Georgetown, Arkansas

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Old Nigger Hill Cemetery

Old Railroad Bridge

Mussel Shell Boat

Northern Pacific RR Locomotive

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Georgetown One Stop Catfish House By Tim Bousquet
The One-Stop Café By Heber Taylor

Known as Negro Hill (Negro Hill or Nigger Hill) as far back as 1808 because at that time it was reportedly settled by escaped slaves. Jean Fyatt established what is probably the oldest continuous settlement in White County on the river in the late 1700's. One of the Francure brothers, Francis obtained a Spanish Grant #2416 at Georgetown containing 1361 arpens at the mouth of the Little Red River in 1789.
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Jean Fyatt established a settlement on the the Little Red  in the late 1700's, probably the first settler in White County. Francois Francure is said to have set up a trading post at what is now Georgetown in 1789 and lived on a 1,361 acre land grant from the Spanish government. In 1803 the land was ceded by France as a part of the Louisana Purchase. It was also known as Francure Township until it was named Georgetown in 1909. The M. & N.A. railroad came through town in 1908 and satyed until 1946.

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A 1910 map I have shows Negro Hill to be a separate community established before 1867 five miles south from the mouth of the Little Red River on the west side of the White River just north of Georgetown. Chird Bobbitt

Judge Eugene Cypert (1857-1955)


202 N. Pecan, Georgetown, AR 72145

City Council:

1 Eddie Stephenson (D) 3 Gene Starks (D) 5 Bobby Bryant (D)
2 Thelma DeVolld (D) 4 Dolly Holloway (D)  

White County Tax Assessor: Debra Akers Lang

Police Chief:
Fire Chief:
Justice of the Peace: Layne "Boss" Vaughn        MAILBOX1.GIF (1605 bytes)  District #8