Vintage Ford Truck Pickups around Searcy, AR 

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Central Arkansas Pickups
Green Co., AR



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Members of Kustoms and Klassics Unlimited, Searcy
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Ford Model T Video

194x-50 Ford PU    Ford-19__PU
1101 W. Arch, Searcy
1954 Ford Panel Truck
1963? F100 PU blue
1966 FordPU 
1963 Ford PU red & white
Ford PU 196_? Green/White Ford PU 1969  
-__________,  Searcy   
1976 Ford F100 
Ellis Baker, Judsonia
Baker's Acres
Martin Huggins, Judsonia
1929 Ford Model A Woody
Aaron ______
1965 Ford F100 PU   
_______, Beebe
1962 Ford Falcon Ranchero 
Marty Brawley, Judsonia (Central) Junior?
1978 Ford PU 
  Elves Hadley, Kensett
1968 Ford PU 
Alex Garcia,     501 593-1381     1979 Ford F100 PU  #2   #3
1978 Ford F-150 PU   
Eric Jones, Searcy
1964 Ford PU
Matt Russell, Searcy
1979 Ford F100 PU 
  Frank Pearson, Searcy
Ford Trucks
Mica Knowles, Bradford?
1972 Ford F100 Custom
Allison Daniel, Searcy
1965 Ford PU 
Frank ______, Judsonia
1960 Ford PU 
Michael Duncan, Judsonia
1948 Ford F-100
Anthony Fry, Swifton   Auto Upholstery
1966 Ford PU   
Rod & Custom Magazine 
Gary Dugger, Beebe 
1963 Ford PU 
1975 Ford PU 
1978 Ford PU 4x4 
Michael Hitt, Searcy
1957 Ford F-100 PU
Antonio Perez, Judsionia
1978 Ford Ranger XLT PU
Gary Toney, Searcy 501.230.9454
194x Ladderback PU  
1948 F1 Ford PU
Michael Hyatt, Bald Knob
1946 Ford PU
Anthony Morris, Searcy
197x Ford 1 Ton
Gary Weatherly, Beebe   501 733-1019
1949 Ford PU
1951 Ford PU 
Arthur Rutherford, Searcy
1976 Ford PU
Gerald Fisher, Griffithville
1958 Ford PU
Michael Plummer, Searcy
1931 Ford Model A
Aywon Hart, Kensett
1970 Ford 100 PU
1981 Ford F6
  Mike Barnett, Searcy
1975 Bronco
Beebe, AR
196x Ford PU
Glen Reed, Bald Knob
1951 Ford PU Restored
1951 Ford PU (2)
1951 Ford 1 1/2 ton
1966 Ford PU (2)
Mike Chalenburg, Searcy
1952 Ford F-1
Ben Hammond, Searcy
1954 Ford F100
Grady Michael, Beebe
1971 Ford F250
Mike Cox, Searcy
1965 Ford F100    Rear
Bill Anderson, Searcy
19xx Ford PU 
Greg Price, Searcy
1966 F100 Ford PU
1979 Ford F150 Custom
Dustin Price MUD TRUCK
Mike DelVechio, Plainview
1959 Ford F100 Delivery Panel
1962 Ford F1-- 1/2 T
Bill Berry, Augusta 
1927 Ford Truck 
Harold Quarles, Clinton
1948 Ford PU 
Mike Williams, Jr, Searcy
1966 Ford PU   Dec 2015
Bill Hanners, McRae
1968 FordPU
Henry Haas, Searcy
1977 Ford Ranchero
Mikel Wilson, Beebe
1963 Ford PU
Bill Hadley
1937 Ford Deluxe PU 
Howard Ghent, Searcy
1947 Ford Truck
Monty Feagin, Pangburn
1965 Ford F-100 
Bill Ivy, Beebe
1930 Ford PU
Howard Raney, Jr, Searcy
1972 Ford 4x2
Otis Reynolds, Hickory Ridge
1958 Ford
1960 Ford F-100
1960 Ford Custom Cab
B.R., Searcy
1950 Ford PU
Israel Meza, Searcy
1954 Ford  
Owen Roberts, Bald Knob  
1963 Ford F100 PU
Billy Covington, Searcy
1942 Ford PU
J.D. Patterson, Searcy
1964 Ford 6000 Bob Truck
Paul _____, Searcy
1964 Ford F-100 
Billy Pate, Searcy 
1950 Ford PU 
James Deaton,
1964 Ford PU
Paul Underwood, Searcy
196x Chevy Dump
1980 Chevy PU
Bob Carter, Searcy
1965 Ford PU Custom Cab
 James Houston, Searcy
1948 Ford F-1
1957 Ford 3200
1958 Ford F-100
1971 Ford 100 Sport Custom
Ralph Dye, Judsonia
1972 Ford 100 PU
Bob Messig, Furlow, AR
1960 Ford F100 Panel Truck
Bob Seigriest
1969 Ford F100 PU 
James Johnson, Augusta
1972 Ford F100
Ralph Hiatt, Searcy
1963 Ford PU
Bobby Brown, Antioch
1963 Ford PU
1964 Ford PU
1967 Ford PU
James Johnson, Pleasant Plains
1930 Ford PU 01  02
Ray Klotz, Bald Knob
1976 Ford PU
Bobby Merrell, Searcy
1966 Ford PU
James Westmoreland, Judsonia 
1927 Ford Model T 
Raymond Liles, Searcy
1966 PU
Bobby Woodall, Romance
1949 Ford PU
Jan Freeman, Bald Knob
192x Ford
Richard "Dick" Dean, Searcy
1971 Ford Flatbed w/Dump
1973 Ford PU
Bobby Weatherford, Beebe
1950 Ford PU
Janet Wyatt, McRae
196x Ford PU
Richard Hall, Searcy
1966 Ford PU
"Boss" Vaughn, West Point
1973 Ford PU
Jason Gude, Searcy
1979 F100 Ford Ranger
Ricky VanWinkle, Bradford
1941 Ford PU
Brad Burdyshaw,  Rose Bud
1964 Ford F-100
1976 Ford F-250
Jason Lochart, Searcy 
1966 Ford F100 PU 
Robbie Marsh, Searcy
1934 Ford V8 PU
Brandon Bryant, Bald Knob
1951 Ford F1     Rear
Jay Robertson, Searcy
1952 Ford PU   Rear
1967 Ford PU
1967 Ford PU
Robert Martin, Bald Knob
195x Ford 2T
Brian Stain, McRae
1965 Ford PU
Jeff Bruce, Judsonia
1953 Ford F-100
Robert Mobley, Kensett
1952 Ford PU
Bubba Beason, Beebe
1923 Ford Railroad Express 
1910 & 1913 Tin Lizzies 
1955 Chevy Truck Project
Roger Britton, Judsonia
1979 Ford PU
Buddy Phillips, Searcy
1951 Ford PU
1962 Ford PU
1977 Ford F350
Jerry Bennett, Searcy
1962 Ford Econoline
Roger Elliott, Searcy 
1955 Ford F-100
Buddy Sullivan, Kensett, AR
1952 Ford F-1 PU 
Jerry Cummins, Judsonia
1964 Ford F100
Roger Rose, Searcy
1979 Ford PU
Butch Hanner, McRae
1966 Ford PU Custom Cab
Jerry W. Guthrie, Judsonia Rommie Cheshier, Searcy
196_ Ford 600 ?
Butch McCain, Seacy 
1952 Ford PU 
Jerry Holiday, McRae 
1949 Ford PU 
C. Throckmorton, Searcy
1975 Ford F600 Dump
Jerry Vernon, Pangburn 
1978 Ford Truck 
Ron Basinger, Bald Knob
1953 Ford F100
Carl Thomason, Bee Branch
1954 Ford F0100 PU
Jessie Johnston, Bald Knob
19__ Wayne PU
Ron Copeland, Searcy
196x Ford Fleetside
Cathy Frazier, Searcy
1978 Ford F250
Jessie Lay, Beebe
1970 Ford PU
1971 Ford PU
1972 3/4 Ton
1975 Ford 2 1/2 ton
Ron Honeycutt, Searcy
1966 Ford 3/4T PU
Charles Burke, SR, Judsonia
196_ Ford PU
Jesus Sanchez, Judsonia
1979 Ford Ranger Lariat PU
Ron Rainwater, Searcy
1963 Ford F-100 Custom Cab
Charles Edwards,  AR
1948 Ford PU 
Jim Bass, McRae 
1954 Ford PU 
Ronnie Cagle, Bradford
1953 Ford PU's
Charlie Carroll, Searcy
1952 Ford PU
Jim Coleman, Beebe
1947 Ford
Ronnie Corbit, Bradford
1972 Ford PU
Charles Hubbard, Romance
1956 F-100 Custom Cab PU 
Jim Gordon, Pleasant Plains
195_ Ford PU

Ronnie Gatlin, Bradford
1966 Ford 3qt Duallie Flatbed

Charles Osborne, Searcy
1953 Ford F100 PU
Jim Smith, Searcy
1971 Ford 100 PU
Rory Keenihan, Beebe
1920 Ford PU
1967 Ranchero 
1967 Fairlane Ranchero
1977 Ford 1-Ton
Charlton Hager, Searcy 
1952 Ford PU
Jim Vancil, Letona 
1951 Ford 
1951 Ford
1949 Dodge PU 
Santiago Alexander, Higginson
1950 Ford PU
Chester Hollis, Searcy
1977 Ford Truck Short Bed
Jimmy Benskin, Judsonia
1953 Ford PU Fire Truck
     3,700 Actual Miles
1953 Ford PU 
Searcy Fire Department
1926 Ford Fire Truck    Frame
Conway, AR 
194x Ford Wrecker 
Jimmy Doyle, Searcy
1946 Ford Fire Truck
Scotty Baker, Beebe
1942 Ford PU  Front   Side
Corey Wilson, Searcy 
1949 Ford PU
1950 Ford PU 
Seth O., Beebe
1961 Ford PU 
Craig Rhea, Searcy
1964 Ford PU
J.L., Searcy
1964 Ford F100 Custom Cab PU
Shane Looney, Searcy 
1978 Ford PU
Craig Russell, Searcy
Ford-1961 PU
Jody Bell, Albion
1972 Ford PU
Stan Louks, Byrd Rd
1965 Ford PU
Curly-Bob's, (Robert Rolf) Conway
194x Ford PU 
Joe Pechoski, Beebe
1966 Ford 100 Twin I-Beam
Steve Barger, Center Hill
1965 Ford PU 
Joe Raines, Searcy
1966 Ford F-100
Steve Cantrell, McRae
1963 Ford PU
Daniel King, McRae
1979 Ford Custom 10 PU
Jonathan Pellegrin, Judsonia
1959 Ford F-100 
Steve Corum, Beebe
1969 Chevy PU 1-T
Dale Bartlett, Judsonia
1972 Ford Ranger XLT 
John Cox, Searcy
1967 Ford PU 
Steve Lang, Judsonia?
1949 Ford PU
Dan Wyman, Beebe
1966 Ford F-100 
John Honeycutt, Searcy
1966 Ford F250 PU
Steves Auto Center, Conway, AR
1947 Ford Wrecker
Dana C. Cheatham, Beebe
1967 Ford Fairlane Ranchero
John Lovell, McRae 
1966 Ford F100 PU
1970 Ford F100 PU
Stuart Varner, Judsonia 
1976 Ford PU 
Daniel Cossey, Searcy
1948 Ford F1 PU  Before   After
John Stout, Searcy
1965 Ford F-150
Tanyon Reeves, Searcy
1950 Ford F-1  Eng 01 Eng02
Danny Hopkins, Judsonia
1979 Ford F250 Ranger 
Johnny Fuller, Searcy
1955 Ford Dump
TC McClendon, Kensett
1956 Ford PU
1965 Ford PU
John Hester, Gravel Hill
1940 Ford PU
T.L. Merriman, Searcy
Danny Mahoney, Beebe
1949 Ford PU 
John Shanks, Bald Knob
1953 Ford F-100
Terry Richardson, Bradford
1952 Ford F100


Dave Hale, Copperas Springs
1962 Ford F-100 PU
1962 Ford F-350
John Vaughn, Quitman
40's Ford PU 
50's Ford PU's 
60's Ford PU 
1950's Chevy Bel Air 
1962 GMC PU 
2-Ton truck 
Thomas Binning, McRae
1965 Ford F100
David ______,  Searcy    501 593-8505
1977 Ford F150 
Johnny Doan Hickory Flay, SC
1966 Ford Dually Flatbed
Thomas Craig, Searcy
1962 Ford F100
David Wools, Judsomia 
19xx Ford PU
 JP Saunders, Searcy
1963 Ford F-100 PU
Thomas Hicks, Pangburn
1981 Ford F-100 PU
  Juan Valdez, Conway
1970 Custom 10 PU
  Julius Williams, Kensett
1952 Ford F1  SOLD
Tim Cornell, Beebe
1963 Ford F100 PU Custom Cab
  Justin Hite, Searcy
1963 Ranchero 
Tim Ward, Beebe 
1964 Ford F100 PU 
David Sterling, Floyd
1963 Ford PU
1965 Ford F100 PU
1966 Ford F100 PU
1971 Ford Custom PU
 K.L., Searcy
1951 Ford PU Stepside
Timothy Timmons, Jonesboro 
1953 Ford
1956 International PU
Delano P., Searcy
1954 Ford F100
1964 1/2 Mustang
Kenneth Barlow, Rose Bud
1977 Ford F150 Dual-Cab PU
Dennis Sears, Searcy
1965 Ford Custom Cab PU
Kenneth Osborne, Searcy
1951 Ford PU
Tom Sledge, Searcy, AR
1966 F100 FordPU
  Kim O'Conner, Judsonia
1959 Ford PU
Tom Tierney, Judsonia
Denny Bishop, Searcy
1978 Ford Dump
L.C., Crosby
1950 Ford PU
Tommy Huckeby, Bald Knob
Ford PU's
DeWayne Pruitt, Searcy 
1966 Ford Twin I Beam 100 PU
Larry Cox, Beebe 
1917 Ford Model T 
Lamar Wright, Searcy 
1965 Ford PU 
Tony Dorton, Judsonia
1966 Ford Fleetside  #1  #2 
Lanny Fason, Beebe 
1965 Ford PU 
Tony Moss, Rose Bud
1954 Ford V8 PU
Don Mooney, Searcy   SOLD
1960 Ford F-100 Custom Cab 
Larry Bean, Searcy
1980 Ford PU
Tony Tylor, Jonesboro, AR
1965 FORD PU Stepside    #2
Larry Barkowsky, Beebe
1928 Ford PU
Travis Jennings, Searcy
1964 F-100 PU
Donnie Gatewood, Judsonia
1979 Ranchero
L.C., Searcy
1969 Ford PU
1971 Ford PU
Vickie Rutherford, Bald Knob
1978 Ford PU
Doug Basinger, Bald Knob
51 Ford Flatbed
Larry Westbrook, Pangburn 
1948 Ford F-6 COE 
1949 Ford PU        New Paint
Vickie Tippitt, Romance
1968 Ford PU
Doug Lendermon, Beebe, AR 
1970 Ford Custom
Larry Whittington, Bald Knob
1971 Ford PU
Virgil Sansoucie, Judsonia
1966 Ford PU
Doyle Mason, Bradford
1955 Ford PU
1978 Ford F-600
Lee Ann Russell, Searcy
1961 Ford Fleetside PU
Virgil Williams, Higginson
1923 Ford Model T
Earl Rutherford, Searcy
1966 Ford F150 PU
Lee Jones, Searcy
1955 Ford PU
Virginia Wood, El Dorado
1954 Ford F6 Fire Truck
Ed Strackbein, Mt Vernon
1936 Ford PU
Levi Wright, Searcy
1981 Ford F150 PU
W.O., Searcy
Vintage Pickups
Eddie Covington, Searcy
1975 Ford F350 PU
Lewis Watkins, Judsonia
1967 Ford PU
Wendell Phillips, Searcy 
1962 Ford PU 
Eddie Ross, Judsonia
Ford Trucks
Lloyd Hudson, West Point
1948 Ford PU   #1   #2
White Co. Road Dept, Searcy
1962 Ford Fire Truck
Edward Brossard, Judsonia
1970 Ford F 100 PU
1977 Ranchero
1978 Ford PU
Lochlan Weichbrodt, McRae 
1975 Ford PU
William Hanner, Mcrae
1964 FordPU
Luke Boatman, Pangburn
1971 Ford Broncho
1978 Ford Supercab
William Moore, El Paso
1964 Ranchero PU
Eddy Pipkin, El Paso
1948 Panel
1956 F100 PUl
1966 Ford P
Lynn Nugent, Judsonia
1960 Ford PU
William Taylor, Bradford 
1927 Model T 
1967 Ford PU 
Mack Reynolds, Searcy
1978 Ford PU
Eldon England, Searcy
1964 Ford F100 V8 PU 
Mark Oliver, Searcy
1973 Ford F1-100
Willie Sneed, Velvet Ridge
1951 Ford PU 
Elgin Hamby, Bradford
1930 Ford Model A PU
Mark Williams, Georgetown
1954 Ford PU
William Spears, Beebe
1951 Ford Custom
1951 Ford Sedan Custom