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Redden Family    Reddon Genealogy    Reddick Reddon/Redden
Reden/MashSome info from The Reeves Clan Apple Hill Cem
Effie Redden m: Frederich Lafayette Prichard
Native American Records-National Archive
    Native American DNA Testing     ANZICK Boy (Native American)

1-John Redden 				Chird's great great great grandfather
  b: VA 
  d: 1796 Franklin Co., GA
sp: Sidney Sevier	s/o John Sevier, Gov of TN & Sevier Co. named for him 
  b: 1753 
  d: 1842 
    2-George Reddin 
    2-James Reddin 
    2-Sidney Reddin 
    2-William Grant Redden?? 	GenForum 	Anglefire 	Findagrave 
      b: 1789 SC			1850 Census Johnson Co., AR?	Veteran War of 1812 
      d: 27 Mar 1872 Greasy valley, Logan Co., AR 	bur Redding Family Cem., Logan Co.
    sp: Millie Berks 		Findagrave 	
      m: 25 Nov 1812 Caswell Co., NC 
      b: 1774 GA
      d: abt 1856 Greasy valley, Logan Co., AR 	bur Redding Family Cem., Logan Co.
	3-Susan Redden 
	3-James Redden 		Findagrave 
	  b:  15 Feb 1829 Henry Co., TN  
    2-Joseph Reddin 		settled in NW AR
    2-John Reddin 
    2-Mary Reddin 
    2-Issac Redden 		Chird's great great great grandfather  
      b: 1792 Franklin Co., GA	Genforum In Greene Co., AR 1841 
		enlisted during the War of 1812 at Vernon, Hickman Co., TN and fought at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815
      d: 1870-6 Saltillo, Hardin Co., TN 	bur Lebanon Cem 	1850 Census Dist 12, Franklin Co., GA
    sp: Sarah Parrott
      b: 1816
      d: 1878 
    	3-Cynthy Reddin 
	3-Pency Reddin 
	3-William Reddin 
    sp: Martha Jane McCracken 
      b: 1799 
      d: 1852 
	3-John W. Redden 		In Independence Co., AR 1850 Ridden
	  b:  abt 1816 TN
	sp: Susanah ______ 
	  m: abt 1833 TN
	  b: abt 1815 OK?
	    4-James C. Reddon
	      b: abt 1836 TN 
	    4-Mary Jane Reddon 
	      b: abt 1841 TN 
	    4-John K. Reddon ?
	      b: abt 1845 TN
	3-Rosie Redden 	
	sp:  ______  
	3-George Redden 
	3-James Redden 
	3-Wesley Hays Redden 	In Independence Co., AR 1850 Ridden
	  b: abt 1821 TN
	sp: Louisa ______ 
	  m: abt 1844 TN
	  b: abt 
	    4-Ann J. Reddon 
	      b: abt 1845 TN
	    4-Mary P. Reddon 
	      b: abt 1848 TN 
	    4-John K. Reddon ?
	      b: abt 1849 TN
	3-William E. Reddin 
	sp: Mahala Ann Bingham
	  m: 1851 TN 
	  b: 1836 Hardin Co., TN 
	    4-Issac Alexander Reddin 
	    4-James Alfred Reddin 
	    4-Nancy Adeline Reddin 
	    4-Sarah Jane Reddin 
	    4-John Wiley Reddin 
 	    4-Sabra Reddin 
	3-Sidney Redden 	In Independence Co., AR  
	sp:  ______ Roy 
	  m: 1841 Greene Co., AR 
	3-Mary Jane Redden 	In Independence Co., AR 1850 	INFO from Carole Burris
	sp:_____ Roy 
	  m: 1841 Greene Co., AR
	    4-Mary Jane Roy  	  	Roy Family in AR 1850 Census Index Powell Twp Greene co.
	      b: abt 1842
	     sp: Issac T. Nobles
		5-Wright Rigsby Nobles 

	3-William Redden 
	3-Roderick (Ridaruh? Reddick?) Reddon 		Chird's great great grandfather, fathers side 
		Redarick on 1824 Census TN   1850 Census Round Pond Twp, Independence Co., AR Reddon
	  b: abt 1823, Washington Co., TN House # 721
	  d: 			lived in Oil Trough, AR	
	sp: Louisa ______
	  b: abt 1826 TN 	 
	    4-Catharine (Katie) Reddon	(Sister of Emelia (Mellie) Reddon)
	      b: abt 1838 Liberty TWP, TN
	    sp:Elijah Martin Reynolds
	      b: abt 1834 Liberty TWP
	      d: ,, 			Killed in Civil War
	      m: 20 Dec 1855	White Co., AR Bk A, p. 128
	      b: abt 1834 Liberty TWP
 	     d: ,, 
        	5-A.J. Reynolds
	          b: 2 12 1857
	          d: 8 May 1908 bur Lonoke Co., AR Apple Hill Cem
	        sp:Isabella (Belle) Parilee Lewis
	          m: 9 Oct 1881 White Co. Bk F, p. 107 both from White Co.
	          b: 1860	d: 1936
		    4-Lee Andrew Reynolds
		      b: 8 Apr 1890	d: 14 Dec 1911
		    4-Maggie Reynolds
		      b: 27 Oct 1893	d: 8 Aug 1904
	        5-James (Jim) Sylvester Reynolds
	          b: abt 18__ Lonoke Co., AR
	          d: abt 1937 Lonoke Co., AR - buried Apple Hill Cem.
	        5- ______ Reynolds
	    sp: Jessie Ward
	      m: abt 1870
		other marriage Elijah Martin Reynolds
	          b: abt 1838
	          d: ,,    
		5-John Nash Ward
	          b:	21 Mar 1871 Lonoke Co., AR
	    	5-Ludy Amanda Ward
	          b: 21 Oct 1875
	          d: 7 Feb 1967	bur Grizzard Cem., White Co., AR
	    	5-Walter William Ward
	          b: 1877 Baughs Chapel, Lonoke Co., AR
	          d: 1954 bur Lonoke Co., Ward, AR
	        sp:Lura Galbreadth
	          b: 1884	
	          d: 1970	bur Lonoke Co., Ward, AR
		    6-Nellie Ward
		      d: bur Lonoke Co., Ward, AR
		    sp: Harry Haws
		    6-Brooks Ward
		      b: 3 Apr 1907 Baughs Chapel, Lonoke Co., AR
		      d: 9 May 1966 bur Lonoke Co., Ward, AR
		    sp:Ludy Dianna Burnett
		      m: 26 Jan 1933
		      b: 30 Aug 1906 Sylvania, Lonoke Co., AR
		        7-Oscar Eugene Ward
		          b: 3 Jan 1935 Baughs Chapel, Lonoke Co., AR
		        7-Joyce Ann Ward
		          b: 17 Oct 1941 Baughs Chapel, Lonoke Co., AR
		       sp:Joe Gilleylen
			    8-Jo Ann Gilleylen
			      b: Ward, AR
		        7-Billy Ray Ward
		          b: 15 Sep 1947 Baughs Chapel, Lonoke Co., AR
		    6-Flodene Ward
		      b: abt 1909
		    sp:Richard Bland
			7-Jimmie Lee Bland
			  b: abt 1942
			  d: abt 1956 Ward, AR
	    4-Sarah A. Reddon 
	      b: abt 1839 MO
	    4-Issac Reddon 
	      b: abt 1841 AR
	    4-Elvira Reddon 
	      b: abt 1844 TN
	    4-Harriet Reddon 
	      b: abt 1847 AR
	    4-Amelia (Mellie, Milla) Reddon 	Chird's great grandmother, fathers side
		1850 Census Independence Co. & 1900 Census Denmark Twp White County
			1900 Census Denmark Twp, White County., AR	age 50
	      b: abt 1848 Newark, Independence Co., AR
	      d: 1915 Hickory Flat, White Co., AR, buried Olive Branch Cem
	    sp: _______
		3-Mary Catherine? Reddon	  Chird's grandmother, fathers side
				1900 Census Denmark Twp, White County., AR	age 27
		1st spouse: Henry Lee "Obe" Obediah Kitchens m: 22 Aug 1862 Independence Co;. AR ??? Kitchens Family INFO
        	lived in Independence Co. at time of other marriages 2nd spouse: John Bobbitt  3rd spouse: Henry Churchill           
		  b: Dec 1867 Newark, Independence Co., AR         
		  d: 1912 Hickory Flat, AR?  bur Apple Hill Cem, Ward, Lonoke Co., AR (unmarked)
		sp: John Wesley Bobbitt 	her 2nd spouse   also she was his 2nd
    				1880 Federal Census Big Creek TWP, Craighead Co., AR 
		  m: 22 May 1898 Independence Co., AR. Bk H, Pg 370 October 1877 - October 1898
		  b: 1861 Craighead Co., AR    		1880 Federal Census Big Creek TWP, Craighead Co., AR 
		  d: Died abt 1897	in Eureka Springs, AR from Consumption (TB)

		    4-Clora Bell Bobbitt Picture
		      b: 1894 Craighead Co., AR
		      d: 1938 Kensett, AR
		    sp: Henry Taylor
		      m: Dec 14, 1914 White Co., Bk T, Pg 276	 Divorce 
		    sp: George Dudley Harder   2nd spouse of Mary
		      m: 27 Dec 1918 White Co., Bk V, Pg 432
		      b: 1 Jan 1884 Atkins, Pope Co., AR
		      d: 6 Dec 1958 Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR        buried at West Fork
		    4-Flemon Benjamin Bobbitt Chird's father  p. 829 Bobbitt Book
		      b: 27 May 1896 in Craighead Co., AR	 Orphans on the River
			Thurman Bobett, age 4 (son-in-law) of Henry Churchwell
			White County Census The Daily Citizen
			1900 Census Independence Co., AR Flemon Bobbitt listed as    Picture 1918
			Picture 1918 Flemon & Half brother Harry Churchill
		      d: 27 Feb 1987    bur in Providence Cem, Providence, White Co., AR Headstone
		    sp: Mary Tenise Watkins
		      m:18 Jul 1919 Judsonia, White Co., AR Bk V, Pg 635
		      b: 8 Aug 1899 White Co., AR
		      d: 19 Jun 1927 Kensett  bur Providence Cem,
			5-Loyd Bobbitt
			  b: 1920 Bald Knob, White County, AR ?
			  d: 1920 Bald Knob
			5-Earl Willard Bobbitt     Family
			  b: 26 Jan 1921 Bald Knob, White Co., AR ?
			  d: 20 May 1993 South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
			  sp:Christine Slaven dau of Ike Slaven
			  m: Jamestown, TN
			  b:22 Feb 1932 Jamestown, Fentress Co., TN
			  d:  South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
		    sp: Leila Inez Harbert - d/o William Ulysess Harbert
		      m: 15 Oct 1940     White Co., AR Bk 37, Pg 197 Other Marriage
		      b: 5 Dec 1908       Morris Chapel, Hardin Co., TN
			spelled "Lela" on Marriage Certificate 1850 Census Hardin Co., TN
		      d: Dec 1993          Judsonia, White Co., AR                 
			5-Chird Travis Bobbitt
			  b: 4 Apr 1941 Providence, White Co., AR
			sp: Janis Dyann Benton
			  m: 1 Jun 1965 Searcy, White Co., AR Bk
			  b:1946 Searcy, White Co., AR
			    6-_____ Bobbitt
			      b: 18 Feb 1966 Tampa, Hillsboro Co., FL
			    sp:Jacqueline Carole Going
			      m: 27 Jul 1990 Searcy, White County, AR
			      b: 27 Mar 1967 Hayti,, MO
				7-Shawn Brayden Bobbitt
				  b: 28 Mar 2002 Spring Lake, NC
				7-Matthew Bobbitt
				  b: 3 Jul 2005 Spring Lake, NC
			    6-Kevin Bobbitt
			      b: 20 Nov 1968 Searcy, White Co., AR
			    sp: Alma CChanco
				7-Tyler Kevin Bobbitt
				  b: 2004
				8-Ethan Bobbitt
				  b: Mar 2009
			5-Robert Stanley Bobbitt
			  b: 16 Sep 1942 Providence, White Co., AR
			  d: 2008 Jamestown, TN
			sp:Karen Margaret Kuyath
			  m: 7 Dec 1963 ,, WA
			sp:Helen Marie Slaven dau of Ike Slaven
			  b: 26 Apr 1941 Jamestown, TN
			5-Edith Earlene Bobbitt
			  b: 16 Nov 1943 Providence, White Co., AR
				sp: George Allen Good
			  m: 27 Nov 1959 Kensett, White Co, A
			  b: 17 Mar 1932 Georgetown, White Co., AR
			  d: 20 May 1998 Gladewater, TX
			sp: Rick Smith
			5-Nelda Loretta Bobbitt
			  b: 30 Jan 1946 Providence, White Co., AR
			  d: 30 Jan 1946 DAB, Providence Cem., AR
		sp: Elias Kirkwood Reeves		The Reeves Clan 
		  b: 09 Sep 1848 Newark, Independence Co., AR
		  d: 13 Feb 1929 Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR State Hospital
		    3-Henry Irving Reeves 
		      b: 04 Feb 1875 Newark, Independence Co., AR
		      d: 13 Dec 1925 Judsonia, White Co., AR
		    sp: Mary Clementine Sowell 
		      b: 10 Oct 1876 Newark, Independence Co., AR
		      d: 21 Apr 1953 Chicage, Cook Co., IL
			4-Everett Paul Reeves, Sr 
		        b: 12 Nov 1905 Roosevelt, White Co., AR
		        d: 09 Jan 1981 La Grange Cook Co., IL
			sp: Ollamae Chambers 		div 1930
		        m: 12 Jun 1926 Hardy, Sharp Co., AR 
		        b: 23 May 1910 Rogers, Benton Co., AR 
		        d: 24 Feb 2000 Tuscon, Pima Co., AZ
			    5-Everett Paul Reeves, Jr 
			      b: 11 Jun 1928 Bradford, White Co., AR 
		    sp: Josefina Socorro Gastelum Lopez 
		      m: 12 Jan 1963 Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico
		      b: 21 Apr 1933 Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico
			6-Elizabeth Guadalupe Reeves 
		        b: 11 Dec 1063 Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
		      sp: Christopher Todd Fidler 
		        m: 09 May 2009 Chandler, Maricopa Co., AZ
		        b: 10 Oct 1971
		    sp:Elizabeth Matilda Hachmeister	2nd spouse of Everett, Sr
		      b: 1899
		      d: 1990
			5-Joyce Reeves
			  b: 1937
			  m: 1957
			sp:Joe Walta
			  b: Laurie Walta
			    6-Morgan ?
			5-Gladys Reeves
			  b: 1913	d: bur Carter Cem.
			  m: 1960
			sp:George Austgen
			    6-Jenny Austgen
		    4-Fay Quincy Reeves
		      b: 1908 Roosevelt, White county, AR
		    sp:John Morrow, SR
		    4-Gertrude "Gertie" Ray Reeves
		      b: 1912
		      m: 1931
		    sp:Carl Schimka
		      b: 1909
		      d: 1984
			5-Carl Schimka, JR
			  b: 1931
			5-Jim Schimka
			  b: 1935
			5-Jack Schimka
			  b: 1939
			5-Ron Schimka
			  b: 1942	    
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    McRae -- Clarence Leonard Redden, age 43, of McRae, Ark., 
died Monday, Feb. 26, 2001. He was a pipefitter and a Navy veteran. 
Surviving are his mother, Shirley Redden of McRae, Ark.; 
one brother, James Redden of McRae, Ark.; 
two sisters, Georgia Dunn of Cabot, Ark., 
and Shirley Cagle of Conway, Ark.; 
five nephews, three nieces.
Funeral will be 10 a.m. Friday, March 2, 2001, at Westbrook Chapel
with burial in Petit Jean Cemetery, Morrilton, Ark., 
by Westbrook Funeral Home, Beebe, Ark. Internet obituary at

1-_______ Redden
sp: Shirley ______
	2-Clarence Leonard Redden
	2-James Redden
	2-Georgia Redden
	sp: ______ Dunn
		3-______ Dunn
	2-Shirley Redden
	sp: _____ Cagle
		3-______ Cagle

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