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  Anderson/Reed/Bobbitt Tree MS

Bradley R. Bobbitt, NC	Henry Bobbitt emancipated NC	Edward Bobbitt, d: 2 Oct 2001 Indianapolis, IN

Thomas Bobbitt, Sr of NC & GA
Owned slaves given to him by his mother-in-law

Butte Co., NC Tax list 1771 	Negroes, Okey, Lacy, Ned, Jimmy & Tom  p. 71 Bobbitt Book
About 25% of the Bobbitt families listed in the 1900 census of Georgia were members of the black race.
	p. 827  Bobbitt Book
Cicero Bobbitt b: 1856 GA   1900 Twiggs Co., Census Pearson District No. 323 GMD 

Mina Bobbitt
George Washington Bobbitt, Grayson Co., VA slaves listed - p. 220 Bobbitt Book
5-Thomas Bobbitt	of VA	p.32-3, 324, 349 Bobbitt Book
     held six slaves at his death in 1759 (4 male, 2 female) - p. 33 Bobbitt Book
	6-John Bobbitt, Of Sussex, Co. Vr.	p.33, 349 Bobbitt Book
	    held at least 4 slaves, Sarah, David, Man & George 	p. 35 Bobbitt Book 
                7-Stephen Erasmus Bobbitt, Senior	p. 76, 109, 415, 595-6 Bobbitt Book
	 owned as many as 22 slaves, Lucy, Diner, Chavis, Turner, Riddick, Siller, Abraham, Fanny,
	Chamy, 	Rose, Phil, Sarah, Clunsey, Linney, Jim, Henten, Solomon, Lewis, Vinus, Britanah,
	Anthony, Sid, Harry & Bod - and others given to his children
		    8-Harris Bobbitt	p. 233, 595 Bobbitt Book
		      had many slaves, all were trained to read & write
			Everett, Rosetty, Charles, Jim, Washington, George, Sillen, Harriet, Mealy
			some may have returned to Africa after the war
		    9-Major William Bobbitt	p. 163, 698, 707, Bobbitt Book
	served in the Mexican War	Picture from Billy Barton
	p. 697, 760 Bobbitt Book		Mary Cinnamon 
		was a professional surveyor, friend of President James K. Polk
	 owned large number of slaves,  Bill, York, Nelson, 
	Louisa, Jenny, Darkin, Hannah, Fannie & Henry    p. 704, Bobbitt Book
		      b: 6 Apr 1797 Warren Co., NC	p. 705 Bobbitt Book
		      d: 24 Nov 1860 MS  bur Goshen Cem., west of Coffeeville, MS	
		moved family to Maury Co., TN 1823 then  MS in 1838 after his father died
		    sp:Sarah Woody 		    d/o Samuel Woody & Jane Holmes
		      m: 3 Jul 1817 Maury Co., TN
		      b: 26 Dec 1797 AL (Orange Co., NC?)	
		      d: 1 Apr 1834-5
 			10-Martha Van Buren Bobbitt   p. 704, Bobbitt Book
		owned 4 slaves, Anderson, & wife Darcus were two   
			  b: 23 Mar 1837 TN		
			  d: 1891
			sp:William Lester Barton 
			  d: 	MS 		died 4 years after marriage 
Fredie Bobbett	b: 16 Mar 1892 B Walnut Grove MS Leake MS 
Spencer Bobbett	b:  5 Sep 1895 B Walnut Grove MS Leake MS 
Zesla Bobbett	b: 12 Mar 1890 B Walnut Grove MS Leake MS 
Walter Bobett	b:  1 Feb 1887 B Leake MS
 Leake Co., MS Births

Spencer Bobbitt St Andrews Episcopal
Walter Bobbett, Zanzibar Tales 

How Conrad Lost His School Books, (ss) St. Nicholas Magazine May 1886
It May Seem Very Foolish, (pm) St. Nicholas Magazine May 1885
Little Maid, Pretty Maid (with Mother Goose), (pm) St. Nicholas Magazine Sep 1885
The Little Old Man of Dyre, (pm) St. Nicholas Magazine Dec 1884
One, Two, Three!, (pm) St. Nicholas Magazine Nov 1884
		Newton Co., MS Birth Info
William Warren Bobbett
  b: 6 Oct 1874  Newton    MS
Albert Bobbett
  b: 11 Aug 1881  Newton    MS
Ed Bobbett
  b: 10 Sep 1900  Newton    MS
Spencer Bobbett
  b: 16 Apr 1887   Lawrence MS     Newton    MS
Louis Bobett
  b: 16 Oct 1889   Lawrence MS   Newton    MS
Joe G. Bobitt
  b: 1890  Harperville MS     lives in Lake MS     Newton    MS
John Cornelius Bobitt
  b: 1890   Hillsboro MS      lives Lake MS      Newton    MS

		Scott Co., MS Birth Info
Turner Bobbitt       
  b: 30 Jan 1877 				Scott Co., MS
Sam Bobbitt          
  b: 12 Jul 1886 		Harperville, Scott Co., MSS
Joe G. Bobitt        
  b: 1890 		   lives in Lake,	Harperville, Newton    MS
John Cornelius Bobitt 
  b: 1890 		lives   Lake,	Hillsboro, Newton Co., MS    MSS
Richard Bobbett
  b: 22 Sep 1888		Harperville, Scott Co., MS
Miller Bobbett
  b: 13 Feb 1900    		Scott Co., MS
Percy Albert Bobbett
  b: 29 Jun 1897he & dad b. Harperville, Scott Co., MS
Caroline Bobbitt  m: Edward Wilson,  19 May 1866	Warren Co., NC
Susan Bobbitt     m: Gideon Rodwell, 10 Mar 1866	Warren Co., NC
George Bobbett	  b: 3 Mar 1873 Leflore Co., MS
J.G. Bobbitt 1850 Kemper Co., MS	Flora & Brooks Bobbitt 1870 Leake Co., MS
Jacob Bobbitt 	  b: abt 1852 	d: 15 Jul 1864 Grayson Co., VA
James H. Bobbitt of Littleton, NC m: Bessie Litchford of Raleigh at Raleigh 1/5/1887
Johnnie & Bessie Bobbitt Littleton, NC
Thomas Flemming Bobbitt Obit sp: Ida Taylor Obit

William Bobbitt from Wales
William Bobbitt, Jr
Lewis Bobbitt, Jr
Miles Bobbitt
John Bobbitt
sp: Patience Harris	p. 144, 771, 778-9  Bobbitt Book
Charles Harris Bobbitt
sp: Mary Ann Atherton Alston	p. 80, 144, 359, 771  Bobbitt Book
  m: 14 Mar 1821 Halifax Co., NC
1-Frank Alston Bobbitt		 p. 144-5, 771  Bobbitt Book
	1850 Census Halifax Co., NC	captain in CSA
sp: Susan Adams (Black) 
  b: 1826 NC
    2-William Rand Bobbitt 
      b: abt 1840 NC
    2-Elizabeth Bobbitt 
      b: abt 1841 NC
    2-Jane Bobbitt 
      b: abt 1843 NC
    2-Augustus Bobbitt 
      b: abt 1846 NC
    2-Blunt Bobbitt 
      b: abt 1848 NC
sp: Adaline S. Allen
  m: 10 Feb 1851
sp: Mary L. Baker
  m: 10 Jan 1866
  b: 	CT or MA 	p. 144, 772  Bobbitt Book
will of Isham (Ishmail) Bobbitt 
Alice & Abbey
Bobbitt  Cem., Madison Co., TN
Arthur R Bobbitt,            				d: Aug. 22, 1997
Arthur Richard Bobbitt,    	b: Jan 1, 1944		d: August 22, 1997
Richard J. Bobbitt,        	b: Jun 20, 1931		d: Oct. 10, 1991
Richard Odell Bobbitt,    	b: Jun 8, 1954		d: Sept. 7, 1983
William Bobbitt from Wales
John Bobbitt of Chowan
sp: Sarah Green
William Bobbitt, Sr
sp: Amy Bennet
John Richard Bobbitt
sp: Amy Alston

1-Carter Bobbitt	p. 253, 857, The Bobbitt Book
  b: 1850 TN	father & mother from NC
	1880 Census Dist 5, Madison Co., TN
	served with 14th Cav. CSA -- Pension #C148 Madison Co., TN 
    	was a slave of John Richard Bobbitt in the 1800s and lived on the
    	west edge of Madison Co. and the east edge of Haywood Co., TN
	p. 111,112 Bobbitt Book Lt in Co. F, 14th TN Cav CSA 
sp: Hannah? Ingram	1880 Census Dist 5, Madison Co., TN
  b: 1855 TN	father & mother from TN
    2-Richard "Dick" Bobbitt	1880 Census Dist 5, Madison Co., TN
      b: 1867 TN
    sp: Mary Bryant
	3-Minnie Bobbitt
	sp: ______ Williams ??
	3-Ozzie Bobbitt
	3-M.D. Bobbitt
	3-Jesse Bobbitt
	  b: 28 Aug 1907
	  d: 16 May 1981
	3-Susie Bobbitt
	3-Willie Bobbitt
	3-Canary Bobbitt
	3-Welton J. Bobbitt
	  b: 21 Oct 1914
	  d: 2 Jul 1984		 Bobbitt  Cem., Madison Co., TN
	sp: Ruby Ovalley
	  b: 20 Jun 1912
	  d: 19 Oct 1986	 Bobbitt  Cem., Madison Co., TN
	    4-_______ Bobbitt
	3-Clinton Bobbitt
	  b: 24 Feb 1917
	  d: 11 Feb 1993	Bobbitt  Cem., Madison Co., TN
	3-Iram Bobbitt
	3-K.C. Bobbitt
	3-Gracue Bobbitt 
	3-Grady T. Bobbitt (Sr.?)
	  b: 25 Feb 1922 TN
	  d: 20 Oct 1994 TN 
	3-Connie Bobbitt
    2-Jesse Bobbitt	1880 Census Dist 5, Madison Co., TN
      b: 1872 TN
    2-Thomas "Tom" Bobbitt	1880 Census Dist 5, Madison Co., TN
      b: 1874 TN
The James Bobbitt Bible 1846 Gibson Co., TN
From: Our Bobbitt Family by Alllen Wade Mount, Sr. p. 28 
Bowser		b: 1775
Fanny		b: 1779
Ester		b: 1800
Alfred		b: 5 Nov 1814
Isaac		b: 19 Jan 1818
Anthony		b: 5 Jan 1820
Jerry		b: 21 June 1822
Louise		b: 10 May 1824
Luke		b: 2 Sep 1824
Winny		b: 4 Feb 1826
Sarah		b: 27 May 1827
Edmund		b: 22 Apr 1828
Carolone	b: 2 Jan 1831
Nancy		b: 25 Jul 1833
Sarah		b: 19 Jan 1834
Sam		b: 7 May 1837
Joe Bobbitt 
John Bobbitt b: 1912 
CORELL, William J. Sr., (Gabby), 70, of Salem,  died Friday, April 14, 2000.
He was retired from Norfolk-Southern Railway and was an active member of the
Patterson Memorial Grace Brethren Church and a member of the Deacon Board,
Trustee and Evangelistic Committee. Bill is survived by his wife of 52
years, Lois S. Corell; two sons and daughter-in-law, W. J., Jr. and Sue
Corell, Kelly Corell; and friend, Vickie Wickham; one daughter and
son-in-law, Gaynelle C. and Stephen Day; four grandchildren, Georgi Corell,
Taylor, Stephanie and William Day; two brothers, John W. Corell and Thomas
Bobbitt; one sister, Virginia Kuehner. The funeral service will be conducted
at Oakey's North Chapel on Monday, April 17, 2000 at 11 a.m. with the Rev.
Don Eshelman officiating. Interment will follow at Sherwood Memorial Park.
The family will receive friends at Oakey's North Chapel on Saturday, April
15, 2000 from 7 to 9 p.m. and Sunday, April 16, 2000 from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9
p.m. Arrangements by Oakey's North Chapel.

1880 Census Gibson Co., TN 
77	Layfayett Bobbitt 	B M 20 Servant S TN TN TN 

85	Amy Bobbitt 		B F 44 Head W TN TN NC Wash Woman 
	Amanda Bobbitt 		B F 15 Dau S TN KY TN At Home 
	Dave Bobbitt 		B M 12 Son S TN KY TN 
John Bobbitt	Slaves in Pulaski Co., KY
40	F
15	M
14	F
08	F
07	M
05	M
02	F

Slaves listed at John Bobbitt Junior's death 15 Oct 1824 in Warren Co., KY
p. 348 The Bobbitt Book

Ferraby, Sam, Jane, Perry, Alfred, Edmund, Jemina, Arthur, Jonathan,
Betsey, Barbary, Wrett, Mariah, Harrison, and Ruben

John's son Claiborn then moved to Jackson Co., AL
Columbus _____ (mulatto male)    s/o J. Bobbitte & Nance b: 10 Dec 1857  Pulaski Co., KY 

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