Vintage Other Cars around Searcy, AR
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Mike Shaw of Ponca City, OK
is looking for a 52 Studebaker Lark Convertible  405.816.7867

Members of Kustoms and Klassics Unlimited, Searcy
Fiat 600 19??, Searcy
_____, Eaton 19__ Ponitac

_________, Rose Bud?
19__ Convertible

________, Mt Vernon 
196x-7x Mercedss 200S
________, Quitman Buick 19__ Red ______, Harding 19__  Ford ________, Searcy 19__ Z28
___, Searcy
1967 ? Nova White/Red
Cadillac, CW Road, Searcy
1957 Cadillac, McRae Parade 20131026 
________, Harding 19__
Austin Healey
_______, Beebe 19__ Plymouth
Chrysler Newport WinsdorDeluxe, Searcy Eaton, Searcy 
Chevelle, ChevyPU, Firebird
_________. Bald Knob
 194_ Plymouth
Fluid Drive ________,
19__ Buick LaSabre, Green
______ W. Park, Searcy
196x Pontiac
197_? Dodge Rampage _________ Harding
Cuda 196_
_______, Eaton in Searcy
196- Pontiac Firebird
_______, AR 
197x? Volvo 
Mountain View, AR
 _________, Searcy
19__ Jeep Wagoneer black/tan
1982 Olds Cutlass Coca Cola  ________, LRAFB 
19xx Buick Electra 

ABC Block Co, Searcy--
195_ MG
Gene Weems, McRae
1966 Pontiac Gran prix
1965 Pontiac Catalina
Michael Duncan, Judsonia
1979 Firebird
- George Carder, Searcy
1982 Rolls Silver Spirit
Michael Hitt, Searcy
1949 Cadillac Series 62
Allen Hill, Searcy
1931 Packard Roadster
Gerald Saunders, Searcy
1983 Mercedes 240D
Mike Boyd, Judsonia
1948 Plymouth Police Car
Alton Brimer, Bald knob
1936 Plymouth
1947 Dodge Coupe
1952 Plymouth
Glenn Boyd, Searcy
1984 Mercedes E-Class
Mike Cowan, Searcy
1978 Firebird
Angella Coley, McRae 
1986 Firebird 
Glen Johnson, Searcy
1981 Olds Cutlass 
Mike Loftin, Beebe
1939 Dodge Coupe
1970 MIG
Anthony French, Harding
1950 Chrysler Royal
Glenn Yoder, Mountain View, AR
1962 Dodge Lancer
Antonio Sorrentino, Judsoinia
1977 Pontiac Lemans
H.F. Stone, Beebe
193_ Coupe
Mike Milligan, Searcy
1969 Rolls Royce  
Arthur Churchill, Searcy 
1978 Triumph Spitfire 
Hargrove & Son Towing, Searcy
1950 Pontiac Silver Streak
Mike Thomas, Bald Knob
1974 Comet
  Harold Holleman, Searcy
1978 Firebird
Mitch Miles, Searcy
1976 Jeep CJ5
  Heber Springs 
1958 Buick, Chevy, Mercury, Olds 
Benjamin Taran, Bald Knob 
1966 Dodge dart
  Morris Bowman, Searcy
1979 Cadillac 
Benny Clark, Searcy
1977 Toyota Celica ST
Irrelson Robinson, Searcy
1984 Olds 
Murl Tedder, Searcy
1964 Triumph Hardtop
1967 Triumph Convertible
1968 Fury II
Benny McDougal, Judsonia
1968 Dodge Charger
1983 Dodge RanVan 4x2
Jack ____, 
19xx Cadillac 
Murphy Hensley, Pangburn 
1964 Mercury Comet 
B.R., Searcy, AR
196x Pontiac Car
Jake Taylor, Judsonia
1933 Plymouth
Nick Cowan, Searcy
1975 Pontiac Firebird
Bill Redding
197x Dodge Charger
James Carson, Searcy
1967 Firebird Convertible SOLD
1976 MG   Rear 
Norbert Flieg, Searcy
1970 Pontiac GTO
Bill Rupp, Searcy 
1979 Oldsmobile 
James Gilbert, Judsonia
1973 AMC Javelin Sport
Norm Smith, El Paso 
1934 Chrysler AirFlow
1934 Chrysler AirFlow 
Bill Session, Searcy
Jeep CJ7
  Otis Reynolds, Hickory Ridge
1957 Mercury Montclair
1960 Cadillac
Billy Byrd, Searcy
1966 Plymouth Fury
James Haymes, Judsonia
1973 AMC Javilin
Patrick O'Boyle, Harding (TX)
1956 Olds 98 Rocket
Billy Henderson, Judsonia
James Houston, Searcy
19xx? Kaiser  
Patsy Bone, Bald knob
1962 Jaguar
1973 Jaguar XJ6
1977 Cadillac Deville
Billy Newnum, Searcy
1968 Nova
James Kelsey, Kensett
1954 Dodge Royal
BO Hebel, McRae 
1967 GTO
James Paul Saunders, Searcy
1962 Pontiac Grand Prix
Paul Cook, Kensett 
1954 Plymouth  
Cell: 501.206.4996
___ Boaz, Pangburn
1-941, Chrysler Royal
  Paul Smith, Pangburn
1977 Pontiac TransAm
Bob Matthew, McRae
James Matthews, McRae 
1940 Dodge 
Perrie Smith, Searcy
Cadillac Eldorado 
Bob Roark, Searcy
1940 Dodge Coupe
James Wiles, Searcy
1965 Pontiac Coupe
Phillip Moore, Searcy
1985 Jeep Waggoneer
Bobby Gillespie, Searcy
1966 Lincoln
James Wyatt, Sherwood
1934 DeSoto AirFlow  
Phillip Robertson, Searcy
1977 Plymouth Volare
Bobby Merrell, Searcy
1979 Pontiac Firebird
Jamie Vernon, Pangburn
1968 Chevelle   1968 Firebird
1969 Firebird    1969 LeMans
1970 Chevy 
Phillip Shewmaker, Stuttgart
1927 Jaguar Kit Car
1954 Jaguar XK XK 120M
Boyd Wright, Searcy
1965 Barracuda 
1967 Barracuda 
Jared Mason, Searcy
1968 Pontiac GTO
Ralph Trollett, Searcy
1968 Plymouth Sport Fury
1975 MG Midget
Brandon Doyle, Albion
1970 Dodge 440 
Jarrell Schmidt, Judsonia
1966 Buick
Ray Montgomery, Searcy  SOLD to CA
1961 MG 4000  Car & Driver
Brandon Pannell, Searcy
1972 BMW
Jasper Jones, Kensett
1954 Olds Holiday Coupe
Raymond Emde, Bald Knob
Bryan Wilson, Beebe
1940 Plymouth Coupe
1948 Chrysler
Jeff Free, Searcy
1967 Firebird
Raymond Fisher Sr, Searcy
1979 Cadillac Fleetwood
Bubbles Choate, Judsonia
1901 Olds   INFO
Jeff Miller, Searcy
1966 Pontiac Bonneville
Reginal Rutherford, Searcy
19xx Mercedes
  Jeff Tinsley, Searcy 
1980 Mercedes G1929 Replica
             More Pictures
Richard "Dick" Dean, Searcy
1964 Nash Metropolitan
196x Nash Metropolitan
Cale Hopkins, Searcy
1969 Silver Shadow Rolls-Royce
Jerry ______, Judsonia
1950 Chrysler Windsor
Richard Hooker, Searcy 
1966 Chrysler Newport 
Cecil Chestnut, Bald Knob
1956 Olds Coupe 
Jerry W. Guthrie, Judsonia Rick, Searcy
1970 Skylark
Henry "Buddy" Muirhead, Searcy
1924 Ner-A-Car MC Model B
Jerry S. Guthrie, Judsonia
1971 Pontiac Lemans
1986 Cutlass Salon Coupe
Robbie Marsh, Searcy
1929 Whippet  Willys-Overland Brochure 
Buddy Phillips, Searcy
195 Cadillac
Jerry Spencer, Kensett
1958 Continental III
Robert Manasco, Beebe
11981 Pontiac Bonneville Sdn/Cpe
Butch McCain, Searcy
1952 Plymouth Cranbrook
Jerry Suggs, Little Rock
1951 Calillac Rod
Robert Montgomery, Judsonia
1948 Kaiser  Rear
_____ Chapman, Searcy
1951 Pontiac   Hood Ornament
Jim Tarkington, Searcy
19__ Buick Rivera
193x Plymouth 
Robert Walker, Searcy
CELL: 501-230-9204
1968 Oldsmobile 442  
C.W. McDaniel, Searcy
1967 Chrysler
  Roger Dobbins, Searcy
1973 Dodge Challenger
Cale Hopkins, Searcy 
1966 Chrysler
Jim Wilson, Searcy
1986 Jeep
Roger Langster, Heber Springs
19__ Cadillac
Caleb Parry, Searcy
1966 Dodge Fury 
Jimmy Doyle, Searcy
1914 Fire Chief's Car
Roger Wilson, Little Red
1958 Austin Healey 100-6 
Carmell Manning, Searcy 
1964 Rambler Convertible
Jimmy Joe Strayhorn, Beebe
1938 DeSoto Coupe
Rommie Cheshier, Searcy
1966 International Scout  SOLD
1974 Pontiac Ventura
Cathy Frazier, Searcy
1971 BMW 600
Jimmy King, Searcy
1982 Buick Rivera   
Ron Nolte, LRAFB
1967 Firebird   
Chad Caldwell, Newman, GA
1958 DeSoto Convertible
Jody Bell, Albion
1968 Cougar 
-Charles Clay, Searcy
1950 Pontiac 
1981 Cadillac DeVille 
  Ron Urban, Searcy
1972 Olds Cutlass Supreme
Charles Merrit, McRae
1949 & 1951 Crosley Station Wagons
  Ron Walters, Searcy
1947 Mercury
Chris Shawver, Jacksonville
1969 Firebird 455   #1   #2   #3
Joe Hammond, Searcy
1972 Dodge Swinger
Ron Williams, Searcy
1983 American Jeep
Chris Ward, Beebe 
1978 Pontiac Phoenix 
John _______, Searcy
1968 Plymouth Barracuda
Ronnie Cagle, Bradford
1940 Dodge Sedan
1971 Dodge Dart Swinger
Corey Davidson, Searcy
1976 Buick LeSabre
John Ballinger, Joy
1952 Jeep Station Wagon
Ronnie Moore, Searcy
1968 Porsche 911
Craig Williams, Searcy 
1982 Trans AM  
John Chapman, Searcy
1974 Dodge Charger
Rory Keenihan, Beebe
1977 MG Midgett
Dale Allen, Pleasant Plains
1968 Bonneville 

John Grady, Searcy 
1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 
Wanted: 1963 GMC Suburban
Royce Brothers, Rose Bud
1965 Cadillac Convertible
  John Hester, Gravel Hill
1938 Cadillac 
1940 Pontiac Silverstreak
Russell Merriman, Judsonia
1966 Oldsmobile
Daniel Davidson, Searcy
1976 Cadillac 
  Sam Keichline, Searcy
1969 Rambler AMX
Danny Covington, Searcy 
1979 Firebird 
John Johnston, Bald Knob
1936 Plymouth 
Dave Robertson, Searcy
19xx Henney Kilowatt
19xx Henney Kilowatt
John Cox, Searcy
Sam Turner, Albion
1981 TransAm
David DeGrandchamp, Searcy
1964 Dodge Polara
1967 Dodge Cornet
1969 Plymouth GTX
John Peckham, Pangburn
1973 Triumph
Sampson Goodwin, Pangburn 
1936 Olds Coupe
  John Stout, Searcy
1967 MG Midget
Searcy Towing, Searcy
1968 Chrysler Towncar
David Gann, Bonehead CustomZ, Searcy
1956 Cadillac
Johnny Cleaver, Kensett
19xx Dusenberg
1966 Jaguar
Scotty Garland, Searcy 
1958 Edsel Ranger   Rear    Wikipedia
David Mann, Beebe
19xx Jaguar  Rear
19xx Volvo 240 GL
Seth Barber, Searcy
1973 Plymouth Barracuda 
David Moody, Judsonia
1933 Plymouth
Johnny Fuller, Searcy
1979 Mercury Zepher
David Powell, Bald Knob
1947 Cadillac Hearse
Joseph Jakonczuk, Beebe
1950 Jeep CJ3A
Shane Coon, Judsonia
1937 Chrysler Roadster 
David Selvidge, Searcy
1968 Sunbeam Minx
Julius Williams, Kensett 
1982 Jaguar 
Shane Ford, Searcy
1972 Fiat 
David Shutter, Searcy
1981 Checker Cab
Junior Brawley, 367 Muffler
Nash Rambler
Shane Lowe, Judsonia
1968 Olds Cutlass Supreme 
Upholstery by Chrissy 
David Wood, Central
1971 American Hornet
Justin Hite, Searcy
1969 Roadrunner
Sheila Petty, Searcy
1978 Mercedes 450SL
Dee Berry, Shirley
1896 Duryea Motor Wagon     #2
   Duryea Motor Wagon 1st American gas automobile
Justin Palesotti, Searcy
19__ Datsun
Sherlyn Hannah, Judsonia
1966 Plymouth Barracuda
Denny Bishop, Searcy
1978 MG Midget
Kato Hadley, Kensett
Sonny Blackwell, Bald Knob
1949 Pontaic Silver8Streak
 Dewayne Barker, Searcy
195_ Olds
195_ Olds 88
1970 Cadillac Convertible
1973 Cadillac Eldorado
Keith Maddock, Searcy
1955 Packard Clipper
Stanley Rongey, Searcy
1975 Plymouth Scamp
Dillon Cook, Searcy
1967 Cougar
Ken Harrison, Russellville
19__ Morris
Stanley Turley, Searcy
1981 Pontiac
Don Black, Judsonia
1971 Pontiac  
Kenneth Barlow, Rose Bud
1974 Bonneville
Stephen Edelhuber, Searcy
1969 Jeepster Commando
Don Undaly, Searcy
19__ Jeepster Commando
Kenneth Hickey, Searcy
194_ Plymouth Special Deluxe
Steve Anglin, Searcy
1969 Roadrunner
Doug Lynn, Searcy
1968 Pontiac Lemans
Kenny Moore, Searcy
1978 Firebird
Steve Barger, Center Hill
Doyne Passley, Searcy
1940 Dodge
Kerry Hensley, Pangburn 
1956 Mercury Medallists
TC Mc Clendon, Kensett
1976 Cadillac
Dwight Hall, 4-Mile Hill
1941 Willis Civilian
Lake Country Auto Sales
Heber Springs
1971 TransAM 
Terry Green, Searcy
1984 Porsche 911 Carrera
Pic #1 - Pic#2
Dylan Camp, Romance, AR 
1979 Firebird 
Larry Hicks, Searcy
1948 Plymouth
Terry Valance, Searcy
1974 Fiat 
E.A. Williams, Bald Knob
1986 Continental Diesel
Larry Mouser, Jonesboro
1975 Grand Ville Brougham
      Classic Pontiacs
Terrance Jackson, Searcy
1967 Buick Skylark
Earl Rutherford, Searcy
1982 Plymouth Voyager 
Larry Patterson, Floyd
1967 Pontiac Lemans 
1969 Buick Skylark 
Therell Mullens, Rose Bud 
1980 Triumph 
Ed & Betty, Possum Grape
1952 Kaiser
Larry Redman, Searcy
1965 Buick Wildcat
Tim Duke, Searcy
1971 Volvo
Ed Orcotter, Searcy
1963 Austin Healy
Larry Tate, Searcy
1963 Austin Healey 9000
Tim Louks, Dripping Springs
Cars 194_
Ed & Pat Williams, Quitman
1889 Bota Horseless Carriage
  Tim McAfee, Rose Bud
1940 Pontiac  
Eddie Ross, Judsonia
1949 Plymouth 
1951 Buick Super
1966 Pontiac
Lee Roy Hicks, Rose Bud

1948 Plymouth Coupe
Tom Miller, Judsonia
19__ Mercedes
19__ Mercedes
  Leon Clay, Joy
1950 Pontiac
Tom Tierney, Judsonia
1967 Buick Rivera
1967 Pontiac GTP
Elgin Hamby, Bradford
1967 Mercury Cougar
1976 MG
Leon Cross, Beebe   
1926 Peugoet Touring
1948 Studebaker
1962 Corvair Convertible
1976 Midget MG
1977 Dodge Sportsman Van
1980 Ford Courier Striker PU
1965 John Deere Tractor
Tom Allinder, Beebe
1971 Dodge Charger
Eli Perez, McRae, AR 
1967 Mustang
1969 Nova

1973 T-Bird 
Leonard Wiggins, Searcy
1967 Dodge Cornet
Tommy Treadway, Searcy
1933 Plymouth
Linda & G.R. Pike, Searcy
1899 Parisenne Vioturetedion
1915 Hudson 
1953 Nash Healy
19xx MG
Tom Woodruff, Searcy
194_ Plymouth
Ellis Yingling, Beebe
1960 Continental
Lloyd Harris, Step Rock
1940 Dodge   
Tony French, Searcy
194x Chrysler
Elvin Hicks, Bald knob
1959 Edsel
Loyce Culwell, Joy
1949 DeSoto
Tony Jones, Bald knob
194x Plymouth Special DeLuxe 
Elvis Sullivan, Judsonia
1969 Pontiac GTO
Luke Thomas, Searcy
1959 MG
1946-52 Willis
1963 Land Cruiser 
Tracye Smith, Searcy 
1968 Cadillac Convertible 
Eric Hodges, Pangburn
1952 DeSoto Hemi  SOLD
1940 Pontiac       
1954 Buick          
1953 Plymouth Cranbrook
Lynn Britton, Searcy
1967 Plymouth Baracudda
Trading Post, Rose Bud
1959 Plymouth Belvedere
  Treat & Reba Hays, Bradford
1955 Buick Restored
1955 Buick Unrestored
195_ Buick
Eugene Miller, Searcy
1965 Nash Rambler
Marion Tolson, Beebe
1967 Plymouth Barracuda
1969 Dodge 
Virgil Shown, McRae 
1947 Kaiser
Mark Andrews,
1959 Triumph TR3
W. O., Searcy
Vintage Cars
Eva Sarrels, Judsonia
1969 Pontiac Firebird
Frances Weir, Searcy
1969 Mercury Grand Marquis
Mark _____, Beebe
19__ Dodge Lancer 
Wayne Woods, Jonesboro
1971 Olds 98  SOLD
Frankie _______, Searcy
1973 Cadillac Eldorado
Will Cleaveland, Searcy 268-7093
1963 Mercury Comet  
Frank D. Pearson, Searcy
1930 DeSoto
Martin Ester, Beebe
1968 Pontiac GTO
Frank Whitehead, Beebe
1970 Dodge Challenger
William Burton, Searcy 
1973 Porsche 
Fred Otto, Pangburn
1955 Oldsmobile 88 Rocket
Martin Storey, Searcy
19__ Fiat
William Gilbert, Baldknob
19__ Desoto
Freddie Hubach, Searcy 
1958 Mercury 
Marty Brawley, Judsonia (Central) junior?
1973 Dodge Charger
William Howard, Kensett
1972 Olds Cutlas
Garner City
19xx Buick?
Matt LaForce, Searcy 
1970 Cougar Eliminator 
William Leggett, Judsonia
1976 Jeep
Gary Cantrell, Searcy
1970 Dodge Challenger RT
Matt Schmitt, Searcy
1967 Rambler American 220
James Wiles, Searcy
1965 Pontiac
Gary Conlee, Searcy
1979 MG 
Matthew Hannah, Judsonia
1953 Mercury Montery
Gary Morgan, Carraway, AR
1925 Willys Overland
Michael Cherry, Higginson
1967 Pontiac GTO
1967 Pontiac GTO
Y&Y Auto Salvage, Providence
1965 Cobra Replica 
Gary Reed, Searcy
1981 Datsun 
Melba Cummins, Bald Knob
1980 Datsun 2DX
Yolanda Hollaway, Searcy
196x Pontiac