 1807 Chesterfield Co., VA
		      b: 1790 VA
		      d: 1879 Metcalfe, KY  
			7-John Coleman Estes Jr 
			  b: Abt 1810
			7-Martha Yates Estes 
			  b: 16 Mar 1811 
			7-George Augusta Estes b: 
			  b: 05 Jul 1813  TN
 			7-Drusilla Estes 
			  b: 1814 TN?
			7-James D Estes 
			  b: 1816 TN  
			7-William Peter Estes 
			  b: Abt 1821 TN
			7-Nancy D. Estes 
			  b: 01 Sep 1827-8 TN 
			sp: Ezekiel Bragg 
		    sp: Penelope Evans 	d/o John Evans Holly Springs, MS
		      m: abt 1844 Holly Springs, Marshall Co., MS   Ancestry
		      b: 23 Apr 1810 TN 	After Johns Estes death Penelopie married J.W. Tomlin 
		      d: 8 May 1894 Mercer Co., TN 		Findagrave 
			7-Sophronia Estes 
			  b: 1829 TN 
			7-Roxana Estes 
			  b: 1831 TN
			7-Louisa Estes 
			  b: 1835 TN
			7-Rachael A. Estes 
			  b: 1833-6 TN
			7-Robert Fenner Estes	1860 Census Madison Co., TN   1880 Census Tate Co., MS   
						1910 Census Madison Co., TN   1920 Census Haywood Co., TN
			  b: 4 Sep 1841 Jackson, Madison Co. District 13, TN 		FamilyTreemaker 
			  d: 17 Mar 1927 Brownsville, Haywood Co., TN 	Findagrave 
			sp: Martha "Mattie" Emolyn "Emma" Sharp 
			  m: Mar 1866 Marshall Co. Southern Division, MS 
			  b: 1844 Wall Hill, Marshall Co., MS 
			  d: Mar 1910 		Findagrave 
			    8-Samuel Joseph "Jodie" Estes    s/o  Robert Fenner and Mattie Emma (Sharp) Estes
				Dr.  1900, 1910 Census Larado, Greene Co., AR
				"When Doc Estes came here, he didn't bring nothin' but a saddle horse 
				and a bird dog." said Burton. Dr. Estes opened a doctor's office in his 
				home about 1908. from Remembering Larado 
				1920, 1930 Census Pulaski Co., AR Biography Centennial History of Arkansas 
			      b: 27 Aug 1874 Holly Springs, Marshall Co., MS 	moved to Oregon in 1948 
			      d: 27 Mar 1957 bur Mt View Cem. Oregon City, Clackamas Co., OR		Findagrave 
			    sp: Sallie Ann Bobbitt d/o Edward Bobbitt & Caroline Cardwell (Caldwell?)
			      m: 8 May 1900 Craighead Co., AR License   m: 8 May 1900 MS?
			      b: 10 Jun 1883 Larado, AR 
					High School graduate 1910 Census Salem, Greene Co., AR 
			      d: 22 Jan 1959 bur Mt View Cem. Oregon City, Clackamas Co., OR		Findagrave
				9-Donald Bobbitt Estes 
				  b: 4 Apr 1904 Larado, AR
				  d: 6 Feb 1981 	bur Island City Union Co., OR			Findagrave 
				sp: Frances Kistner
				  m: 10 Jul 1924 AR
				  b: 5 Mar 1904 
				  d: 1 Aug 2000								Findagrave 
				    10-Joe Donald "Don" Estes 
				      b: 27 May 1925 Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR 
				      d: 12 Nov 2010 Elgin, Union Co., OR   bur Island City Union Co., OR	Findagrave 
				    sp: Florence Elizabeth "Betty" Emery 
				      m: Mar 1945 Washington DC 
				      b: 2 Sep 1924 
				      d: 19 Dec 1999 							Findagrave 
					11-Don Estes of Elgin, Union Co., OR
					    12-Kevin Estes of Jacksonville, FL
					    12-Brandon Estes of Modesto, CA
				9-Edward Everette Estes, DR 
				  b: 22 Nov 1905 Larado, AR 
				  d: 22 Jun 1981   bur Roselawn Mem Park Pulaski Co., AR		Findagrave 
				sp: Opal Mason 		d/o Monroe and Sallie Mason of Little Rock
	`			  m: 1890 Greene Co., AR
				  b: 20 Nov 1909 Little Rock, AR?
				  d: 14 Jul 2005   bur Roselawn Mem Park Pulaski Co., AR		Findagrave 
				    10-Baby Estes 
	    			    10-Edward Everett Estes, Jr, DR 
				      b: abt 1930 Fordyce, Dallas Co., AR
				      d: 20 Dec 2009		Findagrave 
				    sp: Sidney Wyvonne Myers 
				      m: 2 Oct 1982 Hall Co., GA Bk 21 p 332
					11-Sam Estes 
					sp: Laura ________ 
					11-Laura Lee Estes 
				    10:Jimmy L. Estes, DR of Little Rock, AR
				    10:Frank M. Estes, DR of Austin, TX
				9-Alma Estelle 'Stella' Joe Estes 
				  b: 16 Aug 1908 AR
	`			  d: 15 Mar 2003	 bur Mountain View Cem	Findagrave 
				sp: Eugene Ernest Grade 
				  m: 28 Dec 1930 AR
				  b: 1907 AR?
				  d: 30 Aug 1968 Oregon City, OR bur Mountain View Cem	Findagrave 
				    10-Eugene Ernest Grade 
				      b: 11 Apr 1935 Little Rock, AR 
				      d: Bremerton, WA	
				    sp: ______ Ladd 
				    10-George Estes Grade
				      b: 20 Mar 1941 Little Rock, AR
				      d: Bremerton, Kitsap Co., WA
				    sp: _____ Peoples 
				9-Samuel James Estes, Dr 
				  b: 3 Sept 1915 AR
				sp: Ruth Benton 
				  m: 10 June Little Rock, AR
				    10-______ Estes 
			    8-John Fenner? Estes 
			      b: 1870
			    8-Alma Estelle Estes 
			      b: 1872
			    8-Samuel James Estes 
			      b: 1874
			    8-Frank Haskell Estes 
			      b: 1876  
			    sp: Eva Russell 
			7-Susan Armine Estes 
			  b: 14 Jan 1845 TN 
			  d: 15 Jul 1921 Mercer, TN		Findagrave 
			7-Virginia Estes 
			  b: 1847 
			7-Eulalia Estes 
			  b: 23 Jan 1849 
			  d: 13 Jan 1932			Findagrave 
			sp: William Parmer Pope 
			  b: 24 Jan 1852 TN
			  d: 22 Mar 1930 TN			Findagrave 
		    6-Luci Estes
		    6-Marshall Estes
		    6-Millie Estes
		    6-Patsy Estes
		    6-William Marshall Estes
		    6-Mary Ann Estes
		      b: 1778 VA
		    sp: Gabriel Bragg 
		      m: 12 Oct 1799 Culpepper Co., VA
			7-Nancy Bragg 
			  b: 20 Jun 1803 Green Co., KY
			  d: 27 Feb 1850 Green Co., KY
			sp: John Earl Curry
			  m: 22 Mar 1821 Glasgow, Barren Co., KY
			7-Elizabeth Bragg 
			  b: bef 1808
			7-John Yates Bragg 
			  b: 23 Mar 1808 
			7-Catherine Bragg 
			  b: bef 1812 
			7-Martha Ann Bragg 
			7-Marshall E. Bragg 
			  b: 1812 
			7-Russell M. Bragg 
			  b: 1822 
		    6-Nancy Estes
		      b: 1788 VA
		    6-George Yates Estes
		      b: 1788 Culpeper Co., VA 
		      d: 13 Jun 1851 Olloe, Keokuk Co., IA			Findagrave 
		    sp: Fanny Stockton 
		      m: 1809 Barren County, KY 
		      b: abt 1790 
			7-George Washington Estes 
			  b: 1811 
			  d: 1895 						Findagrave
			sp: Carilla Crane 
			  b: 1815 
		    6-Polly Estes
		      b: abt 1799 VA
		5-Thomas Estes  		Nicholas Ewstas 
        	  b: 1757 Caroline Co., VA 
		  d:  KY 
		5-Mary Estes  		
        	  b: 23 Apr 1762 Caroline Co., VA 
		5-William Marshall Estes  		
        	  b: 7 Dec 1765 Caroline Co., VA 
		  d: 1810 Bourbon Co., KY 
		sp: Francis Lewis in Spotsylnania Co., KY
		5-Littleton Estes  		
        	  b: abt 1767  Caroline Co., VA 
		  d: abt 1836 
		5-Peter Estes  		
        	  b: 5 Sep 1771 Caroline Co., VA 
		  d: 7 Apr 1834  
		5-Lyttleton Estes  		
        	  b: VA
		sp: Ann Fortson  
		5-John Estes, Jr.
        	  b:  VA 
	    4-Mary Estes  
              b: 1726 Caroline Co.
	    4-Sarah Estes  
              b: 1730 Caroline Co.
	sp: Hannah Allen 	2nd spouse of Thomas Estes b: 1688 
	  m: aft 1745 
	  b: 1687 
	  d: 1747 Caroline, VA

	3-Samuel Estes  				Nicholas Ewstas 
	  b: 1686 Saint Stephen, King and Queen Co., VA
	sp: Rebecca ______   
	3-Sarah Estes  	
	  b: 1688 Saint Stephen, King and Queen Co., VA
	  d: 1705 
	3-Abraham Estes, Jr   	
	  b: 1697 Saint Stephen, King and Queen Co., VA
	  d: 8 Feb 1759 
	3- Estes  	
	  b: 1700 Saint Stephen, King and Queen Co., VA
	  d: Feb 1743/44
	3-John Estes, Sr  	
	  b: 1701 Saint Stephen, King and Queen Co., VA
	3-Mary Estes  	
	  b: 1702 Saint Stephen, King and Queen Co., VA
	sp: Thomas Watkins  
	3-Susannah Estes  	
	  b: 1703 Saint Stephen, King and Queen Co., VA
	sp: Thomas Poore  
	3-Robert Estes  	
	  b: 1705 Saint Stephen, King and Queen Co., VA
	  d: 1775 Lunnenburg Co., VA
	3-Moses Estes  		Rootsweb 
	  b: 1710 Saint Stephen, King and Queen Co., VA
	  d: 1788 Halifax Co., VA
	sp: Elizabeth Jones 
	  m: 1732 
	  b: abt 1711 VA
	    4-John Estes 		Rootsweb 
	      b: 1732 VA
	      d: abt Oct 1825 
	    sp: Elizabeth Chisum 
	      b: 1736 Caroline Co., VA
		5-Moses Estes 
		5-Bluford Estes 
`		  b: 
	sp: Elizabeth Webb 
	  m: 1734	Halifax, VA
	    4-Moses Estes 
	      b: 1742 Lunenberg Co., VA
	      d: 21 Aug 1799 
	    sp: Louremia Sussanah Coombs 
	      m: abt 1781
		5-Moses C. Estes
		  b: abt 1782 Halifax Co., VA
		5-Bethlehem Estes 
		  b: abt 1784 Halifax Co., VA
		5-Winston Estes 
		  b: abt 1786 Halifax Co., VA
		5-Clarissa Estes 
		  b: abt 1788 Halifax Co., VA
		5-Patience Estes 
		  b: abt 1790 Halifax Co., VA
		5-Josiah Estes 
		  b: abt 1794 Halifax Co., VA
		5-Patsey Estes 
		  b: abt 1796 Halifax Co., VA
		5-Bartlett Estes 
		  b: abt 1801 Halifax Co., VA
		5-Lahan Estes 
		  b: abt 1803 Halifax Co., VA
		5-Judith Estes 
		  b: abt Jan 1806 Halifax Co., VA
	    sp: Elizabeth ______ 
	      m: 1762 Halifax Co., VA
	      b: abt 1743 VA 
		5-George Estes 
		  b: abt 1762 Halifax Co., VA
		5-Gallant Estes 		Rootsweb 
		  b: abt 1764 Halifax Co., VA
		sp: _________ 
		    6-Edward Estes 
		sp: Margaret "Peggy" Barnhill 
		    6-John Minton Moses Estes 
		      b: 28 Apr 1804 Greenville Co., SC
		5-Labon Estes 
		  b: abt 1766 Halifax Co., VA 
		5-Nathaniel Harvey Estes 
		  b: 15 May 1777 Halifax Co., VA
		  d: 14 Nov 1841 Reed Creek, Hart Co., GA
		sp: Nancy Finley 
		  m: 1801 Anderson, Anderson Co., SC
		  b: 26 Oct 1771 Chapel Hill, Orange Co., NC
		    6-Samuel Estes 
		      b: 1802 Anderson, Anderson Co., SC 
		    6-Thomas Estes 
		      b: 04 Mar 1803 Pendleton, Anderson Co., SC
		    sp: Elizabeth Anderson 
		      m: 1822 Anderson Co., SC
		      b: 1804 SC
			7-James Nathaniel Estes  
			  b: 22 Jul 1823 in Anderson Co., SC
			7-Samuel Estes  
			  b: 25 Jul 1825 in Anderson Co., SC
			sp: Sarah Caroline Richardson 
			  m: 1843 Franklin Co., GA
			  b: 11 Jan 1827 Anderson Co., SC
			    8-Elizabeth Jane Estes  
			      b: 03 Jul 1844 Franklin Co., GA
			    8-Nancy Carolibe Estes  
			      b: 13 Jan 1847 Franklin Co., GA
			    8-John Cain Estes  
			      b: 17 Mar 1849 Franklin Co., GA
			    8-Mary Margaret Estes  
			      b: 13 Jan 1851 Franklin Co., GA
			    8-Rachael Minerva Estes  
			      b: 19 Apr 1854 Franklin Co., GA
			    8-Sarah Ann Louisa Estes  
			      b: 19 Jun 1856 Franklin Co., GA 
			    8-James Robert Estes  
			      b: 11 Jan 1859 Fayette Co., AL
			    8-Samuel Alexander Estes  
			      b: 22 Dec 1859 Fayette Co., AL
			    8-George Washington Estes  
			      b: 28 Oct 1862 Fayette Co., AL
			    8-Martha Ellen Estes  
			      b: 04 Sep 1865 Fayette Co., AL
			    8-______ Estes  
			      b: Apr 1870 in Sanford Co., AL
			    8-Francis Newton "Frank" Estes  
			      b: 27 Dec 1870 Sanford Co., AL
			    8-Thomas William Estes  
			      b: 08 Apr 1852 Franklin Co., AL 
			    sp: Mary Elizabeth Holcomb 
			      m: abt 1881 AL
				9-John Henry Estes  
				  b: 24 Nov 1882 AL
				9-Mamie Estes  
				  b: May 1885 AL
				9-Mary E Estes  
				  b: Aug 1887 AL
    			    sp: Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" __________ 
			      m: 24 Dec 1891 Franklin Co., AL
			      b: Jun 1871 AL
				9-Eliza Belle Estes  
				  b: abt 1896 Franklin Co., AL
				9-Lola E 'Lolly' Estes  
				  b: Dec 1899 Franklin Co., AL
				9-Dellar Estes  
				  b: abt 1900 Franklin Co., AL
				9-Rhoda V Estes  
				  b: abt 1903 Franklin Co., AL
				9-John Samuel 'Sam' Estes  
				  b: abt 1905 Franklin Co., AL
				9-Ellen Estes  
				  b: abt 1913 Franklin Co., AL
				9-Lura Ekford Estes  	Ronald Estes 
				  b: 15 Dec 1892 Franklin Co., AL 
				  d: aft 1938				1920 Franklin Co., AL census	Larry E. Estes 1930 Census Beat 4 Tishomingo Co MS census
				sp: Oma A Vines 	d/o Elisha & Meranda J Vines 
				  m: abt 1912 in Franklin Co., AL	    1940 Prentiss Co MS census
				  b: Jul 1897 AL
				    10-L Roy Estes  
				      b: abt 1913 Franklin Co., AL
				    10-John Henry Sherman Estes 
				      b: 21 Jan 1916 Franklin Co., AL
				    10-Ruby I Estes  
				      b: MAY 1918 Franklin Co., AL
				    10-Flossie E Estes  
				      b: abt 1920 Franklin Co., AL
				    10-Calvin Houston Estes Sr 
				      b: 28 Feb 1924 Franklin Co., AL 
					Calvin H. Estes U.S. Navy Known World War II Veterans of Poinsett County
				      d: 25 Dec 1975 McRae, AR   Tombstone	Findagrave 	1930 Beat 4 Tishomingo Co MS census     1940 Prentiss Co MS census
				    sp: Clara Mae Harris  	d/o Robert Earl and Una Mae Harris
					Lepanto Class of 1944 Clara Mae Estes Vines (1-18-08)
				      m: 12 Sep 1942 Lepanto, Poinsett Co., AR 
				      b: 16 Oct 1925 Plainview, White Co., AR
				      d: 18 Jan 2008 McRae, AR		 OBIT 	Gravestone  	2nd spouse Jewell L Vines	 
					3-Richard Calvin "Ricky" Estes Jr   
					  b: abt 1946 
					sp: Kimberly Kay Ross 	d/o Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ross of Harrison, Boone Co., AR
					  m: 6 Jun 1998	Harrison, Boone Co., AR 
					  b: Conway, AR ?
					sp: Paula S ______
					    4-Jodie Michele Estes 
					  sp: Ben Balogh  
					    4-Ginger Estes 
					  sp: Buddy Nemenz 
					3-lisa Kaye Estes 
					  b: abt 1948 
					sp: Gary Taylor 
				*	  m: 
					3-Becky Estes
					  b: abt 1950 
					sp: Wick Wilson 
				    10-Hattie May Estes  
				      b: abt 1926 AL
				    10-Leonard E Estes  
				      b: abt 1929 AL
				    10-Lloyd Estes 
				      b: abt 1934 Prentiss Co., MS
				    10-Barbara Nell Estes 
				      b: abt 1936 Prentiss Co., MS
				    10-Geraldine Estes 
				      b: abt 1939 Prentiss Co., MS 
			7-Nancy Caroline Estes  
			  b: 20 Jan 1828 in Anderson Co., SC
			7-William Estes  
			  b: 31 Mar 1830 in Anderson Co., SC
			7-Mary Estes  
			  b: 20 Jun 1832 in Anderson Co., SC
			7-Margaret Elizabeth Estes  
			  b: 23 May 1834 SC
			7-Thomas J Estes  
			  b: 1837 in Franklin Co., GA
			7-Elizabeth Jane Estes  
			  b: 26 Oct 1839 GA
			7-Francis Marion Estes  
			  b: 07 Jan 1847 Gwinnett Co., GA
		    6-Micajah Estes 
		      b: 04 Nov 1804 Anderson Co., SC
		    6-Nancy Estes 
		      b: 08 Jul 1806 Anderson Co., SC
		    6-Reuben Estes 
		      b: Abt 1807 Anderson Co., SC
		    6-Elizabeth Estes 
		      b: 01 Jul 1808 Anderson Co., SC
		    6-Jane Estes 
		      b: 1809 Anderson County, Sou
		    6-Cain Estes 
		      b: 17 Mar 1811 Anderson Co., SC
		    6-Andrew Jackson Estes 
		      b: 04 Apr 1812 Anderson, Anderson Co., SC
		    6-Cooper Bennett Estes
 		      b: 05 Oct 1813 Anderson, Anderson Co., SC
	    4-William I Estes 
	      b: 1744	King & Queen Co., VA      
	      d: abt 1780 
	3-Barbara Estes  	
	  b: abt 1712 Saint Stephen, King and Queen County, VA
	3-Elisha Estes  	 	Rootsweb 
	  b: 1712 Saint Stephen, King and Queen County, VA
	  d: 1782 Henry Co., VA
	sp: Mary Ann Mumford 
	  m: Franklin Co., VA 
	  b: abt 1702 
	    4-Elisha Estes  
	    4-Ambrose Estes  
	    4-Abraham Estes  
	    4-William Estes  
	    4-Richard Estes  
	    4-Joel Estes  
	    4-Sarah Estes  
	    4-Barbary Estes  
	    4-Elizabeth Estes  
	    4-Mary Estes  
	    4-Rachael Estes  
1-Alice Estes  
  b: 26 Mar 1597 Ringwould, Kent Co., England
1-Robert Estes 
  b: 29 May 1603 Ringwould, Kent Co., England
1-Thomas Estes 
  b: 02 Jun 1605 Ringwould, Kent Co., England
1-Susan Estes 
  b: 30 Oct 1608 Ringwould, Kent Co., England
1-John Estes 
  b: 03 Mar 1610 Ringwould, Kent Co., England