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Harbert Family of Arkansaa
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Harbert History

by Leila Inez Harbert
This was typed exactly as written

Our grandfather David Harbert married Sara in TN and raised their family at Morris Chapel, TN.
They had 4 boys: William, David, Jim & John (twins). Three girls: Lizzie, laney & Josey.
William had 9 children: 4 boys, 5 girls
Jim had 4 girls: Paulie, Ruby Lou, Edith & Evelyn
David had 1 boy: Curmet
Lizzie married Wilson & had 6 boys: Rasco, Charley, Eliza, Arnie, Seamon, & Johnny
and 4 girls: Berty, Stella, Ruby & Ruthy (twins)
Laney married Walter & they had 4 boys: J.D., J.P., Carlas & Hick and 4 girls: Irene, Leva, Jessie & Effie G.
Jessie married Bennet Sloan & they had 4 boys: Corna, Roy, Ray & Olan and 2 girls: Madelene & Jeneva

Grandpa Sluder came from GA & Grandma from Carolina, she was Laura Williams.
After the Revolutionary War they came to Knoxville, AR and raised their family.
They had 6 boys: Lev, Stanley, Buddy, Irvin, Bink & Tom and 6 girls: Tessie, Annie, Eddie, Enmma, Hatty & Laura.
Eddie Married Will Bobber & raised their family in Witchita Falls, TX.|
They had 2 boys: Willie & Raymond and 4 girls: Johny, Irene, Katy & Alice.
Annie married & had 2 boys & 1 girl Alice & Charley Huffaker and Carol Loftus by
first marriage Lawn? Huffaker second Marriage to _________ ?
Emma married Bud Carouthers & had 5 boys: Arch, Elbert, Espy Peet, Bow and 2 girls: Kate & Alice
Hattie married John Zachary & had 4 boys: William, Bunah, John & Ruffas and 1 girl: Ruth (Twin to Ruffas)
Irvin & Nellie had 2 girls: Irene & Nelda
Bink & Hetty had 1 girl: Dimple
Bink & Cena had 1 girl: Cena (first M.)
Laura Loretta Sluder married "Bud" William Ulisas Harbert Aug 4, 1916 & raised their family at Knoxville, AR.
William first married Margaret Phew, they had 2 boys: William Carl & Edker Clyde
William & Laura had 5 girls: Leila Inez, Eva marie, Frankie Evelyn, Ruby Katherin, Cena Helen June Allene
and 2 boys: Cody Earl & John Marrell
Earl married Lillian Sutterfield, they had no children.
John married Vera Lebo & they had 2 boys: Kenny & Jessie and 6 girls: Bonnie, Lois, Mildred, Kay, Conny & Patty
Carl & Hatty had 2 girls: Hatty May & Margaret Ann and 1 boy: Carl Jr.
Clyde & Marie had 1 boy: & 1 girl: Katheleene.
Clyde married Marie Caps
Carl married Hatty Ragsdale
Marie married Gilbert Bonds& had 1 boy: Bill
Marie married Austic Meagher & had 2 girls: Eva & Carla
Frankie married Harry Riddle & had 3 girls: Virginia, Marie & Leslie
and 5 boys: Travis, Stanley, Harris, Lary & Roger
Katherin married Farris Roberts & had 3 girls: Irene, Anniet & Joyce and 2 boys: Joe & Peet
Helen married Calvin Shirley & had 2 girls: Kathy & ____ and 2 boys: Ronnie & Danny
Leila Harbert married Homer Reed & had 1 boy: Bob
Leila seven years later married Flemon Bobbitt & had 2 girls: Edith Earlenr & Nelda Loretta
and 2 boys: Chird Travis & Robert Stanley

Flemon had 1 boy by first marriage: Earl Willard
Earl Willard married Christine Slaven & had 3 girls: Betty, Jo Ann & Linda
Bob Reed married Norma Grissom & had 1 girl: Donna Jean and one boy Daryl Gene
Chird Married Dyann Benton & had 2 boys: Shain & Kevin
Stanley married Karen Kuyauth & had 1 boy: Peter James
Stanley married Helen Slaven & had 1 boy: Roby and 1 girl: Tanyie
Edith married G.A. Good and had 2 boys: Timmy & Bradley and 2 girls: Evelyn & Angie

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