Meadows Family of Suffolk Co., UK
Delores Meadows, spouse of Jerry Lavon Bobbitt of Craighead Co., Arkansas
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George Harper Meadows, son of John Harper Meadows born in Washington Co., VA and Mary Elizabeth William was born 27 June 1849 in Richland Co., IL. John's father was David C. Meadows born 1801, David's father was Joel Thomas Meadows born 1779. George and his spouse Mary Jane Fleming moved to Sedgwick, Lawrence Co., AR in 1886 with four children: Lola Meadows Bailey, Burton H. Meadows, Clarence E. Meadows and Robert "Bob" Meadows. George died in Sedgwick 29 Feb 1936.

After George's wife Mary Jane Fleming died he married Mary Frances Rye on 3 may 1886 in Olney, IL. Thier eight children were: G.A. Meadows, Flossie Meadows, Alma Meadows Warlow, Charles C. Meadows, Gertie Meadows Champion, Gail Meadows, Raymond Edward Meadows and Lula Meadows Baldridge Hughes.

Clarence E. Meadows arrived in Lawrence Co., AR in 1886 with his father. He married Millie Champion from Winicome, WI in 1878, the daughter of Alca Alyea Champion. Thier children were; Harvey E. Meadows born 1945 in Sedgwick. Harvey married Edith Aldridge and they had three children; Avalee Meadows Dickson, Richard Neil Meadows and Delores Meadows Bobbitt.

Delores married Jerry Lavon Bobbitt and have two children: Jerry Jr. and Susan Bobbitt Austin.


1-Joel Thomas Meadows 
  b: 1779	 
sp: ____ 
    2-David C. Meadows 
  b: 1801
    sp: ____
	3-John Harper Meadows 
	  b: 27 June 1849 in Richland Co., IL
	sp: Mary Elizabeth William  
	    4-George Harper Meadows 
	      b: 27 Jun 1849 Washington Co., VA	moved to Sedgwick, Lawrence Co., AR in 1886
	      d: 29 Feb 1936 bur Old Military Cem Sedgwick, AR	Findagrave 
	    sp: Mary Jane Fleming 	 
	      m: 20 Dec 1874 Olney, IL 
	      b: 20 Oct 1853 Highland, OH 
	      d: 5 Jan 1886	bur Heaven Hill Cem, Olney, IL
		5-Lola Meadows 
		sp: Bailey 
		5-Burton H. Meadows 
		sp: Pearl Whittaker 
		    6-Howard W. Meadows 	Lawrence Co., AR 
		      b: 20 Jun 1919 
		    sp: Viola C. ____ 
		      m: 1957 Walnut Ridge, AR 
		      b: 26 Sep 1925 Duvall, AR 
			7-Matthew Mariom Meadows 
			  b: Osceola, AR 
			7-Mary Jane Meadows 
			  b: Belgian Congo 
		5-Clarence Elmer Meadows 
		  b: 3 Jun 1880 IL 		arrived in Lawrence Co., AR in 1886 with his father
		  d: 10 Mar 1979 Hoxie, AR 
		sp: Millie Champion from Winicome, WI in 1878, d/o Alca Alyea Champion
		  m: 14 Sep 1904 Varvel, MO 
		  b: 13 Apr 1878  Hartland, WI 
		  d: 15 May 1945 Jonesboro, AR 	bur Lawrence Mem Park, Walnut Ridge, AR 
		    6-Harvey Elmer Meadows 
		      b: 19 Jun 1905 
		      d: 21 Sep 1978 
		    sp: Edith Lorene Aldridge 
		      m: 6 Dec 1924 
		      b: 6 Jul 1906 Sedgwick, AR 
		      d: 7 Oct 1971 Jonesboro, AR
			7-Avalee Meadows 
			sp: Dickson 
			7-Richard Neil Meadows 
			7-Millie Delores Meadows 
			sp: Jerry Lavon Bobbitt 
			    8-Jerry Lavon Bobbitt Jr 
			    8-Susan Bobbitt 
			    sp: Austin 
		sp: Millie Wright  	2nd spouse of Clarence Elmer Meadows 
		  m: 7 Mar 1948 AR 
		  b: 11 Oct 1886
		5-Robert "Bob" Meadows 
	    sp: Mary Francis Rye 	2nd spouse of George Harper Meadows 
	      m: 3 May 1886  Olney, IL
	      b: 12 Jan 1867 Olney, IL 
	      d: bur Old Military Cem Sedgwick, AR	Findagrave
		5-G.A. Meadows 
		5-Flossie Meadows 
		5-Alma Meadows 
		sp: Warlow 
		5-Charles C. Meadows 
		5-Gertie Meadows 
		sp: Champion
		5-Gail Meadows 
		5-Raymond Edward Meadows 	Arkansas Gravestones 
		  b: 6 Apr 1902 
		  d: 5 Dec 1985	bur Old Military Cem Sedgwick, AR	Findagrave 
		sp: Kathryn Yingling 	d/o Hettie and Osco Yingling Plainview, AR 
		5-Lula Meadows  
		sp: Baldridge 
		sp: Hughes