William T. Sims
Craighead Co., KY & AR

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Craighead Co., AR Cemeteries   The Sims Cemetery
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Dasha Sims b: 1817 TN of Craighead Co., AR
1900 Census Big Creek Twp, Craighead Co., Ar 

10-__________ Sims
11-Andrew Sims    
	died of pneumonia after receiving a ducking in Big Creek on a cold winter day
11-William T. Sims (Simms)	1860 Census Big Creek TWP  1870 Census listed as Simes
		Bought land from Sam & Len Bobbitt on Big Creek in 1843
  b: 1836 ,, TN or KY
sp-Lodicia T. Bobbitt
  m: abt 1851 AR
  b: 1834 ,, TN or KY
    12-Hezekiah Sims
      b: 1852  		Brookland,Craighead Co. AR 
    12-John Anison Sims
      b: 16 Jul 1854  Brookland,Craighead Co. AR
      d: 2 Sep 1939   http://www.couchgenweb.com/craighead/newhope.htm 
    sp: __________
	13-Sarah E. Sims
	  b: 1890 Craighead Co. AR
    12-Martha E.(Ann?) Sims
      b: 1856 ,, Craighead  Co. AR
      d: 1859 ,, Craighead   Co. AR
    12-Aaron G. "Dick" Sims		
      b: 1859 ,, Craighead   Co. AR
      b: between 1859
      d: 22 Nov 1937
    sp: Elizabeth A. (Doll) HANSON 	m: 2 Nov 1892 in Craighead Co., AR 
      b: 04 Jul 1876 in MO	d: 29 Apr 1914
	Elizabeth (Doll) HANSON was the daughter of James HANSON and Margaret J. CANNON. 
	N. P. Jackson, JP, married Dick SIMS and Elizabeth HANSON in Craighead Co., AR
	13-Mattie L. SIMS
	  b: 29 Dec 1905
	  d: 15 Sep 1977
	sp: Earl J. Caples 
	13-Melvin C. SIMS
	  b: 15 Apr 1908
	  d: 04 Nov 1984
		The above from RaNae Vaughn ranaesv@hotmail.com 
    12-Henry L.(Lawson?) Sims
      b: 1861 ,, Craighead Co. AR
    12-Joseph C. Sims
      b: 1863 ,, Craighead Co. AR
    12-Edward Green Sims
      b: 1864 ,, Craighead   Co.AR
    12-Ransom (Rans) O. W. Sims
      b: 1866 ,, Craighead Co. AR
    12-William W. Sims
      b: 1868 ,, Craighead Co. AR
    12-Walter W.(Walker) Sims
      b: 1873 ,, Craighead Co.AR

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