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Chird Bobbitt
White County, ARE
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Staff Writer
The Daily Citizen

22 February 1998

   White County has been launched into the future, thanks to Chird Bobbitt, computer services manager for the county.
   Bobbitt has set up about 20 web pages for White County communities and organizations since last may and has plans for
many more.
   According to Bobbitt, the White County home page was set up "as a beginning for people to institute their searches." The
county web site is a directory, he said, to find further information around the area.
   Many services are offered through the Internet; for example, the voter registration page links county voters to the state
office so they can register on-line. Other cyberspace resources include personnel policy manuals for county employees,
school policies, county government information, and kids' page with links to community, educational, sports, and scouting
activies. Links are also provided for county businesses and health facilities, such as local hospitals and doctors.
   There are several benefits to having this information just a keyboard touch away, according to Bobbitt, such as improving county-wide services, reducing traffic in the courthouse, making tasks (such as voter registration) easier for the handicapped,
 and providing information for residents in distant or rural areas of the county.
   Bobbitt's future plans for the county's computer system are to both improve and expand county-related information and to
gain access to deed records, among other county records.
   His "long-term goal" is to "provide all county officials with e-mail service so residents can easily contact them." He also
wishes to establish links between all counties, providing such information as budget figures and announcements, as well as
providing links for information on all personal property and real estate matters.
  Bobbitt can set up a web page "in a matter of minutes" after initial links are set up. According to Bobbitt, it costs a privately owned business about $100 to set up a web page, not including monthly fees for maintenance.
   The prices are set according to the size of the page and amount of information.
   The internet address for the White County home page is http://www.whitecountyar.org .
   The home page provides links to other county-wide pages: Web pages for Judsonia, McRae, and Searcy;  voter registration; Searcy Humane Society; Searcy Municipal Airport; White County Domestic Violence Prevention, Inc.; White County Cooperative Extension Service; Arkansas schools, colleges, and universities; Child Abuse Awareness, Inc., White County officials and key personnel; Mother Against Drunk Driving (MADD); White County and Arkansas maos; White County Chapter of the American Red Cross; White County Rape Crisis Center; Searcy Fire Department; White County Veterans Service; White County Sheriff's Department; Arkansas State Police and Sheriff Law Enforcement; county road department; Department of Human Services. U.S. Postal Service.
   The Searcy web page provides links to fire and police departments, chamber of commerce, Searcy Public Schools,
on-line information on government professionals, information on the Searcy Cruising Ordinance, and much more.
   In the future, Bobbitt hopes to create pages for all the cities and communities within the county.
   The county home page also provides links to other county government pages in the state, as well as a list of White County businesses and restaurants and a travel page with links to airlines, U.S. cities, foreign countries, Arkansas parks and Tourism,
and AMTRAK, among other travel-related sites, such as motel sites.