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Schluter means "turn key", as in jailer or warden.
Schluter was local to the West Fallen District of Prussia,
and is a derivative of the name Schlusser.
from Carl E. Sluder

From Walton Co., GA originally from  N. Carolina Georgia Census Project Sluder/Sluter/Slewter
Who traveled to Johnson & Logan County, Arkansas    Kelly Sluder 1920 Census White Co., AR

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Oct 2, 2017 -As far as I can tell, all of the Buncombe County Sluderís come from Henry Sluder who was in Rowan County in 1790.
The Rowan County Sluderís DNA goes back to Anna Schone who is our key to Heinrich Schluchter. Steve Sluder, Sr

My great grand parents were John and Harriett Sluder - Dawn William Sluder 1860 Buncombe, NC

William Hill Sluder b. Aug. 1838 Davidson Co., TN died 12-28-1903 in Lamar, TX - son of Aaron Baldwin Sluder John Sluder, VA

	  The Walton War 
William Sluder		Dawsonville, Dawson Co., GA    	1850 US Census Forsyth Co., GA     
  b: abt 1780 NC
sp: Nancy _____		from Patricia Cauthorn
  b: abt 1800 NC
1-John J. Sluder   John Sluder b: 1792 NC?   John Sluder -  A. M. Sluder -  B. H. Sluder Haywood Co., TN 1820
sp: Mary _____
1-William Riley Sluder		1850 US Census Pickens Co., SC
  b: abt 1811 SC
sp: Martha McDaniel in Ga
         Martha had a daughter, 1/2 sister to John Berry but not a child of W.R
    2-John Berry Sluder 
    sp: __________ 
	3-Henry Sluder   My husbands grandfather - Patricia Cauthron
	sp: __________ 
	    4-daughter Sluder
	    sp: _____ Cauthorn
		5-_____ Cauthorn
		sp: Patricia ______ 
sp: Sarah E. Edwards 
  m: 16 Apr 1867 Dawson Co., GA 
  d: Cheryl Kirkpatrick 

1-Mary Sluder
	1860 Census in 1860 in Pickens District, SC
  b: 1811 NC    d: aft1870
sp: David Hunter (Richard S.
  m:  22 Feb 1825 in Rabun Co.,
 Appling, Columbia Co., GA
  d: aft 1870 in Rabun Co., GA
        William Melvin Hunter
        Nancy Hunter
          b: abt 1827 in GA
        John Wesley Hunter
        Harriet Hunter
        Elias Hunter
        Silas E Hunter 
          b: 1837 in SC.     d: abtt 1879
            1860 Census Pickens District, SC
        Mary Hunter     
          b: 23 Mar 1841    d: 5 May 1929
        bur Liberty Cem., Pickens Co., SC
        sp: _______ Nichols. 
        Belinda Hunter     b: 1843 in SC
        James Jackson Hunter
        Frances C. Hunter
        Samuel Hunter     b: 1849 in SC
1-William J.(or P.) Sluder 
		William Slewder on 1850 Census Walton Co., GA  p. 64b    1860 US Census Walton Co., GA
				1870 Georgia Census Project     USGENWEB 	p. 376a 
  b: 1817 Buncombe, NC
sp: Margaret E. Ramsey	1870 Georgia Census Project 
  m: 6 Dec 1838 Walton Co., GA 
  b: 1810-14? GA
    2-Saphornia (Safrona) A. Sluder
      b: 1840 GA
    2-Augustus L. Sluder	1870 Georgia Census Project 	SEARCH for soldiers  
	Google Georgia Boys With Stonewall Jackson
	CO H, 11th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Walton County, GA, "Walton Infantry" 	
	Enlisted as private July 3, 1861; 
	wounded in leg, necessitating amputation at Gettysburg, PA July 2, 1863; on wounded furlough at close of war.
      b: 30 Jan 1843 GA	
      d: 2 Aug 1895	418 Social Circle, Walton Co., GA	OBIT	Findagrave 
    sp: Carrie H. Tuggle 	
	++ SLUDER-L] 1900 Soundex Georgia 
      b: Feb 1856 GA 	418 Social Circle in Social Circle, Walton County, GA 1900 Census e.d. 102 sheet 10 
	3-Annie I. Sluder 
	  b: 4 Jun 1877 GA 		1900 Census Militia Dist. 
	  d: 9 April 1944 Social Circle, Walton County, GA		Findagrave 
	sp: Leon Gibbs Cocroft   
	  m: 1899 
	  b: Nov 1873 
	  d: 1924
	    4-Kathleen Cocroft 
	      b: 1903 
	      d: 1956 
	    sp: ______ Sapp 
	    4-Cecile Cocroft 
	      b: 1909 
	      d: 1950 
	    sp: Flanders 
	    4-Ralph E. Cocroft 
	      b: 1911 
	    d: 1945 
	3-Willie A. Sluder 
	  b: Dec 1880 GA 
	3-Floyd D. Sluder 
	  b: Sept 1884 GA 
	3-Alzena Sluder 
	  b: Oct 1890 GA 
    2-William Dawson Sluder			Picture William	  William & Laura 
	Private July 3,1861. Wounded at Fredericksburg, Va. December 13,1862. 
	Captured at Social Circle, Ga. July 23,1864. Sent to Camp Chase, O. August 10,1864, where he
	was released on taking oath of allegiance to U. S. Govt., December  13,1864.
				on 1870 GA census as Wm D Studer  p. 376a  there are some Sluder relatives on p 370b 
      b: 25 Jan 1845 Social Circle, Walton Co., GA		CIVIL WAR SERVICE	
					1920 Howell, Johnson Co., AR 	Census 1910 & 1920  Howell, Johnson, AR
      d: 25 Dec 1926 Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR		buried Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR	Findagrave 
    sp:Laura Angeline Williams			Picture Laura
      m: 14 Feb 1864 Walton Co., GA 
	dau Dr. H.J. (b: 1825 GA) & Susan A. (b: 1826 GA) Williams
     b: 21 Feb 1845 Social Circle, GA
     d: 25 Jul 1928	buried Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR				Findagrave 
	3-Edwinna Sluder		
	  b: 1866 Walton Co., GA 	p. 376a
		According to Alma Williams (1/23/02) Edwinna b. 1866  (not Edwin) was the oldest child.
		She was named Edwinna Lee as her father was wanting a boy and got a girl. 
	3-Carroll Sluder  	p. 376a
	  b: 1867 Walton Co., GA
	3-William C. Sluder  	p. 376a
	  b: 1869 Walton Co., GA
	3-James Augustus "Bink" Sluder		1940 Census Knoxville, Howell Twn, Johnson Co., AR
	  b: 1872 Walton Co., GA?
	  d: 3 June 1944 	buried Knoxville Cem. Johnson Co., AR	Findagrave 
	sp: Kansas Sluder (female) 
	  b: 1886 
	  d: 1958		 	buried Knoxville Cem. Johnson Co., AR	Findagrave 
	3:Laura Loretta Sluder (Aunt Lady)		Picture
	  b: 29 Aug 1885 Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR 
	  d: 25 Oct 1943 buried Providence Cem., White Co., AR  	Headstone
	sp: William Uliss (ulysses?) Harbert			Picture
	   m: _________ Clarendon, Monroe Co., AR
	  b: 16 Oct 1875 ,, TN?		1920 Census Howell, Johnson, AR
	  d: 1 Dec 1957 Searcy, White Co., AR buried Providence Cem.	Headstone
	    4-Leila Inez Harbert SSAN 429-08-0518		Will 01 02
	      b: 5 Dec 1908 Morris Chapel, Hardin Co., TN		Headstone
	      d: Dec 1993   Judsonia, White Co., AR buried Providence Cem.
	    sp:Homer Reed son of Henry Reed
	      m:10 Feb 1934 Mississippi Co, Keiser, AR
	      b: abt 29 Dec 1908
	      d:  ,, MO
		5-Bobby Gene Reed SSAN 430-56-9784
		  b: 5 Dec 1934 Osceola, Mississippi Co., AR		In Korea	DD 214
		  d: 1998 ,, FL					Findagrave
		sp: Norma Jean Grissom
		  m:	White Co. Bk 47, Pg 120
		  b: 29 Jan 1940 Griffithville, White Co., AR Bernice R. Grissom & Verdie E. Rice
		    6-Donna Jean Reed
		      b: 4 Sep 1958 Kansas City, MO
		    sp: Kim Henry Messenger son of Howard & Donna Messenger
		      m:15 Jun 1982 Fenton, MI
			7-Sommer Nicole Messenger
			  b: 27 Sep 1981 Flint, Genesse Co., MI
			7-Kim Henry Messenger
			  b: 10 Sep 1984 Flint, Genesse Co., MI
			7-Kyle Ray Messenger
			  b: abt 1988 , MI
		    6-Darryl Gene Reed
		      b: 5 Jan 1960 Kansas City, MO
	    sp:Flemon Benjamin Bobbitt	Orphans on the River	but-coat-color.jpg (913 bytes)	s/o John Wesley Bobbitt
	      m: 15 Oct 1940 White Co., AR Bk 37, Pg 197
	      b: 27 May 1896 in Craighead Co., AR		Headstone
	      d: Feb 1987 buried in Providence Cem, Providence, White Co., AR
		5-Chird Travis Bobbitt
		  b: 8 Apr 1941 Providence, White Co., AR
		sp:Janis Dyann Benton
		  b:1946 Searcy, White Co., AR
		    6-_____ Bobbitt
		      b: 18 Feb 1966 Tampa, Hillsboro Co., FL
	            sp:Jacqueline Carole Going dau James Perry Going & Lois Ruth Wiegand
		      m: 27 Jul 1990 Searcy, White County, AR Bk 75, Pg 9
		      b: 27 Mar 1967 Hayti,, MO
			7-_____ Bobbitt
			  b: 28 Mar 2002 Spring Lake, NC
			7-_____ Bobbitt
	     	    6-Kevin Bobbitt
	 	      b: 20 Nov 1968 Searcy, White Co., AR
		    sp: Alma G. Chanco
		      m: $ jul 2002 White Co., AR BK       , p. 
		5-Robert Stanley Bobbitt
		  b: 16 Sep 1941 Providence, White Co., AR
		sp:Karen Margaret Kuyath
		  b: WA
		    6-James Peter Bobbitt
	     	      b: 8 Oct 1964 Black River Falls, Jackson Co., Wi
			7-Crystal Jean Bobbitt
			  b: 23 Aug 1983 Oshkosh, WI
			7-Joseph James Bobbitt
			  b: 3 Mar 1986  Oshkosh, WI
			7-Jean Bobbitt
			  b: 25 Jul 1987 Oshkosh, WI
		sp:Helen Marie Slaven
		  b:1941 Jamestown, TN
	            6-Robert Stanley Bobbitt, Jr.
	              b: 20 Jul 1970 Germany
			5-Jacob Bobbitt
			  b: abt Dec 1992 Jamestown, Fentress Co., TN
		    6-Tanya Marie Bobbitt
	     	      b: 25 Feb 1974 Jamestown, Fentress Co., TN
		5-Edith Earlene Bobbitt
		b: 16 Nov 1943 Providence, White Co., AR
		sp: George Allen Good son of Henry F. Good & Elizabeth A. Hunter
		  m: 27 Nov 1959 Kensett, White Co, AR
		  b: 17 Mar 1932 Georgetown, White Co., AR  SSAN 430-60-0042
		  d: 20 May 1998 Gladewater, Gregg Co., TX buried Gladewater Mem. Park
		    6-Timothy Wayne Good
	     	      b: 1 Aug 1959 Searcy, White Co., AR
             	    sp:Nanette Rebecca (Becky) Biggs
	     	      d: 1995 ,, TX buried Kilgore,, TX
			7-Rebecca Chrystal Marie Good
			  b: 22 Apr 1980 Longview, Gregg Co., TX
	     		sp:Renee' Yvonne Parker
	     		  b: 1954 San Antonio, Bear Co., TX
	     	    6-George Bradley Good
	     	      b: 1962 Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR
	     	      d: 1983 Dallas,  TX MD Anderson Hosp.
	     	    6-Evelyn Marie Good
	     	      b: 1961 Beebe, White Co., AR
	     	    sp:James Darrell Morrison
	     	      b: 1968 Denton,, TX
			5-James Allen Morrison
			  b: 1999 Longview, Gregg Co., TX
	     	    6-Angelia Elizabeth Inez Good
	     	      b: 3 Aug 1966 , White Co., AR
	     	    sp:Micheal Dwain Hill
	     	      b: 1957
			7-Richard Allen Ray Hill
			  b: 7 Nov 1991 Longview, Gregg Co., TX
		sp:Bobby Wayne Frazier
		  b: 1938 Longview, Gregg Co., TX
			div 1991 Longview, Gregg Co., TX
		sp:Jackie Ray Christie
		  b: 1944 Port Arthur, Jefferson Co., TX
		  d: 1996, buried gladewater Memorial Park, Upshur Co., TX
		sp:Richard Michael Smith
		  b: 1966 Fort Benning, Chatthoochies Co., GA
		5-Nelda Loretta Bobbitt
		  b: 30 Jan 1946 Providence, White Co., AR
		  d: 30 Jan 1946 DAB, Providence Cem., AR
	    4-Cody Earl "Cob" Harbert		Postcard to His father W.U. Harbert from Riverside, MI in 1940
	      b: 2 Aug 1912 Morris Chapel, Hardin Co., TN
	      d:           19__
	    sp:Lillian "Lil" George
	      b: 		Stone Co, AR
	    4-John Marrell Harbert
	      b: 9 Oct 1915 Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR
	      d: 5 May 1988 Bradford, White Co., AR
	    sp:Vera Lebo
	      b: 19__ Stone Co., AR
		5-Bonnie Harbert
		sp: Franklin __________
		5-Lois Harbert
		sp: _____ Leach
		5-Mildred Harbert
		sp:E.L. Salmon
		5-Kay Harbert
		sp: ___ Foshee
		5-Connie Harbert
		sp:____ Smith
		5-Patty Harbert
		sp:____ Cagle
		5-Jessie Harbert
		5-Kenny Harbert
	    4-Eva Marie Harbert
	      b: 01 Oct 1917 Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR
	      d: 26 Jan 2008		Findagrave
	    sp: Gilbert Bonds 
	      m:  abt 1936 Johnson Co., AR ?
	      b: 19__
	      d: 19__
		5-Janis Bonds
		  b: abt 1937 ,, AR
		  d: abt 1946 ,, AR
		5-Billy Bonds
		  d: 1999 ,, FL
	    sp: Austin Meagher 
	      m: abt 1955 MI ?
	      d: 		      m	Findagrave
		5-Eva Meagher
		5-Carla Meagher
		sp:Tim Cummings
		  b: Kalamazoo, MI
		    6-Billy Cummings
		    6-Bryan Cummings
	    4-Frankie Evelyn Harbert
	      b: 14 Jan 1920 Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR
	      d: 19__ Stockton,, CA - buried French Camp, CA
	    sp:Harris Maynard Riddle son of Arthur Riddle & Etta Sawyer
	      m: 22 Sep 1942 Cruthersville, MO
	      b: 28 Feb 1919 Brinkley, Monroe Co., AR
	      d: 3 Jul 1964 Stockton,, CA buried at French Camp, CA
		5-Travis Ray Riddle
		  b: 23 Sep 1943 Los Angeles,, CA
		sp:Patty Sue McWilliams dau of Feloy & Ruby McWilliams
		  b: 12 Oct 1943
		    6-Brenda Gail Riddle
		      b: 28 Oct 1961
			7-Kenneth Riddle
			  b: 16 Apr 1980 Portland, OR
			7-April Cross
			  b: 19 May 1985 Indio, CA
		    6-Frankie Evelyn Riddle
		      b: 18 Mar 1962 Portland, OR
		        7-Shane Riddle
			  b: 21 Jan 1983 Portland, OR
		    6-Shirley Ann Riddle
		      b: Nov 1964 Portland, OR
		    6-Travis Ray Riddle Jr.
		      b: 18 Mar 1966 Indio, CA
		    6-Sherry Ann Riddle
		      b: 16 Sep 1970 Stockton, CA
		    6-Terry Lyn Riddle
		      b: 16 Sep 1970 Stockton, CA
		5-Stanley Allen Riddle
		  b: 21 Jun 1944 Richmond,, CA
		sp:Opal Fay Riggs
		  b: 8 Sep 1944
		    6-James Allen Riddle
		      b: 10 May 1962 Portland, OR
		    sp:Laura Tayne
		      m: May 1980 Easton, CA
			7-James Allen Riddle Jr
			  b: 19 Jul 1980 Fresno, San Juaquin Co., CA
		    6-Tommy Riddle
		      b: 13 Dec 1967
		5-Virginia Ann Riddle
		  b: 13 Oct 1946 Benton Harbor,, MI
		sp:Ronnie Eugene Pell 		son of Oswald Eugene Pell & Nina Mailrose
		  m: 16 Jul 1964 Wenatchee, WA
		  b: 28 Sep 1943 Tuscon, AZ
		    6-Ronnie Eugene Pell Jr.
		      b: 3 Jun 1966 Stockton, CA
		    sp: Diana Jean Withers
		      m: 19 Oct 1985 Stockton, CA
		      b: 5 Oct 1967 Stockton, CA
			7-Ronnie Eugene Pell
			  b: 14 Feb 1987 Stockton, CA
		    6-Sheila Marie Pell
		      b: 12 Apr 1967 Stockton, CA
		    6-Sherry Ann Pell
		      b: 3 Jun 1965 Stockton, CA
		      d: 3 Jun 1965 Stockton, CA
		5-Rose Marie Riddle
		  b: 1 Dec 1948 ,, MO
		sp:______ McMilliam
		    6- Michael Ray McMilliam
		      b: 23 Dec 1967
		    6-Troy Allen McMilliam
		      b: 25 Jan 1971
		sp:William Robert Sabin 	son of Charles F. Sabin & Liza Young
		  b: 17 Jun 1943
		  m: 15 Apr 1975 Stockton, CA
		    6-Kelly Ann Sabin
		      b: 22 Apr 1977
		5-Harris Maynard Riddle, Jr
		  b: 4 Oct 1950 Riverside,, CA
		sp:Sandra Darlene Thompson
		  b: 30 Aug 1955 Silverton, OR
		    6-Harris Maynard Riddle II
		      b: 14 Sep 1974 Stockton, CA
		    6-Cody Allen Riddle
		      b: 7 Mar 1975 Oregon City, OR
		5-Lawrence C. Riddle
		  b: 2 Jan 1953 Indio,, CA
		sp:Lydia Perez 			dau of Pedro Perez & Ermalinda Martinez
		  m: 7 Jul 1969 Angels Camp, CA
		  b: 4 Feb 1953
		    6-Lawrence Cody Riddlr Jr
		      b: 15 Oct 1969 French Camp, CA
		    6-Matthew Allen Riddle
		      b: 6 Sep 1972 French Camp, CA
		5-Leslie Loretta Riddle
		  b: 28 Oct 1957 Stockton,, CA
		sp:Ronald W. Bradford
		  b: 2 jan 1952 Tulare, CA
		    6-Bonnie Loretta Bradford
		      b: 25 Nov 1983 Stockton, CA
		    6-Ronald Wayne Bradford
		      b: 9 Aug 1985 Stockton, CA
		5-Roger Ward Riddle
		  b: 18 Dec 1961 Portland,, OR
		sp:Larenda Balz
		  b: 26 Nov 1963 French Camp, CA 
	    4-Ruby Catherine "Cat" Harbert	spelled Katherene on marriage certificate
	      b: 12 Oct 1922 Knoxville, AR
	    sp:Farris Howard Roberts
	      b: abt 1920 ,, MS
		5-Cena Irene Roberts
		  b: 18 Feb 1939 Judsonia, AR
		sp:Wesley Eugene George
		5-Joe Allen Roberts
		  b: 4 Feb 1941 Judsonia, AR
		  d: abt 1959 MI
		5-Ruby Annette Roberets
		  b: 29 Sep 1946 Keiser, Mississippi Co., AR
		5-Joyce Lynn Roberts
		  b: 22 Sep 1954 Monette, Craighead Co., AR
		5-Wesley Howard Roberts
		  b: 4 Jan 1958 ,, AR?
	    4-Cena Helen June Aline Harbert SSAN 305-26-3602
	      b: 25 Jun 1926 Lamar, Johnson Co., AR
	      d: 15 Dec 1999 Decatur, Van Buren Co., MI
	    sp:Calvin Coolidge Shirley
	      b: 4 Nov 1924 Kennet, Pemiscot Co., MO
		5-Unknown Shirley
		  b: 19__ ,, OK
		5-Ronnie Calvin Shirley SSAN 376-38-7118
		  b: 5 Aug 1946 Benton Harbor, Berrin Co., MI
		  d: 2 Apr 1977 Hartford,  MI- buried St. Joe
		sp: Brenda Hasse
		5-Danny Lee Shirley
		  b: 7 Aug 1948 Erie,, OK
		sp:Judy Barchalk		
		5-Kathy June Shirley
		  b: 20 Sep 1951 Watervilet,, MI
		sp:Gene Homola
	3-Bud Sluder
	  b: Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR
	  d: Altheimer, Jefferson Co., AR
	3-Bink Sluder
	  b: Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR
	sp:Cena _____
	    4-Cena Sluder
	    sp:Howe Higgs
		5-Howe Higgs
		5-Bovy Higgs born in CA
	sp:Hetty Hughes
	    4-Dimple Sluder
	      b: Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR
	    sp:Guy D. Russell
	      d: N. Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR
		  d: abt 1985 N. Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR
	3-Irvin Sluder
	  b: Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR
	  d: ,, TX
	sp:Nellie ____
	    4-Irene Sluder
	      b: Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR
	    4-Nelda Sluder
	      b: Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR
	3-Bink Sluder
	  b: Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR
	sp:Cena _____
	    4-Cena Sluder
	    sp:Howe Higgs
	3-Stanley Sluder
	  b: Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR
	  d: abt age 28
	3-Livingston "Lev" Sluder
	  b: Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR
	  d: abt age 10
	3-C.C. (Tom) Sluder
	  b: 21 Oct 1887 Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR
	  d: 27 Oct 1929 Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR	Findagrave 
	3-Eddie Sluder - married Wichita Falls, TX
	sp:Will Bonner
	    4-Willie Bonner
	      b: Wichita Falls, TX
	    4-Raymond Bonner
	      b: Wichita Falls, TX
	    4-Johny Bonner
	      b: Wichita Falls, TX
	    4-Irene Bonner
	      b: Wichita Falls, TX
	    4-Katy Bonner
	      b: Wichita Falls, TX
	    4-Alice Bonner
	      b: Wichita, TX
	3-Annie B. Sluder
	sp:Lon E. Huffaker	Dr. G.B. Huffaker
	  b: Clarendon, Monroe Co., AR
	    4-Alice Huffaker
	    sp: _____ Schroeder
	    4-Charley Huffaker
	      b: 20 Feb 1900
	      d: 9 May 1993 Lamar, Johnson Co., AR buried Madden Cemetery
	sp: T.M. Loftis
	  m: 3 Jun 1895 Johnson Co., AR 
	    4-Carroll Loftis
	    sp: _________
	      b: Alaska
	3:Emma Leila Sluder
	  b: abt 20 Jan 1881 Social Circle,, GA 
	  d: buried at Knoxville,, AR 
	sp-Arthur Ewin "Bud" Carothers
	  b: abt 14 Jun 1874 Madden Chapel, Johnson Co., AR
	  d: buried at Knoxville, Johnson Co., AR 
 	    4-Elbert Carothers 
	      d: 3 Nov 1928 auto accident 
	    4-Arch Stevens Carothers 
	      b: abt 1 Mar 1910 Madden Chapel, Johnson Co., AR 
	      d: Russellville, Pope Co., AR buried ay Knoxville, AR 
	    sp:Leona Covington 
		5-Anita Carothers 
		5-Arch Stevens "Jack" Carothers Jr. 
	    4-Clarence Espy "Doc" Carothers 
	    sp:Minnie Lee "Connie" Cornell of Cordell, GA
	 	no children buried at Orlando, FL 
	    4-Kate May Carothers 
	      b: 29 Nov 1910 Madden Chapel, Johnson Co., AR 
	      d: 14 Mar 2000 OK
	    sp:Virgil Ferdinand Herzfeld SSAN 440-34-4034 
	      b: 27 Oct 1906, Muskogee, OK 
	      d: 2 Mar 1991 Muskogee, Muskogee Co., OK 
		5-Kenneth D. Herzfeld 
		  b: 3 Dec 1931 
		sp:Norma Jean Garmon of Muskogee, Ok 
		6-Mary Kay Herzfeld 
		sp:Darrell Beaver 
			7-Brian Beaver 
			7-Blake Beaver 
			7-Craig Beaver 
		6-Allison Ann Herzfeld 
		5-Virgil Gene Herzfeld 
		  b: 20 Mar 1935 
		sp:Joyce _________ 
		    6-Linda Sue Herzfeld 
		    6-Marsha Dean Herzfeld 
		    6-Curtis Gene Herzfeld 
		    6-Scott Edward Herzfeld 
	    4-Alice Jean Carothers 
	      m: Little Rock, AR 
	      b: 20 Mar 1913 Madden Chapel, Johnson Co., AR 
	      d: 	Jackson, TN
	    sp: Carl Cornelius Richardson
		5-Vivian Jeanette "Suzie" Richardson 
		  b: 11 Jan 1951 Nashville, TN 
		sp:Frank Joseph Hudacek 
		    6-Sara Katharyn Hudacek
		      b: 19 Oct 1980 Jackson, TN 
	    sp:Harold Vance Cox		The Cox Family Home Page
         	son of James Bryan Cox & Minnie Lee Hatfield 
	      b: 10 Nov 1907 ,, AR 
	      d: 1 Oct 1997, Jackson, Madison Co., TN 
	    4-Laura Alma Carothers 
	      b: 21 Jul 1916 Madden Chapel, Johnson Co., AR 
	    sp:David Williams 
		5-Steven Ewin Williams 
	    4-Arthur Wilson "Pete" Carothers 
	      b: 7 Aug 1920
	      d: 23 Nov 1995
	    sp:Ann Morphew 
	    4-William Stewart "Bo" Carothers 
	      b: 13 Jul 1918 Madden Chapel, Johnson Co., AR 
	      d: abt 1962
		5-Michael Leland Carothers 
		5-Marion Leila Carothers 
		5-William Stewart Carothers 
	3-Hattie Mae Sluder		50th Wedding Aniversary Picture 
	  b: 12 Aug 1883
	  d: 16 Feb 1961 Los Angeles Co., CA
		bur Madden Cem., Lamar, Johnson Co., AR - buried Knoxville
	sp: John Francis Zachary
	  b: abt 18 Feb 1880
	  d: 6 Jul 1960 buried Madden Chapel, Logan, AR
	    4-Bunah V. Zachary
	    sp: Ruth Lee Blackard
		5-Harl Eugene Blackard
		5-Mattie Nell Blackard
		5-Betty Blackard
		5-Dorothy Blackard
		5-James Blackard
		5-Robert (Bobby) Earl Blackard
	    4-John Francis Zachary
	      d: abt 1989 buried Forbestown, , CA
	    sp:Ida Duckworth
		5-Ida Zachary
		5-Donald Zachary
		5-Truma Zachary
	    sp:Juanita _____
		5-Melvin Zachary
		5-Gary Zachary
	    4-Ruffus Zachary (Twin) SSAN 432-12-3669 ?
	      b: 21 Jul 1910 
	      d: Sep 1983 94801  Richmond, Contra Costa, CA
	    sp:Florence Selby
		5-Ronnie Zachary
		5-Shirley Zachary
	    4-Ruth Lee Zachary (Twin)
	      d: buried Muskogee,, OK
	    sp:Noble Owens
		5-Dwyane Zachary
		5-Jane Zachary
		5-Gus Edward Zachary
		  b: 11 Feb 1904
		  d: abt 1908 buried at Lamar, AR
		5-Cletus Zachary
	    4-William Dawson Zachary SSAN 430-14-4142
	      b: 1 Oct 1913
	      d: 16 Aug 1982 Lamar, buried Madden Chapel, Logan, AR
	    sp:Ruby Beartice Greener
	      b: 16 Aug 1917
	      d: 16 Aug 1982 buried Madden Chapel, Johnson Co., AR
		5-Linda Zachary
		  b: 29 Jul 1940
		  d: 31 Jul 1986 buried Madden Chapel, Johnson Co., AR
		sp:Wes Buchanan
		  b: 4 Aug 1930
		d: 11 Jan 1985 buried Madden Chapel, Johnson Co., AR
		    6-William Darrell Buchanan
		    6-Lisa Nicole Buchanan
		    6-Laura Buchanan
		5-Janis Elaine Zachary
		  b: abt 1948
		sp:_____ Conway
		    6-Shawna Conway
		    6-Crystal Conway
		    6-David Conway
	    4-Homer David Zachary 	SSAN	429-30-8438 ?
	      b: 19 May 1920	28 Jul 1921 ?
	      d: 13 Jul 1993 Lamar, Johnson, AR
	    sp: __________
		5-David Zachary
	    4-Ben "Bennie" M. Zachary 	SSAN 431-36-4272
	      b: 20 Oct 1925
	      d: Feb 1974 Los Angeles, L.A. Co., buried Antioch,, CA
	    4-Irene Jane Zachary (Twin)
	      d: abt 1988 buried at Antioch,, CA
	3-Tessa Sluder				Findagrave 
	  b: 		d:	bur Knoxville, AR
	  d: Died as a child

    2-John Henry Sluder	1850 Census Walton Co., GA   p. 64b	1860 US Census Walton Co., GA
	?? Son of Levi Sluder and Elizabeth A. Brookshire/Sluder. Married to Laura L. Hayes/Sluder on 9/28/1889 
	Private April 13,1864.  Surrendered, Appomattox, Va. April 9,1865.
      b: 1847 GA
      d: 26 Apr 1946 NC				Findagrave 

    2-Catherine "Kate" Elizabeth Sluder 
      b: 1848 GA			1860 US Census Walton Co., GA
    sp: Rufus J. Williams
      m: 13 Jun 1866 Walton Co., GA 
    2-James Sluder 
      b: 1850 GA		1860 US Census Walton Co., GA
      d: 		Findagrave 
1-Fannie Sluder 
  b: abt 1820 GA 
1-Louisa Eliza "Luiza" Sluder ?????
sp: William M. Clark
  m: AFT 1840, Buncombe Co., NC 
  b:  1805 in
WWI Civilian Draft Registrations  Clarence Sluder  b: 25 Mar 1896 W Mountain Grove MO
Clarence Edgar Sluder (twin)	              
  b: 28 Feb 1934
  d: 16 Feb 2001 North Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR  Obit
	bur Little Rock National Cem.
sp: Esther Marie ______
    Wayne Sluder of LR
    Michael Sluder of NLR
    Sherry Sluder
    sp: _____ Clements of Seattle, WA
    Kathy Sluder
    sp: _____ Hallenbeck of NLR
Leona Sluder
sp: _____ Canada
Evelyn Sluder
sp: _____Black
Ellen Sluder
sp: ______Machost
Clarence Edgar Sluder (tein), 66, of North Little Rock passed away Friday, Feb. 16, 2001, born 28 Feb 1934.
Air Force Veteran of the Korean War. Burial at NLR National Cem.
Survived by his wife. Esther Marie Sluder of NLR; two sons, Wayne Sluder of LR & 
Michael Sluder of NLR; two daughters, Sherry Clements of Seattle, WA & Kathy 
Hallenbeck of NLR; three sisters, Leona Canada, Evelyn Black & Ellen Machost;
two grandchildren;, Shawn

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