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Jim Moye Family  
&      Shirley Moye Family
White County, Arkansas

George W. Moye Family
Saline County, AR

Moyes came originally from Northern France or Flanders, which was then
a part of France, to North Carolina as Huguenots or French Protestants
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Moye Mini-Genealogy by Wencil Owen Moye   
Matthew Moye-born 2 July 1777 NC   Moye Family GenForum

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UPDATED 11 Apr 2006

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Richard Moye bought property in 1706 southwest of London about midway
to Southhampton, in Guilford, Surry County.
George Moye, the first recorded in this Country, received an
appointment in Craven County in 1714.
MOYE Kenneth L. Whitehurst 1/10/98
Giles MOYE born 18?? Died 1947. Greenville, NC, Pitt County until 189?; New Bern, NC, Craven Co.
after 189? Spouses: (1) Hannah DAVIS, (2) Ella BROWN. Parents: Tom & Mary ______MOYE
Siblings: Emma, Charity, Amos, Jenny, Phoebe, Joseph. Children: Sudie, Lawrence, Simon, Emma. 
Seeking records including ancestors held as slaves.

Amanda Melvira Moye Bennie Copeland Moye
John Moye Elmer Bates Moye Tyler County, TX Furney Moye, NC   George & Calvin Moye
Hans Moy, b: abt 1733 Haywood Moye Pitt Co., NC Jesse Lawrence Moye b: 1893 IN
John Moye Bromsgrove, Worcester, England   John Moye b: 1610 VA John Moye 1610 England
Linwood Cem. Columbus, GA
Matthew Moye, Will of Barnwell Dist., SC Sep 17, 1829    Matthew Moye b: 1777 NC
Mildred Moye b: 1752 Pitt Co., NC Moye, Erby J. GA Inf. 26th Bn. Co.A
Nicholas Moye b: 1812 Bern, Switzerland Richard Moye b: 1829 Pitt Co., NC
Rudolph MoyeMary Moye, Pitt Co.NC Thomas Moye b: abt 1850 m: Nash Co., NC
Marriages Craven Co., NC 1780-1867 Marriage Register, 1851-1867, Pitt Co., NC

Marriages Pitt County, NC
Washington Moye, b: 1817 NC/SC Washington Moye b: 1805 NC
William Moye, LA     W.G. Moye Green Co., IL Whiter Marvin Moye

Pitt Co., NC Genealogy NC Genealogy African~American

Jessee Moye b: abt 1803 White Co., AR HELP
Jessie Moye
b: abt 1804 1880 Census Coffee TWP White Co., AR
George W. Moye b: abt 1856 1880 Census Coffee TWP White Co., AR

James W. Moye 	1880 Census Coffee TWP White Co., AR
	served in CSA
  b: abt 1836 TN	
sp: Mary _______ 
  b: abt 1855 AR
    Mary Moye
    b: abt 1866 AR
    Charles  Moye
      b: 1868 AR
    sp: __________
    Ophelia Moye
      b: abt 1870 AR
    James Moye 
      b: abt 1872 AR
    Easter Moye
      b: abt 1874 AR
    Joseph Moye
      b: abt 1876 AR
    William F. Moye
      b: 1880 AR
Johm Moye Sr	b: 1610		d: 1645		from John Moye 
the original immigrant from England to Virginia in 1637 and his wife
Dorothy Wheeler, who were both killed in an Indian uprising.
John Moye Jr	b: 1638 	d: 1722
sp: Jane or Jean Moore
1-John Moye III
  b: 1685 	d: 1738
sp: Avis ?
    2-John Moye IV 
      b: 1750 
    sp: Elizabeth _______
	3-George Moye	from John Moye 
	  b: abt 175?
	  d: 1823 Craven Co NC
	sp: Fanny Dubberly
	  m: 7 Apr 1780 Craven Co., NC
	    4-John Cass Moye 
4 Feb 1809 - Craven Co, NC
John Moye received land from a Thomas Green, 
"for the natural love and affection which I have and bear for" John and for 10 pounds. 
John Cass Moye and his wife, Alice named their first son after this man. 
Does anyone know who he was or if they were related? Jordan Miner 
	sold farm in 1830 & moved to Posey Co., IN
	in 1860 bought land 4 miles NW of Ridgeway, IL
	later moved to White County, AR before war ended  ????
	      b: 1783 NC
	      d: 14 Sep 1875 Gallitin Co., IL	bur Ridgeway, IL
	    sp:Alice Alsey Brown
	      m: 15 Jan 1809	
	      b: Craven Co., NC
	      d: 1871 IL	bur Ridgeway, IL
		5-Thomas Moye
		  b: 12 Mar 1810 Pitt Co, NC	d: near Wadesville, IL
		sp: Alpha Medlin
			1850 Census under Moy	from John Moye 
		    6-William Moye
		    sp: Bethania Jones
			7-James Francis Moye	from Roy Kammerer 
			sp: Elizabeth Meeks
			    8-James Clayton Moye
			      b: Clayton Co., NC 1890
		5-Jim Moye CSA
			Captain Ellis Harper's Partisan Raiders CSA
			moved to Arkansas after war after not finding wife & 2 children ArkFlagSM.gif (1200 bytes)
		  b: 2 Oct 1819	NC	d: 15 Feb 1922
			bur Floyd Cem. White Co., AR
		sp: ___________
		    6- _______ Moye
		      b: IN
		    6- _______ Moye
		      b: IN
		sp: ___________		Cherokee ?	from Michael Cofer
		    6-Betty Moye		b: AR
		    6-Van Moye			b: AR
		    6-Em Moye			b: AR
		    6-Luther Moye		b: AR
		    6-Rose Moye
	    	sp: ___________			b: AR
		    6-Joe Moye			b: AR
		    sp: Addy Overstreet
		    6-Charlie Moye		b: AR
		    sp: __________
	    	    sp: ___________
		    	7-Thalia Moye		b: AR
		    	7-Lucy Moye		b: AR
		    	7-Homer Moye		b: AR
		    	7-Priscilla Moye		b: AR
		    	7-Bill Moye		b: AR
		    6-Easter Moye		b: AR
		    sp: Isiah Hampton
		    6-Mary Moye		b: AR
		    sp: Will McCall
	    	sp: Mary Lawrence
		    6-Willie Moye
		      b: 14 Feb 1880 AR		d: 13 Dec 1959
		    sp: Mary Kathryn Allen
		      m: 14 Sep 1898
		      b: 11 Dec 1879	d: 8 Feb 1945
		    	7-Ludie Moye
			  b: 11 Jun 1900 AR	d: 29 June 1978
			sp: Carl Neal
			    8-Elmer Neal		b: AR
			    8-Gurvil Neal		b: AR
			    8-Burl Neal		b: AR
			    8-Murl Neal		b: AR
		    	7-Jimmy William Moye
			  b: 28 Feb 1903 AR	d: 29 May 1905
		    	7-Eddie Ledtrue Moye
			  b: 18 May 1905 AR	d: 11 Jan 1957
			sp: Trudy Neal
			    8-Clifton Moye
		    	7-Preston Herman Moye
			  b: 16 Oct 1907 AR	d: 8 jul 1981
			sp: Ruby Bynum
			    8-Kathryn Moye		b: AR
			    8-Herman Moye		b: AR
			    8-Jean Moye		b: AR
			    8-Jerald Moye		b: AR
			    8-Judy Moye		b: AR
		    	7-Clifton Troy Moye
			  b: 7 May 1909 AR		d: 14 Dec 1909
		    	7-Audria Albeny Moye
			  b: 3 Nov 1910 AR		d: 29 Jan 1918
			7-Zelda Odelle Moye
	  		  b: 8 Nov 1912	AR
			sp: Joe Bill Owen 
			    8-Bill Owen
			    8-Bob Owen
			    8-Margaret Owen
			    8-Martha Ann Owen
			    8-Jimmy Owen
			7-Marion Eli Moye SSAN 430-12-9315
	  		  b: 7 Jan 1915 Sidon, White Co., AR
	  		  d: 15 Apr 1999 Jonesboro, Craighead Co., AR
			sp:Naomi Wyanette Benton
	  		  m: 3 May 1941 Kensett, White Co., AR Bk    , pg 
	  		  b: 15 Aug 1923 Sidon, White Co., AR
			  d: 15 Aug 2001 Jonesboro, Craighead Co., AR
	    		    8:Charles Maruice Moye
	      		      b: 7 May 1943 Searcy, White Co., AR
	    		    sp: Sharron Sue Langford	dau James Arnold Langford & Maxine Herrin
	      		      m: 24 Dec 1966 Jonesbore, Craighead Co., AR
	      		      b: 30 Nov 1945 Searcy, AR
				9-Jefferson "Jeff" Chambers Moye
		  		  b: 10 May 1970 Hot Springs, Hot Springs Co., AR
				sp: Gina Karyn "Keri" Woodall d/o 
				  m: 28 Jul 2006
				    10-Charles Alan Moye 	Picture 
				      b: 20 Jun 2009 Springdale, AR 
				    10-Abigail Grace Moye 	
				      b: 25 Aug 2010 Springdale, AR
				9-Douglas "Doug" Maurice Moye
		  		  b: 13 Jul 1973 Georgetown, Guyana, S. America
				sp:Erica ________
		    		    10-Brandon Moye
		    		    10-Conner Moye
			    8-Carolyn Elizabeth Moye SSAN 430-84-9255
	      		      b: 27 Jul 1946 Searcy, White Co., AR
	      		      d: Nov 1984 Jonesboro, Craighead Co., AR
	    		    sp: Milton Davis
	      		      m: 3 Nov 1967 Houston, Harris Co., TX Div
			    8-Don Earl Moye 
	      		      b: 6 Aug 1948 Searcy, White Co., AR
	    		    sp: Linda Lou Turman
	      		      m: 8 Oct 1966 Paragould, Greene Co., AR 	Div
	      		      b: 25 Apr 1947 Lafe, Greene Co., AR
				9-Stacy Moye 
				  b: 11 Dec 1971 Jonesboro, AR
				sp: Brian Romano 
				  m: 		Div 
		    		    10-Caroline Romano 
	    		    sp: Denise _______ 
			7-Kallie Louvenia Moye
	  		  b: 22 Jan 1917 AR
			sp: Sheldon "Shelly" Adamson
	  		    8-Skeldon Adamson
			    8-Roy Adamson
			    8-Richard Adamson
			7-Mary Kathryn Moye
			  b: 15 Jan 1921 AR	d: 12 Jun 1922
		    6-Britton Moye
		    6-Johnny Moye
		    sp: Lula Fryer
			7-Lucious Harold Moye
			7-Ara Moye
		    6-Thomas "Tommy" Henry Moye
		      b: 22 Jan 1888	
		      d: 17 Nov 1941
		    sp: Rose Jeanette "Nettie" Smith
		      m: 31 Mar 1966
			7-Ila Moye
			  b: 11 Oct 1906	d: 14 Feb 1981
			sp: Toy Covington
			    8-Cliften Covington
			    8-Winston Covington
			7-Hershel Owen Moye
			  b: 2 Sep 1912	
			sp: Hettie Vee Morgan
			  m: 4 Dec 1932
			    8-Wencil Owen Moye
			      b: 3 Sep 1933
			    sp: Caroly Anderson
			      b: 21 Apr 1941
			      m: 27 Nov 1968
				9-Thomas "Tom" Olen Moye
				9-Robert Alan Moye
			    8-Grapie Moye
			      b: 5 Aug 1935
			    sp: Bill Rose
				9-Jerri Jo Rose
				9-Bill "Skip" Rose Jr
			    8-Arkie Moye (twin)
			      b: 11 Dec 1937
			    sp: John Burrus
				9-Tammy Lynn Burrus
				9-John Mark Burrus
				9-Michael Allen Burrus      
			    8-Arbie Moye (twin)
			      b: 11 Dec 1937
			    sp: Don Martin
				9-Lisa Rene Martin
				9-Andrea LeAnn Martin
			    8-Tyrone Moye
			      b: 26 Aug 1940
			    sp: Carol Thompson
				9-Scott Moye
				9-Kevin Moye
				9-Katrina Moye
			    sp: Tammy Crawford
				9-Tara Lee Moye
			    8-Sandara Moye
			      b: 22 June 1943
			    sp: Forrest Faulkner
				9-Kerri Faulkner
				9-Keith Faulkner
				9-Kendall Faulkner
			7-Harold Edward Moye	
			  b: 28 Feb 1916 Sidon, White Co., AR
			  d: 8 Jul 2003 Truman, AR
			sp: Helen Hollingshead
			  b: 17 apr 1821
			    8-Glenda Moye
			      b: 15 Jan 1941
			    sp: Wayne Hinds
				9-Tamara Hinds
				9-Misti Hinds
			    8-Jimmy Flynn Moye
			      b: 11 Apr 1947 Trumann, Poinsett Co., AR
			      d: 26 Oct 2003 Shreveport, LA
				bur Oakgrove Cem., Searcy
			    sp: Linda Hampton
				9-Kimberly 'Kim' Moye
				sp: _______ Dix
				9-Jeffery Moye
			    sp: Debi ______
				9-Chris Haugen
				9-Kyle Haugen
			7-Cecil Moye
			sp: _________
			    8-Lamon Moye
			      b: 4 Sep 1940
			    sp: Wanda Southern
				9-Shane Moye
				9-Bryan Moye
				9-Brent Moye
			    8-Sharon Moye
			    sp: Coy Hurd
				9-Dylan Hurd
			7-Leon Moye lives in Cave City
			  b: 12 Mar 1923
			sp: Opal McCallister
			  b: 4 Feb 1924
			    8-Larry Moye
			      b: 27 Jan 1947
			    sp: Patricia Hanaman
				9-Todd Moye
				9-Loretta Moye
			    8-Melanie Moye
			      b: 7 Sep 1952
			    sp: Bobby Sills
				9-B.J. Sills
				9-Jason Sills
				9-Tommy Sills
			    8-Audie Moye
			      b: 29 Dec 1953
			    sp: Cynthia Williams
				9-Joshua Moye
				9-Brandi Moye
			    8-Tanya Moye
			      b: 4 Aug 1961
			    sp: Chris Sensabaugh
				9-Harold Sensabaugh
				9-Tommy Sensabaugh
				9-Eddie Sensabaugh
				9-Clark Sensabaugh
				9-Janice Sensabaugh
			7-Shirley Moye	1/4 Cherokee ?	from Michael Cofer
			  b: 16 Mar 1921
			sp: Edward "Ed" Bernon Cofer
			  b: 16 Feb 1920	d: Sep 1972
			  m: abt 1941
			    8-Harold Russell Cofer
			      b: 13 Nov 1942
				9-Kenneth Cofer
				  m: 1964-65
			    	9-Sherina Cofer
			      	  b: 1968
			    	9-John Russell "Pedro" Cofer
			      	  b: 1972
			    8-Thomas "Tommy" Wade Cofer
			      b: 21 Feb 1948
			    sp: Debra Brown
			      m: 1970	div: 1984
				9-Jeffery Allen Cofer
				sp: Wendy ______
				    10-Blake Cofer
				sp: Jean LoMeyhoe
				  m: 1985
				    10-Brian (adopted by Thomas from Jean's first marriage)
				      b: 30 Sep 1980
				    10-Wade Thomas Cofer
				      b: May 1985
				    10-John Cofer
				      b: 08 Jun 1987
			    8-Edward "Eddie" Moye Cofer
			      b: 06 Jun 1950	d: 06 Jun 1984
			    8-Clark Lamar Cofer
			      b: 20 Mar 1954
			    sp: Jan Stanton
			      b: 24 Mar 1955
			      m: 06 Jun 1975
				9-Michael Shawn Cofer
				      b: 16 Oct 1975
				9-John Clark Cofer
				      b: 07 Nov 1989
			    8-Janice "Jan" Lynn Cofer
			    sp: Edward May
			      m: 17 Jul 1975
				10-Colby Edward May
				  11 Apr 1977
				10-Amanda Kay May
				  b: 20 Dec 1978
				10-Melissa Brook May
				  b: 12 Apr 1980
			    sp: Dennis Archer (Div
			      m: May 1995
			    sp: Bob Pope
			sp: Roy D. Goodner
			  b: 1912	d: 01 Jan 1989
			7-Simon Moye
			  b: 20 Apr 1927
			sp: Ruby Nell Woodson
			    8-Lisa Moye - adopted
			    8-Darien Moye - adopted
		    6-Delly Moye
		    sp: Will Duncan
			7-Iva Duncan
		5-Ida Alice Moye
		  b: NC 
		5-George W. Moye
		  b: Apr 1814 NC
		was a cooper at New Haven, IL
		5-John D. Moye
		  b: 1816 NC
		operated a general merchandise store in Newmarket, IL
		5-Wyatt Gray Moye	from Nancy Luvina 
		  b: 9 Sep 1819 NC		bur Ridgeway, IL
		sp: ________
		    6-John Cass Moye
		    sp: _______
		    6-James Henry Moye
		    sp: _______
			7-Jessie Moye
			sp: _______
			    8-Nancy Moye
			    sp: _____ Luvina
		5-William E. Moye
		owned a general store in Wadesville in 1840's
		  b: 1824-7 Pitt Co., NC		bur Ridgeway, IL
		sp: Nancy Manning
		  m: 1848
		    6-Benjamin Franklin Moye 
		      b: 11 Jul 1863 Wayne Co., NC
		      d: 20 or 28 Apr 1930 New Hope wayne Co., NC
		    sp: Lula G. Sutton
			7-Myrtie Lillian Moye
			  b: 9 Nov 1889 
			sp: _____	
		from Robert Colman Santa Maria,CA 
		5-Robert Franklin Moye
			served and died in the Civil War 
		  b: 5 Apr (or 9 Sep?)1823 Craven Co., NC 
		  d: 18 Feb 1863 	bur New Zion Gallatin Co., IL
		sp: Jane Downen	dau George Tillman Downen and Lucretia Culley
		  m: 28 Sept 1845 Posey Co IN
		    6-Lucretia Moye		b: 1847
		    6-Julia Ann Moye 
		      b: 30 Dec 1848 Posey Co IN
		      d: 2 July 1926 Gallatin Co IL
		    sp: Joseph Foster
		      m: 7 Nov 1867 Gallatin Co IL
		    6-Edward Franklin Moye	b: unk
		    6-Rebecca Jane Moye		b: 8 Jan 1851
		    sp: Soloman Awalt
			7-Miranda Jane Awalt
			7-William Otis Awalt
			7-George Franklin Awalt
		    6-Sarah Ellen Moye		b: 25 March 1853
		    6-George Washington Moye	b: 6 Nov 1860
		    6-Eliza Franklin Moye
		      b: 4 Jul 1863
		5-Lousa Moye
		  b: 1824 NC
		sp: Ajax Fillingim
		5-Elizabeth Moye
		  b: NC
		sp: Keith Gwaltney
		5-Sida Mariah Moye
		  b: NC
		sp: Preston Cartwright
		  d: Near Wadesville, IN
		5-Joseph Moye
		  b: 1828 NC		d: 1867
		served in Union Army during Civil War & died of an injury
		    6-John "Shot" Moye
	    4-Elizabeth "Betey" Moye
	    sp: David Little 
	    4-Louisa Moye
	    sp: Alfred Moore
	      m: 1 Aug 1824
	    4-Sophia Moye
	    sp: _______ Huel
	    4-Nancy Moye
	    sp: Thomas Tutle
	3-Marmaduke Moye
	  b: 1772 	d: 1843
	sp: Elizabeth ______
	    4-Catherine Moye
	    4-Edmond H. Moye	from John Moye 
	    4-Elizabeth Moye
	sp: Mary Ann "Polly" Carlton	m: 3 Dec 1823 Craven Co., NC
	    4-Elijah Moye	 from John Moye 
	      b: 1797 NC
	    sp: Elizabeth Barber
	      m: 1821 Orange Co., NC then moved to Sumner Co., TN
		5-George Atkins Moye		b: 1821	d: 1897 
		sp: Louisa J. Boren		m: 1848 Sumner Co., TN
			moved to KY
		    6-Nan Moye			b: 1849
		    6-Eda Elizabeth Moye	b: 1851
		    6-Martha Frances Moye	b: 1953
		    6-Joseph Atkins Moye	b: 1855
		    6-Amanda E. Moye		b: 1857
		    6-John Wallace Moye		b: 1858 KY
			moved to Fannin Co., TX
		    sp: Laura Ann Brown
		      m: 1883
		    6-Louise Ellen Moye		b: 1861
		    6-Robert Lee Moye		b: 1864
		    6-George Rogers Moye	b: 1866
		    6-Charles Jackson Moye 
		      b: abt 1868 Franklin KY	Diane Dawson 
		    sp: Mary E. page
		      m: 1868 
		5-Martha Ann Moye		b: 1824
		sp: Anthony C. Brown		m: 1851
		5-Joseph Seton Moye		b: 1827
		sp: Celia A. Shanklin		m: 1854
		    6-Isabella Moye		b: 1856
		    6-James A. Moye		b: 1857
		    6-Joseton Moye		b: 1861
		    6-George M. Moye		b: 1862
		    6-John H. Moye		b: 1865
		    6-Elmira Moye		b: 1870
		5-Mary Jane Moye		b: 1830
		sp: Thomas J. Freeland		m: 1857
		5-Malvina Elvira Moye		b: 1833
		sp: Matthew Boren		m: 1851
		5-Penelope Evaline Moye		b: 1835
		sp: William H. Brown		m: 1857
		5-Christiana Elizabeth Moye	b: 1838
		sp: William J. Gant		m: 1865
		5-Matilda A. Moye		b: 1840 (twin ?)
		sp: Andrew J. Blackmore		m: 1874
		5-Seaton E. Moye		b: 1840 (twin ?) CSA
		sp: Mary E. Perdue		m: 1890
		5-Edmond Seaton Moye		b: 1841
		sp: Sally A.F. Perdue		m: 1871
		    6-Mollie H. Moye		b: 1873
		    sp: ________
			sp: ______ Marsh
			    8-Rod Marsh	rmarsh@scsengineers.cpm 
		    6-Minnie M. Moye		b: 1875
		    6-William P. Moye		b: 1877
		5-Henry W. Moye			b: 1843 CSA
		sp: Nancy C. Butt		m: 1865
		5-Anna J. Moye			b: 1846
		sp: Lewis S. Butt		m: 1867
		5-James Rainey Moye		b: 1849
    2-George Moye Sr ?????????????????
      b: Paris, France ??????
      d: NC
	Abstracts of Deed Books 17-20 p l50 - l5 June l768
	NOTE: This George Moye was part of the John Moye family.
	John Moye was the brother of George Moye, Sr. of
	Princess Ann County and Beaufort/Pitt Counties. 
	John Moye and his family appear to have settled
 	in Craven/Jones Counties
    sp: Hannah Moye 

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