White County, Arkansas
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Thomas Paine: Age of Reason
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The first in America to publicly call for the outright end to slavery

Bobbittville   Famous Arkansas People     Cities of White County

526 Ordinance History WWII - J.B. Hays NEWFLSH2.GIF (2760 bytes) Orphans on the River - Norman R. Martin
Paige, Jennifer Alyssa - Singer
Akridge, Scott   & Emmett Powers - Authors Paradoxes in Leadership by Charles R. Edmunson,
Plumber, Professor Mike "The Amphibians and Reptiles of Arkansas"
Biblical Art Display Presley, Luther G. When The Saints Go Marching In
Black House Art Gallery Selvidge, Janelle - Original Indian Prints
Braces Aren't Forever by Rachel Turner
Buchanan, Joseph - Artist Short, Ruby Elizabeth - Poet/Author
Stevens, Amanda Author
Carlton, Benjamin Hardy, MD Autobiography Stewart, Austin "Goodie" Singer.Songwriter
Civil War Reenacting
Cox, Dwight - Velvet Ridge Singers Tarvin, George D. - Chainsaw Carving
Crace, Lauren - Singer That's Judsonia" - by W.E. "Skinny" Orr
The Cross Country Band Austgralia
The Daily Citizen - Reflections of White County Arkansas
Danner, Ruth McHaney www.ipeg.com/~mdanner/quilting.htm The Firemen - Band
garageband.com The History of McRae by Bruce Cook
Glosson, Lonnie  - Talking Harmonica Man
Good, Bradley - Artist The Humorus History of White County, Arkansas
by Charles E. Johnson
The Lonesome Highway - Band
"Honing The Nugget" by English, Elton The Searcy Art Gallery
Tidwell's Dream, Steve - Singer/Song Writer
Immortal Soul - Heavy Metal  
In The Arkansas Backwoods by Freidriech Gerstacker Toler, Raymond Jr - The Searcy I Remenber 1922-42
Total Eclipz - Band
Jaywalkers Trio - Blues Townsend Trio - Bluegrass
Johnson, Lincoln - Author Treat's Story, Eric T.- Community Service
Trey Reely - Author
Keith, Wes - Author
Kensett - by DeAnne Palmer
Ward, Pamela K. NEWFLSH2.GIF (2760 bytes)
  Watson, Dr. Miles - Poet
Muncey, Raymond Lee - Author White County Creative WritersNEWFLSH2.GIF (2760 bytes)

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