Henry Franklin Good

White County, Arkansas

original research by  Chird Bobbitt on his immediate family only
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William M. Good    1920 Census Big Creek TWP     Baswell    Baswell-Lovett
Kensett Cemetery    Alice Katherine Collins Vaughan Good Obit

George Good
Elizabeth Jane Riddle
Married 25 Dec 1851 White Co., Bk A, #79

1-________ Good
sp: Unknown
    2-Henry Franklin Good
      b: 7 Dec 1906
      d: Feb 1981 Searcy, White Co., AR
    sp:Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ann Hunter
      m: 4 Feb 1928 White County Bk 28, p. 276
      b: abt 1904
	3-Jimmy Fay Good 
	  b: 31 Jan 1929 Crawford, Van Buren Co., AR
	  d: 24 May 1997
	sp:Leonia Roonce
	3-George Allen Good
	  b: 17 Mar 1932 Georgetown, White Co., AR
	  d: 20 May 1998 Gladewater, Gregg Co., TX	 bur Gladewater Mem. Park, Upshur Co., TX	Findagrave 
	sp:Edith Earlene Bobbitt
	  m: 27 Nov 1959 White County Bk 48, p. 320
	  b: 16 Nov 1943 Providence, White Co., AR
	    4-Timothy Wayne Good
     	      b: 1 Aug 1959 Searcy, White Co., AR
	    sp:Nanette Rebecca (Becky) Biggs
     	      d: 1995 ,, TX buried Kilgore,, TX
		5-Rebecca Chrystal Marie Good
		  b: 22 Apr 1980 Longview, Gregg Co., TX
     	    sp:Renee' Yvonne Parker
     	      b: 1954 San Antonio, Bear Co., TX
     	    4-George Bradley Good	 Artist
     	      b: 4 Oct 1962 Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR
     	      d: 24 Sep 1983 Dallas, TX	MD Anderson Hosp.	 bur Gladewater Mem. Park, Upshur Co., TX	Findagrave
     	    4-Evelyn Marie Good
     	      b: 1 Aug 1961 Beebe, White Co., AR
     	    sp:James Darrell Morrison
     	      b: 1968 Denton,, TX
		5-James Allen Morrison
		  b: 1999 Longview, Gregg Co., TX
     	    4-Angelia Elizabeth Inez Good
     	      b: 3 Aug 1966 , Searcy, White Co., AR
     	    sp:Micheal Dwain Hill
     	      b: 1957 Claburn, Johnson Co., TX
		5-Richard (Ray) Allen Hill
		  b: 7 Nov 1991 Longview, Gregg Co., TX
		5-Daniel Glen Hill
		  b: 22 Nov 2001 TX
	sp:Bobby Wayne Frazier
	  m:			div 1991 Longview, Gregg Co., TX
	  b: 1938 Longview, Gregg Co., TX	  	
	sp:Jackie Ray Christie
	  b: 1944 Port Arthur, Jefferson Co., TX
	  d: 1996, buried Gladewater Memorial Park, Upshur Co., TX
	sp:Richard Michael Smith
	  b: 29 Jan 1966 Fort Benning, Chatahoochies Co., GA
	3-Carl Oscar Good
	sp:Mary Rice
	3-Eugene Hunter Good
	  b: 14 Mar 1945 Heber Springs, Cleburne Co., AR
	  d: 8 Nov 2001 Midland. TX
	sp:Linda _____
	    4-Angela Good
	    sp: _____ Hinojos
	    4-Tina Good
	    sp: _____ Bilbrey
	3-Margaret Ann Good
	sp:Charlie Clark
	3-Mary Elizabeth Good birdwatchmom10@webtv.net
	sp:James Carter 
From: "Mary Carter"

 Hi,leaves a lot of questions,doesn't it? I'm not familar with any of the
 names, but Uncle Tucker had a son who could have been the husband. I
 believe he was divorced several years ago. Uncle Ander's chidren were
 both girls, and one was named Lavada,so the girl could have been named
 for her. I'm doing just fine, wish I could say the same for my kids. I'm
 leaving tomrrow,with Carl & Mary, to Colorado Springs. Mike is having
 sugery to remove a 'mass' from what I understand, from between his
 sinuses and brainstem.Don't know how long I'll stay because Susie is
 having a knee replacement soon.The other two are doing good.Ronny lives
 here and Steve just moved to Florida. Thanks for sending that. Mary
 ps If you click on the signature at the bottom it goes to my web page.


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