Wilbourn Family

Greene & White County, Arkansas

The name Wilbourn, meaning stream or spring, came from Normandy to Lincolnshire, England.

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Wilburn, Wilborn, Willborn, Wollnurn, Wilbourn, Genealogy

William Wilbourn d: 3 Mar 1827 Edgefield District, SC   Richard (Dick) W. Wilbourn & Sarah Jane McMickle of NC
Gerrell Arkadale Wilbourn & Jennie Cummings s/o Richard W. Wilbourn   Vard Wilbourn b: Tuscaloosa Al 1884 m: Effie Lou in MS
Joseph Blann Wilbourn , Greene Co., AR   Daniel Wilbourn in Hempstead Co., 1829
William Wilbourn b: 1897    Louise Wilbourn b: 1909

some info from James Lowe Wilbourn &  Robert Risner rrisner@halltechinc.com

1-J. E. Wilbourn	1920 Census Greene Co., AR  
sp: Annie Betty Claunch		  Mrs. J. E. Wilbourn
    2-infant  Wilbourn
      b:  1891 ? 
    2-Ernie  Wilbourn
      b:  1893
      d: abt 1896
    2-Eugene "Gene" Wilbourn
      b: 1895
    sp: Isabella Donaldson	d/o George M. Donaldson of Paragould, AR
      m: 21 Jun 1916 Jefferson City, MO		Old Wilbourn Marriages Family
      b:  1897
    2-Clarence  Wilbourn
      b:  1898 
    2-Hazel  Wilbourn
      b:  1899
    2-Annie Lou  Wilbourn
      b:  1901
    2-Franklin  Wilbourn
      b:  1903
    sp: _________			Mrs. Franklin Wilbourne 
	3-James "Jim" Lowe Wilbourn 
	  b: 		Paragould, Greene Co., AR
	sp: Mildred Moore Taylor 
	  b: 				Searcy, Ar
	  d: 9 Jun 2004		Searcy, Ar
	    4-Dan Wilbourn
	      b: 		Searcy, Ar
	    sp: Mary Beth _______
		5-Ryan Wilbourn
		  b: 		Searcy, Ar
		5-Allie Wilbourn
		  b: 		Searcy, Ar
	    4-Alan Wilbourn
	      b: 		Searcy, Ar
		5-________ Wilbourn
		5-_____ Wilbourn
	sp: Donna Lynn Benton		2nd spouse of James Lowe Wilbourn
  	  m: 22 Apr 2006 Searcy
	  b: 21 Oct 1943 Searcy, White Co., AR
    2-Gladys  Wilbourn
      b:  1905
    2-Joe  Wilbourn
      b:  1908
    2-Hardy  Wilbourn
      b: abt 1911