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REEVE (British).  "Chief magistrate, bailiff."

White County, Arkansas
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Researched by Chird Bobbitt   

Special Thanks to Loretta (Robertson) Norman & Everett Paul Reeves, JR for a lot of this information
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 Robert Ryves b: 1490 England    The Reeves Clan
1890 White Co. Tax Roll
   Independence CO., -HOPEWELL CEMETERY Cord, AR
1880 Census Liberty TWP, Independence Co., AR   
  Jasper Reeves b: 1845, AR    Newton Reeves b: 1866, AR
Reeves of N. Central AR    John Reeves b: 1790, SC      Civil War, TN     GenForum     Reeves from England
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Kirkwood Reeves Family Picture    Minnie Reeves Sturch & Family    Reeves/James
1850 Census Buncombe Co., NC    Thomas B. Reeves, IN
J.W. Reeves age 27 m. Etonia Skinner age 22 14 Jul 1877 Bk D 35

Timothy Reeves and Thomas Reeves b. abt. 1804 and 1807 TN? Thomas has sons names Jeremiah, John and Elias
Possibly the youngest children of William Reeves.  Elizabeth Reeves b 1783 is their older sister. William is a brother of Charlotte, wife of Gen. James Robertson and is very visable in Nashville history. Elizabeth married James David on dec1 1800 in Davidsonson co. Her youngest son born 1820 was also named Timothy.You should be able to find info in the Robertson family history and the Reeves Registry posted by Barry Reeves

Ansel Reeves   b: abt 1826   d: 16 May 2002 Batesville, Independence Co., AR
Bur @ Wises Chapel Cem., Pineville.
Some info from The Reeves Clan Apple Hill Cem
1-Elias M. Reeves
	1850 Independence Co., AR Census, indx-q-q.txt, White River TWP, #324, 336B, 349
  b: 1817 ,, TN 1860 Census Rec #19 Ruddell TWP, Independence Co., Newark, AR
sp:Lerissa (Elizabeth?) - 1870 Census Big Bottom, AR lists "Tennisee" as head of household
  b: 1821 TN?
    2-Christopher G. Reeves
      b: 1842 AR	1850 Independence Co., AR Census, indx-q-q.txt
    2-Cynthia J. Reeves
      b: 1844 AR	1850 Independence Co., AR Census, indx-q-q.txt
    2-Berwell (?Burrell) C.Reeves
      b: 1846 AR	1850 Independence Co., AR Census, indx-q-q.txt
    2- Elias Kirkwood "Kirk" Reeves
	1850 Independence Co., AR Census, indx-q-q.txt, White River TWP, #324, 336B, 349
	1900 Census Denmark TWP, White Co., AR
	Big Bottom TWP, Independence Co, AR 1880 census. 
	Their children were Pascoe Reeves (b. 1873), Henry Irving Reeves (1876-1923),
	Willey Reeves (b. 1878), and Mary C. Redin Reddon? (b. 1868). step-daughter age 27 on 1900 Census b. 1973?
      b: 9 Sep 1848 Newark, Independence Co., AR
      d: 1928 Little Rock, Pulaski Co;, AR State Hospital admitted 9/18/1926
    sp:Amelia (Mellie) M. Reddon (Reden)	Picture 
      m: abt 1868 White Co.
      b: 1850 Newark, Independence Co., AR
      d: 1912 Hickory Flat, White Co., AR, buried Olive Branch Cem  624 Prince Reaper Rd   Findagrave 
    	3-J. Minnie Reeves	Picture
	  b: 1861
	  d: 19__ buried Roosevelt Cem, White Co.,  AR
	sp:Buford Clifton Sturch
	  b: 1879
	  d: 1947
	    4-Viola Blanch Sturch
	      b: 1911
	      d: 1990
	    sp: Hershel Gilbert
		5-James William Gilbert
		5-Rebecca Mae Gilbert
		sp:? Love
	    4-Clifton Albert Gilbert
	    4-Luther Gilbert
	    4-Amadell Gilbert
	    4-Richie Gilbert
	    4-Randall Gilbert
	    4-Mac Gilbert
	    4-Bertha Frances Sturch
	      b: 1913
	      m: 1933
	    sp:Barnet Thrasher
	      b: 1912
		5-Dewey Golden Thrasher
		5-Gerald Thrasher
		5-Dale Thrasher
		5-Larry Thrasher
		5-Jerry Thrasher
	    4-James White Sturch
	      b: 1915
	      d: 19__ Searcy
	      m: 1936
	    sp:Bernice Lavern Cook
	      b: 1920
		5-Mattie Ruby Sturch
		  b: 1937
		5-Allen Wayne Sturch
		  b: 1938
		  m: 1959
		sp:La Donna King
		  b: 1941
		5-Betty Frances Sturch
		  b: 1940
		5-James Roy Sturch
		  b: 1942
		5-Clennis Eugene Sturch
		  b: 1944
		  m: 1963
		sp:Carolyn Leonard
		  b: 1947
		5-Carthel Irene Sturch
		  b: 1946
		5-Shirley Bell Sturch
		  b: 1949
		  m: 1967
		sp:Bobby Gene Waller
		  b: 1948
	3-Pascoe Reeves
	  b: abt 1873
	3-Henry Irving Reeves 
	  b: 1876 Newark, Independence Co., AR
	  d: 1923
	sp:Mary Clementine (Tiny) Sowell
	  b: 1875
	  d: 1952
	      b: 1898 Roosevelt, White Co., AR
	    4-Ben Morgan Reeves
	      b: 1900
	      d: 1945
	    sp: Willie Steel
	    sp: Florence ?
		5-Edward "Skip" Reeves
		b: 1945
	    4-Clarence Reeves
	      b: 1902
	      d: 1903
	    4-Dee Opal Reeves
	      b: 16 Jun 1903 	      d: 7 Oct 1968 	bur Heard Cem.
	    sp:Effie Head
		5-Jetta Marie Reeves
		  b: 1931
	    4-Everett Paul Reeves, Sr
	      b: 12 Nov 1905 Roosevelt, White Co., AR
	      d: 09 Jan 1981 La Grange Cook Co., IL
	    sp: Ollamae Chambers div 1930
	      m: 12 Jun 1926 Hardy, Sharp Co., AR 
	      b: 23 May 1910 Rogers, Benton Co., AR
	      d: 24 Feb 2000 Tuscon, Pima Co., AZ
 		5-Everett Paul Reeves, Jr 
		  b: 11 Jun 1928 Bradford, White Co., AR 
		sp: Josefina Socorro Gastelum Lopez 
		  m: 12 Jan 1963 Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico 
		  b: 21 Apr 1933 Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico 
		    6-Elizabeth Guadalupe Reeves 
		      b: 11 Dec 1063 Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico 
		    sp: Christopher Todd Fidler 
		      m: 09 May 2009 Chandler, Maricopa Co., AZ 
		      b: 10 Oct 1971 
	    sp:Elizabeth Matilda Hachmeister	2nd spouse of Everett, Sr 
	      b: 1899
	      d: 1990
		5-Joyce Reeves 
		  b: 1937
		  m: 1957
		sp:Joe Walta
		  b: Laurie Walta
		    6-Morgan ?
		5-Gladys Reeves 
		  b: 1913	d: bur Carter Cem.
		  m: 1960
		sp:George Austgen
		    6:Jenny Austgen
	    4-Fay Quincy Reeves 
	      b: 1908 Roosevelt, White county, AR
	    sp:John Morrow, SR
	    4-Gertrude "Gertie" Ray Reeves 
	      b: 1912
	      m: 1931
	    sp:Carl Schimka
	      b: 1909
	      d: 1984
		5-Carl Schimka, JR
		  b: 1931
		5-Jim Schimka
		  b: 1935
		5-Jack Schimka
		  b: 1939
		5-Ron Schimka
		  b: 1942
	3-Willey Reeves 
	  b: 1879
	3-James "Jim" Morgan Reeves 	1920 Census Coldwell TWP White Co., AR
	  b: abt 1883 ,, AR
	  d: abt 1949 buried Roosevelt Cem, White Co.,  AR
	sp:Winnie Rushing 2nd marriage to Arch Comer Roberson 1958 White Co.
	  b: abt 1888 ,, AR
	  d: 1963
	3-Anna C. Reeves 
	  b: 1888
	  d: 1973
	sp:Alan King
	3-Minnie Bertha Reeves 
	  b: 1891
	  d: 1976
	3-Kate Reeves 
	  b: abt 18__
	  d: abt 19__ buried Roosevelt Cem, White Co.,  AR
	sp:George Ellis
	    4-Rufus Ellis
	    sp:? Weathers
	    4-LouDean "Deanie" Ellis
	    sp:Claude Sorrels
	3-William (Willie) Ben Reeves 				Photo from Deanna Ward 
	  b: 4 Aug 1879 Independence Co., AR	
	  d: 3 May 1961 Hickory Flat - bur Olive Branch Cem.	  624 Prince Reaper Rd	Findagrave 
			The community of Hickory Flat was known previously as Davenport 
			1930 Federal Census Precinct 3, Hardeman, TX, USA
			1900 Federal Census Justice Precinct 2 (excl. Farmersvillw village), Collin, TX 
	sp: Arpie Minerva Rushing-dau William Rushing & Martha Leggett	Photo from Deanna Ward 
	  m: 25 Mar 1898 White Co., Bk L, Pg 398	
	  b: 22 Oct 1883
	  d: 22 Feb 1969 Hickory Flat - buried Olive Branch Cem  624 Prince Reaper Rd   Findagrave 
	    4-William Elijah Shelby Reeves 
	      m: 1928
	      b: 11 Jun 1900				Findagrave 
	      d: 02 Mar 1983 Wichita Falls, Co., TX Bur Ringgold Cem 76721 Montague Co, TX
	    sp:Pauline Sampson 
	      b: 25 Apr 1907 
	      d: 2 Jul 1981 		bur Foster's Chapel Cem.   Tombstone 	Findagrave 
		5-Lillian Delores Reeves 
		5-James Morgan "Ben" Reeves 
		sp:Joyce Coker 
		5-Winnie Margie Reeves
		sp:Lawrence Coker
		5-Sara Ann Reeves 
	    4-Mattie Mable Reeves 
	      b: 1902
	    sp:P.M. Jeffcoat 
	    4-Nettie Reeves 
	      b: 1903
	    sp:Minter Barnett 
	    sp:? Proper
	    4-Ida Emma Reeves 
	      b: 1909
	    4-Minnie Dovie Reeves 
	      m: 1923 TX
	      b: 21 Apr 1907 AR
	      d: 16 Jun 1982 Elk City, OK
	    sp:Julius Edgar "Jack" Young 
		b: 1904 
		5-JD Young 
		  b: 1924 TX
	    4-Gladys Irene Reeves 
	      b: 01 Jun 1911 
	      d: 04 Jan 1991 Judsonia, AR
	    sp: Tom ________ 
	    4-Winnie Faye Reeves 
	      b: 10 1917 Tolbert, TX
		d: 4 Feb 1993 
	    sp: Loice Marvin McCall
	      m: 1937
	      b: 1917
	      d: 1981
		5-Marvin Eugene McCall
		  b: 1938
		sp:Wintha Stoner
		5-Minerva Willidean McCall
		  b: 1939
		sp:Gaylon Throckmorton
		5-Maxine Marie McCall
		  b: 1941
		sp:William Calvin King
		5-Clinness Morgan McCall
		  b: 1948
		  m: 1969
		sp:Beverly Ann Holt
		  b: 1951
		    6-Clay Morgan McCall
		      b: 1970
		    6-Jill Eugenia McCall
		      b: 1971
		    6-Jessie Arron McCall
		      b: 1980
	    4-Eula Gladene Reeves
	      b: 1921
    2-William C. Reeves
      b: 1850
    2-Susan M. Reeves
      b: 1851
    2-Amelia Ann Reeves
      b: Newark, Independence Co., AR
    sp:William "Bill" Robertson	
      b:	,, TN
	3-Amanda "Manda" Robertson
	  b: Newark, Independence Co., AR
	3-Mary Jane "Jana" Robertson
	  b: Newark, Independence Co., AR
	3-William Tressie "Willie" Robertson - female		Picture
	  b: 8 Sep 1882 Newark, Independence Co., AR
	  d: 27 Jan 1965 Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX buried @ Ridge Park Cem
	sp:Charles Albert Vautier, Jr son of Charles Albert Vaultier - French
	  b: 3 Jun 1881 Jacksonville, MO
	  d: 16 Jul 1961 Hillsboro Hill Co., TX buried @ Ridge Park Cem
	    4-Dean Albert Vautier 
	      b: abt 1903 Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX
	      d: abt 1973 Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX buried @ Ridge Park Cem
	    4-Lois Mae Vautier
	      b: 11 Apr 1911 Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX
	      m: 23 Apr 1944 Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX
	    sp:Stanley John Grochowski - Polish
	3-Arch Comer Robertson		Picture
	  b: 6 Aug 1884 Newark, Independence Co., AR
	  d: 16 Aug 1965 Searcy, AR buried @ Oak Grove Cem
	sp:Gracie Mai Reaper 
	   dau of Frederick Benjamin Reaper & Mary Palestine Swafford
	m: 21 Dec 1906 Pangburn, AR
	  b: 23 Mar 1890	Hickory Flat, White Co., AR
	  d: 17 Nov 1956 Searcy, buried @ Oak Grove Cem
	    4-Willie "Sinda" Bell Robertson
	      b: 12 Oct 1907 Pangburn
	      d: 4 Sep 1975 Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR buried Henderson Cem
	    sp:Henry Golden Adams
	    4-Dorotha Edna Robertson
	      b: 19 Jan 1913 Pangburn
	      d: 5 Apr 1962 Searcy buried @ Henderson Cem, Pangburn
	sp:Winnie Rushing Reeves			Picture
	    4-Loretta Robertson		Picture
	    sp:______ Norman
    2-Martha Reeves
      b: 1854
    2-David Reeves
      b: 1856
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White County, Arkansas